My Supporters

Edward Moore
Joe Retford

Hi, Jeff. Sorry I missed the event. Congratulations on another successful ride!

Ray Manyoky

Jeff, Grateful to be able to donate to a great cause. Ride like the wind; fast and effortless. w/metta Ray

Leo Gray

Keep up the good fight. Keep going.

Jeff Protentis

To my mother and wife, both cancer survivors thanks to Dana Farber.

Lisa White $100.00
Jeff Protentis

On behalf of Inga Protentis. In memory of her dear friend, Thelma Kartstein.

Peter Lizio

HI Jeff - you are doing an awesome thing for Dana Farber and Cancer Patients! I may do this next year with my brother Keep Rolling! (PeterL)


Thanks for doing this Jeff, good luck with your ride!

Paul Malchodi

Greg, Jim, Jeff,Tom: you are terrific for committing to this ride every year. I wish you the best!

Barry Lamkin

Good luck be careful

Denise Boyd

Your effort and that of all the Pan-Mass Challenge riders is appreciated, Jeff.

Richard Lussier $100.00


Good luck, Jeff!

Linda holbrook
Howard Kartstein $100.00
Gregory Nero

Thank you Jeff, for your perseverance. All the best, Gregory

Pamela Shaw

Have a great ride. Amazing work on your fundraising efforts!

Jerry Robinson

Way to go Jeff. Ride safely!

Adam Cornfield

Wishing you a smooth ride with constant wind on your back. Thank you for raising money for such a great cause. Go Jeff!

Debra Norton

Good Luck Jeff and thank so for all you do for Dana Farber Cancer institute

Felice de Jong

Thanks Jeff for all you do to help fight cancer! Felice

Kevin Munnelly

Jeff - many thanks for your continued Pan-Mass successes. Good luck.

Charles Tetzlaff
Paul Protentis

In honor of the many cancer survivors we know when love especially our mother Inga

Myriam Khawand

Best of luck Jeff!

Angela Miller

Hope you have a great ride Jeff!

Jennifer Aufiero

What dedication to a fabulous cause! Keep riding.

Donald Alexander

Go Jeff!

Dee Biggs

Jeff- Best of luck and thanks for doing this.

Peter Siesel $25.00
Patricia Worden

Good luck Jeff!

Linda Harris
Werner Martin $100.00
Rick Kracoff

Thanks, Jeff, for all that you do! Keep up the good work!!

Bob Shiels $25.00
Philip Summers

Good luck Jeff. Thanks for all your hard work!!!! Happy trails.

Jeff Drassler $25.00
Stephen Healey $50.00
Matthew Hoover

Thanks for doing this! Good to see you at the Somerville theater.



Christopher Murphy $25.00
Barbara Frank

Good Luck, Jeff!

Jill Whitham
John Tobin
Martin Fuchs

Enjoy the ride, Jeff.

Avak Kahvejian $100.00
Albert Faucon

Good luck Jeff!

Michael Erdos

Thanks for all you do!...in support...

Sarah Murray

Good luck Jeff!

Russell Protentis

Keep up great work

Kelsey McCulley
Lou Paladeau
Lynda Layer

Best of luck! Thank you for riding for so many!

Robert and Joan McCaffrey

Have a great ride Jeff- thanks for your hard work and dedication to fighting cancer.

Edward Machuga
Judi Giberson-Smith

Thanks, Jeff for dedicating yourself to this cause.

Denise Mortenson

Best wishes for a safe and fun ride. Thanks for all your help in fighting cancer.

Ari Kiirikki
Stephen Toth and Rita Bagga

Good luck and enjoy your ride Jeff. Thank you for doing this once again

Mohsen Orodpour $100.00
Karen Roberts
David Hayes $25.00
Mark Moyer Moiseyev

Great job Jeff. Thank you for including me. ride safely. Mark Moyer

Michael Olex

Hi Jeff - Wishing you a great ride and thanking you for your efforts in this important work. As usual, please remember my mother, Gertrude Olex, on your tribute card. Best wishes - Mike

Patricia and Dennis Loria

Jeff, Thank you once again for all you do to help fight cancer! Wishing you sunny skies and a cool (not too big) breeze!

Glenn Miller
Kristina and Bruce Rychlik

Best wishes for a safe and successful ride, and many thanks for working towards fighting cancer, a cause which affects us all.

Bill Keating

8 years in remission now, thanks in large part to dedicated people like you. Have a great, safe ride, Jeff! You are an inspiration.

