My Supporters

Gregg Clickstein


JJ- What a wonderful way to continue to honor your Mom & your entire family. She would be so proud of you. Go get 'em! With love, The Gonzalez family

Tracy Wekstein

Congratulations on your first PMC ride to honor your amazing mom. If it hadnt been for you we would never have her and her amazing heart and soul.

Georgina Clickstein

Enjoy the ride!!! So proud of you!!! Xoxo Tessa,Joshua and Dunkin


Thank for all that you do!! Ride JJ ride. Great job, JJ.. Love, Anna, Jackson , Harrison and family!!

Karen Weston

JJ, good luck! Your Mom would be so proud! The Westons

Lois Camberg

You are doing a wonderful thing. Good luck!


Great job, JJ! - the Tuchin Family

Marisa, Howie, Max Eisner

Max was in DB2 this summer. We wish you and your family the best of luck on your ride!

Linda Wizner

For Amie!

Abby Siegel

JJ so proud of you! See you in Bourne!

Sharmon Priaulx

JJ - We'll be thinking of you and your whole family as you ride. Way to go! Katherine Rock and her mom and dad



Good luck JJ! Jessie Gordon

David Warner

Good luck JJ. We'll be thinking of you. You can do it! We're proud of you. David & Jon

jonathan Glazer
Leila Turet

Best of luck! We'll be cheering you on! (From Leila at Camp JORI)

susan brass

Wishing you all the best on your first ride. The Brass Family

Tammy Falvey

JJ, go get ‘em! ~ Tammy, Gabi and Sammy Falvey

Suzanne Silber

Good luck on the ride, we’ll be rooting for you! Noah Goldstein & Family

Philip Mann

JJ, Good Luck! Noah Mann (Camp Jori 2018, 2nd Session, LITB2) and Family

Jeanine Silversmith

So inspired by you! Good luck from a fellow JORI family.


Go, go, go!

Zeke and Jed Dodd

Way to go JJ!

Carolyn Bickford

Good Luck JJ! We love you! Love, The Bickfords

Perri Gordon

JJ, Ditto to Lisa’s note! Your beautiful Mom would be so proud. We are proud of you for continuing on with her legacy. Love, Perri and family

Dawn Ives $25.00
John and Shelley Gantz

JJ, may the wind be at your back on the ride, and the bagpipes on Cherry Street in tune

Elissa Strauss

Go JJ! I’m so proud of you! Have fun! - Ms. Strauss

Amy Krushell
naomi roy

Good Luck JJ. Your mom would be so proud of you. Love, Naomi & AJ

Lynne Salzman

Wishing you a good ride. And want to thank you for all you do to bring continued support to the research and care at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Love to all of you!!!

Cody Gantz
Shelley Gantz

Thank you for carrying on the tradition. Cancer sucks and you guys rock.

Jack Pouliot

Good luck with your ride!

Daniel Goodman

J.J we are all very proud of you. Have a great ride. We will be cheering you on. Your mom was a wonderful person and would be so proud of you. Best wishes, Dan, Magali, Katrina, Jackson & Julia G.

Jennifer Hopkin

Hey JJ! Good luck on your ride. We know you'll be awesome! From, Jen, Elena and Sofia :-)

Holly Pacis

Good luck, JJ! I'm so proud of you for taking on this challenge. ~Ms Pacis

Chris Jarmul

JJ: from an IDC colleague of your mom’s. Proud of you... ride strong

Tamar Ossowski

In memory of your incredible mother whom I miss every day.

Marianne Hopkin

Go for it and good luck to you!!!

Courtney Wendel $50.00
Duke and Suzanne Pascucci

Way to go JJ !

Sherri Meek

Ride strong!

Tracy Zinner

We love you JJ and are so proud of you. Good luck with your training. You will have a fantastic race day, we will all be cheering you on! Coby, Ethan and all of the Zinners

Debra Boyer

Good luck JJ. Debra and Edward Boyer

Lauren and Scott Saltman

Ride swiftly!


Goold Luck JJ!! We are rooting for you. - The Leonardo Family

Eric Prothero

From a friend of your Mom's at IDC. Good luck this year!



Go, JJ (Jonathan)! In memory of your loving and very special mom, Amie, from a former TA, who remembers you from KASE...

Roberta Magnasco
Sharmon Priaulx

JJ - We know that you will "kick ass" too! Your friends - Katherine R and her family

Stephanie Cooper $50.00
Sandy Broadman

To remember your Mom, Amie Beth, with a lot of love!

Mike Ciccolella

You go JJ!

Karl Kraus $50.00


Good luck JJ! Such a great thing to do! Ms B

Wendy Hodge

Jonathan, I am so moved by your story and thrilled that you can now join your family in honor of your remarkable mother and others who have battled this disease. Good luck! I"ll be thinking of you!

Susan Brooks

JJ, your mom is beaming with pride and will be with you all every step of the way. Good luck, and enjoy the first of many PMC rides ??

Lisa Zenack

JJ, your Mom is beaming with pride and loves you so much! NothIng made her happier than her boys! You are such a special kid, and we love you!

Tobie and Lenny Shapiro

You always make us proud. This is one more thing that shows how very special you are, riding for your mom, she would be so proud of you. And yes Amie was truly the queen. Love you lots.

Jesse Barnett

Great work, and good luck from Emily Barnett and her family

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