My Supporters

Jeanne Borchert
Shirley Pierce $100.00
Dan Zehr $30.00
Phil Loughlin $1,000.00
Morgan Simpson


Good luck guys! From Rhona xxx

Zachary Rolinc
Joe Marconi
Min Yoo

Have a good ride! Stay hydrated

Richard Gordet

Have a great ride!

John Orr

May the wind be at your back and the road downhill!

Courtney Smith
Matthew Naliborski

Ride Drago, Ride!

Hon Wing Mak
Sarah and Mike Schreiber
Will Van Fossen

Legs Feed the Wolf

Elizabeth Goins
Kathleen Horvath
Michael Wankowski

Enjoy the ride! We love you! The Wanks

Andrew Terris
Mike/Jessica Crandall/Kundla

Justin/ Shannon You have always been and continue to be such an inspiration to us--that is not an overstatement!

Maria Surina
Carey Gatto

Way to go Justin! You rock!

Tony Kriz

Justin, Shannon, Hunter & Pierce/Zolper family, you are an inspiration to us all! Love you all very much :) - Tony, Shelly & The Kriz Family

Michael Pappas

Goodluck! Worthy cause for all those fighting the battle!

Molly O’Dea

All our support for Hunters Mum and Dad! Kick ass Justin!

Joe DeHaven
Jeffrey Small

Good luck on the ride, Justin. What a great cause! So happy to hear your wife and son are doing well.

Casey and Danielle Pierce

Supporting you, Shan, and Hunter every step of the way-- forever and always! We love you.

Ron & Margie Kruse

What a wonderful cause, Justin! So glad Shannon has recovered and continues to be healthy! Cancer needs to be snuffed out! Love you all! ??

Chris Stanley
Michael Pelt

Justin, we have your entire family in our prayers!

Evan Cottington
Evelyn Rexinis

Good luck and good health to you and your family always!

Sharon and Ben Zolper

Go Justin!!! Thank you for the opportunity to support this great cause.

Rose Leuhsler

Good Luck, Justin! This is a great tribute to Shannon an all the cancer survivors/patients! Love you guys!

Katy Godley

How awesome Justin! I know you will rock this ride and you will have the best two cheerleaders supporting you along the way!! Love, The Godleys

Jackson Brissette

Best of luck Justin!

Caroline Feeley


Good Luck! OSC Team

Joey Manilla
Laura McIntosh

Watch those spokes. Love you guys ??

James Sandine

Pedal fast!

Jason Rexinis
Andrew Cottle $100.00
Justin Cady
Samuel Benjamin
Chris Tang
Daniel Cupkovic

Good luck Justin & Shannon! Go get em! We love you. Louisville Cups

Annie & Doug Pierce

Good luck and ride safe. Love you three so very much!

Michael Martens
Joseph Lillie
Mary Galinas

Dear Justin-You ride for Shannon & for all of us who love you both & want cancer to be extinguished! May you ride with the wind @ your back & the stamina of your family in your stride! God bless you!

James and Katie Galinas

Happy pedaling! Pack an extra water bottle! Good luck!

Mikayla Culpo
Amy Larrick
Elizabeth Smith
Jon Bryan

Godspeed on ride day, Justin! Happy to support you for this amazing cause. Stay well my friend.

Ann and Chad Brubeck
Sarah Deware

Good luck Justin! What a great cause. - Sarah and Brett Deware

Elise DeLuca

This is awesome Justin! Such a great cause to ride for and what an amazing way to support Shannon. Love you guys!!

Ashley Minck

For Shannon Pierce, May you always find the rainbow after the storm

Colleen Ward
Antonio Bucca
Kelly Houtchens

You go Justin! Love you and Shannon so much !

Jeffrey Horvath

Good luck Justin!

John Kheir

You guys are amazing. Let's catch up sometime soon!

Matt Gregory $150.00
Jason Freise
Otto Matousek

Justin: The way you and Shannon handle every challenge thrown at you is truly inspiring! Can’t wait for you to dominate this race & the other 6k riders! Time to bring the golden peddle home!! Jk ?????

Mike Herman

Happy to support you and this cause!

Elizabeth Sousa

Good luck, Justin! Thank you for supporting such a wonderful and important cause!

Kevin Papp

Crush the ride, JP!

Justin Pierce $1,000.00

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2020 $18,667.28 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)