My Supporters


Go Katie!! Love you ??

Michael Andreasen

Love you Kate know you will do great!! Love You Dad

Nicholas Coveney
Diane Glasheen

What a wonderful way to honor your Mom! Sending lots of strength and courage. Good luck Kate!

Matthew Thayer
Julianne Scardino

You continue to impress me, Kate! Cheering for you as always :) xoxo

Aimee Smith

Way to go Kate, you continue to make your mom proud! Show this ride who’s boss!!!

Diana Moore

You go girl! Your Canadian friends are cheering you on! Go for it! :)

Rachel Egan

Proud of you, girl! Such hard work for such an amazing cause. Good luck!

Laurie Carlson

Go, Kate! We are all cheering for you!

Kyle Hillstead

Go get em' Kate! Such an incredible way to honor the memory of your Mom... your Workday Fam is cheering for you!!

Shaeina Bailey

You're truly a powerful woman!

Lauren Lund

Gooooo, Kate! We're all cheering for you from across the continent!! :)

Mandy Sumner

Thank you for sharing your story, Kate. Proud of your strength.

Sarah Kuhne

Ride like the wind! We are so proud of you Kate. Steph will be your wings.

Geralyn Gallin

So proud of you. You go girl!!

Becca Sauerer
Monica Holb

Katie! You are amazing and you're mom is just so proud, I know it. I'm proud of you, too. xoxo

Kayla Atkinson

I love you both!

Patricia Zeifang

Kate, You are an inspiration to all of your team members at Workday! We love you!

Richard Mcneil

Kate thank you, my Dad passed from cancer too, the donation is easy, your doing the hard part - All the best to you

Paula Coveney

Kate, we admire you and what you do, All our love, Paula and Bob

Rhonda Juell

You go Kate!

Rocky Horn $20.00
Joann Deniso

Go Kate!! I hope you have an amazing day to honor your Mom!