My Supporters

Linda Ayer

Krista-will be thinking of you tomorrow and all the good you are doing for the rest of us. Thank you!

Naomi Busnach

Good Krista! Have fun! We love you!

Carolyn Kozubal $25.00
Theresa Hoggins

Good luck! I will be thinking of you.

Linda Trent

Have a great time Krista and thank you for riding!

James and Happy Farrow $100.00
Deborah and Sunny Eappen

Krista, you are an inspiration in so many ways! Congratulations on making this challenge look so great, in spite of the difficulty. Thank you for all the good you do!

Alicia Daloia

Go Krista!!! Have a great ride!

Maria Daloia $125.00
Caroline Busnach

Be careful riding! You are amazing!

Laurie Feldhaus

Enjoy this giving experience! Hope the weather is perfect!

Jane Mahoney Outar

Go for it Krista!

Maureen Blaum

Hi Krista! Good luck on the ride. Have fun!

Isabella Busnach

You can do it Mama!