My Supporters

Deanne D'Aloia

Sorry this is so late.

Naomi Busnach

Have a great ride! Hope to see you soon!xoxo...

Deborah Eappen

Krista, you are an inspiration to all of us. Have a great ride!

Kim Melanson

Have a great ride Krista! Love ya!

Laurie Feldhaus

You are so giving. I hope you have a great ride. You truly make a difference in this world.

Theresa Hoggins

Krista, good luck on the ride. Thanks for doing this.

Alicia Daloia

Have a great ride! Hopefully a dry one this year. xoxo Alicia, Sophia, & Gianna

Linda Ayer

Thank you so much for doing this. You know how much it means. You rock!

Cheryl Pedone

Hey Krista! Honored to know ya! What an effort! Not sure how you swing the training! Yay YOU! This amount brings you to the nice round numvee of 2K. Keep on keeping on!!!! Cheryl & Rick

Jane Outar

Thank you for riding, Krista!

Lynn Ahlgren

Have a great ride! Lynn and Evan

Paige Allen

Next up Tour de France! :-)

Linda Trent

Have fun and thanks for riding!

James and Happy Farrow
Susan D'Aloia

Good luck and stay hydrated!

Maria Daloia $200.00
Isabella Busnach

Go Mama Go!