My Supporters

Chelsey Pjesky

Congrats Jim on a successful ride! Chelsey

Lisa Ensz

The training is over - let the fun begin!

Michaele Morrow

Good luck Jim! You are awesome.

Lynn Bryant

Have fun and be safe!!!!

Jill Bridge $100.00
Pat Gahan

Easiest 11 pounds I've ever lost! Have a great ride Jim. Pat

Janet O'Malley
Mike Stanford

Good luck Jim. Hope you can do the ride without training wheels this year! In memory of Nancy Stansfield, who passed away this week

michael ruger
Cynthia Walker
Jim Pray

Good luck, Jim.

Tim Elder
Kathleen Ruff
Michael Ashenuga

You got this. Don't get lost like last year. Good luck !!!

SIVO Insights

Good luck on your ride Jim. SIVO is honored to support you in this.

John biewer $50.00
keith hannan

Don't be a wus. Ride hard.

Tim & Lisa Jette

One of these years, Tim is going to join you! The Jimmy Fund/DFCI is dear to my heart. So thank you for supporting the work they do

Christine Chandler

What a great way to do something healthy for yourself and support a great cause at the same time. Ride safely!

Thomas Vassiliades

Best of luck, Jim! Thank you for supporting this important fund.

Jon and Kara Diane Palmer

Ride Jim Ride! Good luck and have fun! Kara Diane and Jon

Dayna Murphy

Jim, Thank You for your time and commitment to this cause and for making it a priority. Life is busy but good; and for our own health, we can be thankful. Wishing you the best on game day!

Ian and Maureen Johnson $100.00
Kevin Bassett

Go get 'em, Jim!!!

Ross Meisner

Ride on, oh fearless wheeled knight!

Christina Simpson
Gail Nemsick
Bill & Joan KACZOR $500.00
Alexandra Garcia

Go Jim Go!

Carolyn Kent

Thanks for your involvement in a wonderful event for a wonderful cause. Best of luck ( and weather) on your ride!

Tracy and John Heller

Good Luck, again, Jim! Thanks for all you do for such a great cause!!

Dave Wildermuth

Go get em Jim. Maybe ease up on the Spandex this year.

Rick Yearick

Coast downhill, pump like hell uphill!

Jim Lathrop

Thanks and Congrats for supporting a great cause, Jim! Here's to a safe and enjoyable ride!

Rob and Audrey Kavanagh

Keep up the pedaling Jim. We hope you lose the 10 pounds for us!!

Jon Gingrich
Mark Summer

Good luck on the ride, Jim. As we did last year, Bank Of America matches this donation. It is a great cause and we are glad to help.

Roy Katz

Good luck! thanks for riding!

Erick Johnson

Ride Jimmy Ride!

Bill Roskopf $250.00
Mark Yearick

Have a great ride James!

Tim Hardy $25.00