My Supporters

John Rader

A great cause, thanks for the opportunity to contribute.

Seth and Kat Ruff
Gail Nemsick
Lisa Ensz

Maybe next year I'll ride and you can get fat and professorial :-) Ride like the wind my friend!

Lisa Norwood

Go Jim go!

Rob and Audrey Kavanagh

Go Jim go!!

Jill Bridge
Tim Elder
Chris Pierson

Great cause - while you may not be a natural cyclist, you dedicate significant time and energy to finish the challenge - have a great ride next week! Chris

Mike Stanford
Jim Hagen $100.01
Scott Broughton

Jim. Got get em. And remember your orzo salad! I wish I was riding with you chaps this year. A worthy cause and fun couple days



Ian and Maureen Johnson $250.00



What a great cause! Enjoy the ride!

SIVO Insights

Good Luck Jim

John Dilworth
Michael Ashenuga

Go get em Mr. Yellow Jersey. Inspired by the effort you put into this. Good luck. Best, Michael

Mark Summer

Good luck Jim! What a great cause!

Patrick Clancy
Jon Gingrich

Enjoy the ride Jim. Thanks for your dedication to a worthy cause

keith hannan

You ask for a donation and then you expect these people to spend time in your company as though that were some reward. Outrageous!

Katrin Leadley

Good luck Jim!!

Pat Gahan

Great cause JY and extra special thanks for this years motivational note????! Ride On !

Tracy & John Heller

Cheers! Kudos! Way to go!!! Thank you for helping fight this insidious disease! Good luck and God Bless! The Heller Family

Carolyn Kent

Thanks for the continued fundraising support for the PMC. We will be cheering from the sidelines! Ride on Jim! ??

James Mayberry
John Burke $120.00
Mark Yearick

Ride on!

Michael Nagy $120.00
Tim Wern

Good to see you’re back at PMC Jim! May the wind be always at your back...

Rick Yearick

Have a safe ride and much success!

Michaele Morrow

Good luck, Jim!

Camille Barrett

Ride safely Jim - wishing you all the best. Thanks for all you do to raise money for this disease that has impacted us all is some way or another.

Barrie Graves

When you win, you’ll be the greatest! When I win, you’ll need to cook dinner at your dad’s house in Florida for me!! Good luck and hä a great bike trip.

Bill & Joan KACZOR


John biewer

Thanks Jim! I did something similar years and years ago so I know the commitment. Everyone should check if their company does matching funds - it's an easy way to make your donation go twice as far.

Kevin Bassett

Good cause, Jim! Go get 'em!

Karen DesRosiers

Thanks for riding for this cause, your awesome.

Christine Chandler

Great cause and thank you for your commitment to make a difference!