Kathy Cunningham's Ride



My Supporters

Karen Starr

Congratulations on your ride Kathy and your commitment to the PMC!

Marie Reen $25.00
Frank De Giacomo

Way to go Kathy! So proud to sponsor even if we are late!

Eileen Pavese $50.00
Kevin Collins

Kath, best wishes for strong legs and a cushy tushy all the way! You go, Girl!

Rebecca Yu

Infinitely proud of you! Will be thinking of you this weekend ??

Sean Monahan
Bob Torosian $50.00
Elizabeth Healey

I will be thinking of you on Saturday, Kathy, as you ride with Team Kermit! You are all such inspirations to me and as a two-time cancer survivor, I am so grateful!

Maureen Jones

Have a blast!

David Vernick

hope you have a great ride. May it be a little cooler than it has been this month! best wishes david v

Karen Kunevich

Have a safe ride!

Ann Collins

I'll say a prayer for a safe and enjoyable ride.

Elizabeth King

Best of luck to you Kathy and to all of Team Kermit!

Melinda Reuter
Deborah Siegel

Way to go, Kathy! So great that you are contributing to this essential work. Congrats in advance - I know you'll kick patootie! Happy to help with the training, too :)

Christine Dahlheimer
Maureen and Daniel Keleher $25.00
James Macvarish

Ride well, Nurse Cunningham!

Jonathan Mullis

Good Luck Kathy!

Teresa Obin

I wish you a dry and cool weekend for your ride! Thank you for doing this; it makes me proud to call you my friend! :) :) Love, Tree

Susan Bruno

Thank you for your efforts, Kathy.

Kristan Gately
Kathleen Healy

Hi Kathy, So proud of you for continuing this wonderful cause. Have a wonderful time.

Janice Cunningham

Kathy, Ken and I want to thank you for helping to fight cancer. As a survivor, I have personally benefited.

Paul Huber

Good luck in your ride Kathy!

Christine Nash

Good Luck Kathy! I hope the miles fly !

David and Cherie Irons $100.00
Ted and Karen Koskores

My Rides

2017 $1,200.00 Wellesley to Wellesley (50 mile Sunday)
2016 $3,700.00 Wellesley to Bourne (1-Day, Sat)
2015 $3,400.45 Wellesley to Bourne (1-Day, Sat)