Jim Yearick's Ride

My Supporters

Louise Gagnon

Well done Jim!

john Flaherty
Roy Katz

Ride Jim Ride! thank you for doing this

Christina Simpson
Mike Stanford
Rick Yearick

I am proud of you and your fellow riders for your extraordinary efforts in contributing your time for raising funds to conquer cancer.

Drew Gaillard

Great cause. Stay steady (and watch out for crashes)! Good Luck.

Frank and Cindy Blackstock $100.00
Tracy and John Heller

Good Luck, Jim! Be safe!

Joel Pietropaolo

"May the eagle's flight ever be thine. Onward, and upward, and true to the line!" In honor and support of Bob Hall, Arthur Boddy, and Deb Ryan.

Paul Wieczorek $50.00
Barrie Graves

Go. Go. Go. Jim.

Lisa Dudley

Good luck!!!!

Mark Yearick

Ride like the wind. Jim's might be an ill wind but let it out!

Patrick Clancy

Good Luck ??!!

John Heller

Good luck Jim. I hope you have a great ride.



Much THANKS for your support to those that have been impacted by this disease and in finding a cure. Best of luck to your team! Go, go , goooo!

Rob and Audrey Kavanaugh

Good luck Jim with the ride. Have a fantastic time!!

Tim Elder $150.00
Scott Broughton
Seth and Kat Ruff
Jim Pray

Thank you Jim for doing this!

Dave Wildermuth

Go get em Jim! Have a great ride. Thanks for working for a cure.

Jonathan & Marilyn Weiss

In memory of Barbara Siegel.

Doug and Rita Neagli

GO JIM!! Thanks for the opportunity to offer support. Have a safe ride.

John Burke

My wife Karla has ridden in this for the past five years or so. Not this year as she is 64 and says it is too much. She still rides around 40 miles a day when the weather permits. Good luck Jim

Gail Nemsick
Cynthia Walker

Good Luck! Will put in for a matchin grant too

Craig Richardson
Mark Summer

Good luck from the Summer Graue Group

Raymond Gonzalez

Have a good ride Jim!

Pat Gahan

What a great cause! Best of luck with your training Jim and enjoy the ride - Pat

Kevin Bassett

Good luck with the training/ride, Jim! -Kevin

Lori Gengler $100.00
Alexandra Garcia

Go Jim go!

James Mayberry $100.00
Karen DesRosiers

Good luck team!

Jon Gingrich

Have fun Jim and thanks for riding for a great cause!