Dick and Karen Woodward
Gloria Batista

I'm contributing in memory of my mother who lost her battle to lung cancer this January. Much success in your ride and your mission.

Michael Fitzpatrick

Good luck Jeff. Thanks for doing this! Mike

Kathleen Dollard

Let's wipe out cancer!

Brian Dellert

Good Luck Jeff!

Ron Levine

Jeff- Have a great ride! My 93 yo father is battling multiple myeloma. Due to the advances in cancer therapy, he is still alive 7 years post diagnosis. -Ron


Jeff as committed as you are to this ride and kicking cancer's a&$, I certainly hope there comes a day when there's no longer a need for the PMC.

Donald Oliver

Good luck on your ride

Ann Kagei
Tarif Awad

Thank you! Honoring the memory of Professor Steve Collins, whose research at Fred Hutch Cancer Center helped countless leukemia patients, and whom I was truly fortunate to have as my post-doc advisor.

Betsy & Nigel Bentley

You are always so inspirational! Good luck and have a great ride!

Diane Donovan

In honor of my Mother Linda and my Brother Greg. Thanks for riding again!

Michael Mandich $50.00
Mark Ohara

Jeff, thank you for your continued support of this worthy cause.

Brian Read $100.00
Susan Gammon

Good luck Jeff! Thank you for raising money for such an important cause.

William Mcphail

The gym is so quiet without you. I don't have to wait for machines anymore.

Kamran Shazand

Thank you, Jeff! Please include my mom's name in your event: Mrs. Tayebeh Shazand Best,

Robert Hudson

Good Luck Jeff!

Thomas Protentis

Godspeed Jeff. This is a wonderful thing you do

Coleen Phillimore

Thank you for fighting cancer!

Jon Benson $100.00
John Lindsay $100.00
Greg Green

Thanks for all you do Jeff.

Deborah Puliafico
Judy La Spada

You are awesome Jeff! xo

Stephen Wetmore $200.00
Kandi Williams $75.00
Jarod Bloom $150.00
David Lough

Thank you for doing this great event for a great cause. Go Jeff!!



Jeff: Thank you for doing this. Cancer has affected our family and friends and we wish it would go away permanently. Perhaps someday!!!

Nancy Welsh

Thanks for doing the ride year after year, Jeff. I am donating to help 2 of my Colby classmates who have been diagnosed over the past year. Good luck!

Michael Cammarata

Congratulations on your continued commitment to the special charity.

Patrick Carroll
Alix Cruse
Adam Brodsky

Thank you for riding!

Donald Skifter

Thanks for all you do for this great cause, Jeff!

Mark Bouzyk

Hi Jeff, Will be thinking of you and all folk I know impacted by cancer for every mile you ride! Good luck! Mark

Kailas Aravinthan $50.00
Ghislaine Sadler
Colleen Joel
Thomas Salvo
Heiko Meyer

Keep on pedaling for the good cause, Jeff! Glad to be part of it!

Emily & Michael Mcdowell

Go Jeff! Thanks so much for doing this year after year!

Scott Fulton

Jeff, we really appreciate your doing this every year!

Tim Wiltshire

Keep up the excellent work - Jeff, yet another year!

Lauren Protentis

Great work Uncle Jeff!!

Aaron Solomon

Go Jeff go! You are an inspiration to us all. And, for a great cause.

James Patterson $100.00
Trudy Giese

Hi Jeff: On behalf of our wonderful cousin fighting the battle, thank you for your consistent efforts to help find the cures! Trudy & Mitch Giese

Trudy Giese

Hi Jeff: On behalf of our 2 cousins fighting the battle, thank you for your consistent efforts to help find the cures! Trudy & Mitch Giese

Alice Rathjen
Ronald Gagnon

Jeff, Thank you so much for continuing your efforts to support this cause. Can't wait till the day when a cure has been achieved.

Chris Conner

Keep up the good work!

Joseph Holmes

Have a great ride, and no more arm injuries.

Brian Corkery

Good luck and thank you - The Corkery family

Jeffrey Glavin

Ride Strong!

Alice Shakman $200.00
Phurbu Tsomo-Thargay

Go Jeff. Good Luck!

Katherine WEEKS

From Dave Kay & Katy Weeks


My History

2018 $12,357.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2017 $15,141.13 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2016 $12,380.50 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2015 $12,100.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2014 $9,087.24 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2013 $10,042.67 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2012 $6,020.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2009 $860.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)