Kristin Brandt's Ride



My Supporters

Irina Plesnyk $25.00
Maria Granata

Good luck Kristin, from a Manic Mommy listener.

John Refford

Thanks for riding! #CancerSucks

Stacey Eng

Good luck Kristin! The Engs

Mary Burke

Proud of you, Kristin. From your Aunt and Uncle.

Chris OSullivan
Julie Johnston

Good luck from Nebraska!

Geralyn and Roger Sundin

Have a great ride Love Mom and Dad

Nicole Wattengel

Missing you ladies like crazy!

Kristina Jensen

You go girl!!! Thank you for doing this!!! ??????

Heather Jack

Good luck, Kristin!!

Shana Riehl

You rock, have an amazing ride!

mari partyka

Good Luck Kristin! Cheers to an uneventful ride and creating new memories.

Christopher Smith

Thanks riding, and for all you're doing to help other PMCers get ready! See you at Lunch

Rebecca Burns

Ride like the wind, Kristin. In honor of my gal pal Bridget who is currently battling brain cancer, in hopes someday no one will suffer from this awful disease.

Kim Sternick

Good luck!!!

Jessica Estrada

Donating for my husband who battled pancreatic cancer. Thank you!

Nicole Flynn

Former listener. :) You are an inspiration. Good luck!!

Michele Webster
Lisa Segarra

I am so impressed with all you work and training. You are amazing!

Jennifer Walker

Love and support from the 802!

Sharon Johnston $25.00
Meg Davis
Kevin Mullane $25.00
Wendy Kane
Joyce Duhaine

Kristin- thank you for your dedication and sharing your journey on Pan Mass Ride. Be safe and most importantly have fun!

Lynn Treat

From a Maniac Mommies fan - you go Kristin!

Stacie Bunning
Alissa Medero

Wish I had more to give. My Aunt Sherrye passed away from Stage IV Ovarian Cancer 1yr ago. She beat the odds and fought it for 10 years. She was a positive light in so many lives. I miss her so much

Ann Sherry

Go for it my badass friend.

Lori Kiehl $25.00
robert kopf

Sending you love, support, and a little cash from the 215. Thanks for riding and thanks for raising $ for DFCI. -R, F, A & K


Loved the podcast reunion! Best Wishes

Steve Brandt $25.00
Melanie Scott $25.00
Erin Kane

I am blown away by the support of the Manic Mommies community! This is for all the families who have been forever changed by this disease.

Kimberly Denny

Hi Kristin - I'm donating to honor my amazing mom, Martha, who's battling cancer for the 2nd time. Thanks for raising money to find a cure for cancer. You rock!

Laura Krahn
Kathleen Comyns

Miss you ladies and great to hear your voices.


Thank you for doing this and for the Manic Mommies episode!!

Heather Keller
Joline Anderson

Have fun! Great cause. Enjoy!

Shelly Freese
Rachel DeBacker

Cancer Sucks! Ride on!

Jennifer Clark $25.00
Julie Finnigan

It's inspiring to see you train so hard and show so much passion about this cause. Have a great ride!

Tisha Sherfield
Shawn Thomas

Kristin, thank you for raising money to fight cancer! I am also excited to help bring back the reunion podcast! Miss listening to you and Erin very much!

Lisa Cook $25.00
Alison raver

Kristin, as a Cancer survivor, it means so much that people like you are working to eradicate this disease! Due to your dedication, I like you even more than I already did! Good luck, and thank you!!

Donna Griffin

Can't wait to hear the podcast!

Summer Fradet

Can't wait to hear the podcast. Good luck in the ride and raising money to meet your goal and for a great cause!!

Erica GlassTerhune $15.00
Jennifer Fonti
Monica Escobar

I can't wait to hear the podcast!


Tina Brooks

Happy to support you for such a worthy cause! Donating in memory of my Mother-in-Law.

Jamie Seefurth

Keep up the great work!

Elizabeth Reilly-Hodes $25.00
Johnjalyn Nelson $14.75
Kathryn Lange

God bless you and your love for this charity and the work that they do.

Tricia Strege

Good luck with the ride! Looking forward to the Manic Mommies reunion episodes!

Vera Wills
Laura Kelly

Thank you, Kristin, for all that you do. We're very proud to support you! Please add my Mom, Fran Fernandes, who bravely fought breast cancer. RIDE ON!

Janet Schatzoff

Kristin, From a fellow bicyclist, have a great successful ride.

Shannan Mcclain

In Memory of my daddy, Jim Flaherty Melanoma can suck it! Still so amazed at you, Kristin... you are an inspiration. Shannan

Yolanda Chumney

You're doing a wonderful thing, Kristin! ??

Kristen Meliska

In memory of my mom, Vicki Piekarski

carolann adams

In memory of Nancy S

Vera Shapiro
Kimberly Lawrence

Way to go!

Charmian Tallman $25.00
Susan Mielechowsky
Johnjalyn Nelson
Carey Nadeau


Danielle Paisley

Good luck and thanks for doing this!



Kristin you, and Erin, helped so many of us get through the early Manic Mommies Phase. Now I'm glad to help support your cause in this phase of your life! Good luck out there!

