My Supporters

Rob Gehl

Way to go Jimmy and Coach Loreen! Making us very proud!!

John and Debbie Beins
Seth and Kat Ruff


Paul Wieczorek

Good luck Jim! Hope all is well

paul coakley

Good luck with the ride! Great cause, we are supporting a few riders.

Rick Yearick

Have a great ride!

Douglas Godshall $500.00
Scot Kuehm

Cheering for you both!

Christina Simpson
Leslie and Deane Brewin


Katrin Leadley

Good luck you guys!!

Jim Schuermann $100.00
Christopher Pierson

Jim and Loreen - here's to your commitment to a wonderful cause that has even more meaning from 2019 onward - cheers to you both - have a great ride!! Chris & Jacki

Carolyn Kent

Team JY and LY! Happy riding and THANK YOU for your continued efforts raising money for the PMC. Sending LOTS of virtual strength as you cycle your way to the cape! Goooo get 'em!! :)

Gail Nemsick

You both inspire us!

Jim Lathrop
Ian and Maureen Johnson
Katie Northrup
Kevin Bassett $250.00
Christine Gage
Gina Coleman

You are amazing!!

Tim Elder
Brian & Kathy Harvey

Way to Go Jim And Loreen! Have a great ride!

Julie Biniasz

Have a great ride Jim and Loreen!

Karen Jacobs

Ride on, you knuckleheads! Good luck!

Debra Doyle

Good luck, Jim and Loreen!

Tom Sykes

You two are HARD CORE!! I'm bragging about you to family & friends.

Adam Jacobs
James Mayberry
Cynthia Walker

Goo Luck!!

Art Kuehne

Have fun Chuck!!


Go get 'em Jim and Loreen!!

Keith and Kerry hannan

Go Jim and Loreen!

Ross Meisner

Keep pedaling!!

Kara Diane and Jon Palmer

You go you two!

Michael Ashenuga

JY, You continue to be an inspiration. Good luck to you and Loreen with the race. Please ask for directions if you get lost after a wrong turn. All the best, Michael

Rita Neagli

God Speed...thank you for riding to STOP cancer!

Alexandra Garcia

Jim, so glad you're in the clear! Have a great ride!

Jim Pray $250.00
Brett Quas

Good luck guys - enjoy the ride

Michaele Morrow

Jim and Loreen - I hope this journey you take together only makes you stronger! Happy to hear that you are cancer-free, Jim. -Dan and Michaele

SIVO Insights

Good luck Jim. So fun to be coming along side of you to show our support for another year.

Michael Nagy

Break like the wind, Jim!

John Burke $500.00
alan milinazzo

Go Team Yearick!!

Rick Yearick

jim & Loreen, Go like the wind! Luv, GPR

Jon Gingrich

You are in inspiration to us all Jim. Keep riding!

Joel Pietropaolo

Sir Yearick, You are the best! Happy riding! Joel

Chelsey Pjesky

Jim and Loreen, What an amazing ride to take together, especially after the past year and half of kicking cancer's A*#! So proud of you my friend! Ride safe! Chelsey

Carolyn and Teall Edds

We are honored to “ride “ with you. So proud of your efforts and all you do. Go Team Yearick!

Patrick Gahan

Jim and Loreen, have a great ride and best of luck with fundraising for an important cause . Loreen, don’t let Jim draft off of you the whole ride !

Christine Chandler

So thankful for your recovery! Way to go, Loreen!

Tom Tovello

Best of luck on the ride and thank you for raising money for a great cause!

Carla Benigni
Bill Roskopf $500.00
Tracy Bessette-Swords

Awesome to see you continuing this tradition - with a new spin haha. What a worthwhile event to do together!

Bruce Diamond
Mark and Fran Yearick

Way to go Jim and Loreen!

John Dilworth

So happy to say goodbye to last year and glad to see you riding this year. Hope you both have a great ride.

Todd Smalley
Gianna Lawler

Best of luck! Mark, Gianna & Francesca

Lynn Bryant

You never fail to amaze me! I wish you the very best with your fundraising efforts and keep kicking butt!!!

steve page

jim, let me just add my thanks for all you do for cancer research ...