Erin Fulton

Ride fast!

Kelly Hartnett

In honor of my 6-year-old son, TJ, who is almost one year in remission from kidney cancer! Thanks for doing this, Kristin!

Lynn Greene

In memory of my Bonus Dad, Tom Hill, who passed from adenocarcinoma.

Devon Trunnelle

Hope this little donation helps get you to your goal...and of course I would love to hear the reunion episode where you two will be announcing you're returning for good...right?

Colleen Nagurney

Excellent cause and wonderful incentive for listeners.



In loving memory of Carol Ann Jenkins

Jessica Kara

I'm donating $44 in honor of my Dad, Harry Schumacher, who we lost to cancer 2.5 years ago. My 44th birthday is next week and Dad would usually have sent me $44 as a gift, so I'm sending it to you.

Jennifer Noble $25.00
Lynette Phillips
Alexis Lane

Miss, Miss, MISS your podcast! Thank you for being a champion for Dana Farber. They have given our family hope for our future. In honor of my husband, Ryan, Lymphoma Survivor!

Amy Tillinghast $25.00
Jennifer Ohlendorf

Donating in honor of my friend Kristen's mom who lost a battle with pancreatic cancer. Ride on! And thanks for the reunion show--my work-life balance is way off these days and laughing will help!


Thank you for riding for a great cause.

Sherri Wernikoff

Glad to support you, Kristin!



Great cause...Good luck!!!

Lori Jones

Go go go!!

Amy Catanzaro

You go, girl! Thank you for supporting such a great cause!

Heather Deacon

Manic Mommies FTW!

Heather McPherson

Thanks for motivating us to donate!


Jennifer Jones
Edith Lefler

This is awesome and definitely a good cause. I lost my dad 3 years ago to cancer.


Good luck!

Brooke Hall

I make this donation in memory of my Uncle Gordon.



THANKS TO THE SCIENTISTS who have worked thoughtfully and tirelessly to make discoveries that improve cancer prevention and treatment!

Kelly Fitch

Have a great ride Kristin!

Elicia Reid
Kristen Alane Floyd

I talk about cancer all day! Yay for research, bike rides, & reunion shows! Alane Floyd

Adriane Ahnstedt
Teresa Eliason $25.00
Katie Fitzner

I would have donated anyway, but I can't wait to listen to your Manic Mommies reunion episode!

Heather Heerssen

Have a great ride! Looking forward to the reunion show!

Carol Suddath

Way to go, Kristin! Here's to smooth sailing and a safe trip. You make us all proud.

Judie Ham
Bill Mcginley $50.00
Kelly Knight

My company matches too :) I'll put in for that now. Good luck!

Sara Morgan

The Morgans are proud to support you!

Ed O'Donnell $100.00
Lisa Campbell

Go Kristin! We support you and thank you for supporting such a great cause, have fun! The Campbell Family - Lisa, Michael & Zane

Corinne Hickey


Way to go Kristin!

Reyno Giallongo

Good Luck, Kristin and THANKS for riding!

Kristin Radcliffe

Kristin, some day I will do part of this ride with you. Much love from the Midwest!~ KBR

Kathy Burke

Dear Kristin, I am so proud of you and what you stand for. I will pray and wish you the best success this year… I loved seeing the photos of Anders…you must be such a proud mama! XO Aunt Kathy

Kelly Baldwin $25.00
Shelly Shadrick

Still harnessing the power of the Manic Mommies! Go Kristin!

Andrew Erickson

Kristin, May you have cool tailwinds pedaling up the hills!

Toni Nagy

Enjoy the ride!

Wendy Thompson $100.00
Geralyn and Roger Sundin

For Twig, Pammie, and Kathy Best of luck and ride well

Renu Gupta

Good luck!! proud that you are committed to a great cause

Heather Snavely

Good luck, and have fun!

Sandra Barnes

Pammie will remain in our hearts forever. Thanks, Kristen XXXOOO

Diane Bechard $50.00


You are amazing! You continually impress me.

Jamie Gravelle
Sara Morgan

Christian, Sara, Dylan & Elena Morgan are proud to support you on this ride!

Tina Brooks

Go Kristin Go!

Suzanne Hennessey

Ride strong like the wonderful daughter-in-law you are.



Peter Klay

Have a fun ride! This is such a great event. Thanks for doing it!

Kimberly Reingold

Ride, Kristin, Ride!! #yaybikes With love, Kim, Matt, Ben & Zach

Lisa Zager
Jennifer Hamson
Reyno Giallongo

Thanks for riding - Have a ball!

Sandra Elsen

For my Mother, Father in law, 3 Grandmas, 2 Aunts, & coworkers who fought cancer; in memory of my cousin who recently lost her battle. Thank you, Embrace the ride- Manic Mommies

Devon Trunnelle

Hi Kristin, I donated a bit last year so hear I am again. You and Erin gave me years of laughs with Manic Mommies so its the least I can do. Good luck and have a great ride.

Karen & Ben Dunn
Amy Catanzaro

You go, girl! You are an inspiration!

Lindsey Wolfe

Have an EPIC Ride! #yaybikes


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