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Aaron Anger
Carolyn Conroy Conroy

Guys- I've been at the corner of 134 & Setucket for days- where are you? Here's to 2022, I'll bring the coffee. xoxoxo

Joanna Hrenko $25.00
Kristin Borowski

Way to go!



JM0795 Jennefer Marchetti



JM0795 Jennefer Marchetti

Ann Linehan

Thank you for all you do!! Stay safe. Be well.

Mary Coulter-Bennett

You are awesome Jen!

chip poliseno

Way to go Jenn!! Never knew! We support you in what you are doing. Remember Maple Park!

Tina Kusick $30.00
Kevin Tocci

May this year’s PMC ride be the best yet! Good luck Jen!!

Sunrise Erectors

Good luck, Jen!

Doris Holmes

Thank you for riding. Be safe and ride strong.

Ted Farrell




Catherine Pigulski
Claire Conroy

Love sharing the PMC with you!

Megan & Brendan Fournier

You are amazing! Thankful that you and Mary Waldron are powerhouses and riding for such a beautiful cause!! Love, the Fournier family

Robert Sullivan $100.00
Ken Pimentel
Julie & Artie Paquin $50.00
Priscilla Williams

Good luck Jen!!

Patrick Lech

Good Luck Jen from Laura, Patrick, Addelynn and Gavin!!!

Amanda Pearson
Melissa Beary

GO JEN! You are an inspiration to us all.

David Mccormick

Go hard or go home

Mark Levine

Good Luck with your ride. You are a true hero

Adam Frattasio

Hi Jen!

Deanna Jurczynski

Good luck, Jen! So awesome that you do this! ??

Faith Frattasio

Good luck Jen with your ride!

Roula Lombardi
Tracey Vasile

You truly are an inspiration, Jen! Honored to be able to support you with a donation.

Patricia Burns


I can't imagine what you went through and are going through. I'm happy to see you riding this year and I wish you the best of luc



Wishing you all the best!

Stacey Stewart-Afshar
Barbara Schott $50.00
Kimberly Moynihan
john gallant

Jen, I saw you on Jeopardy (an ad) and just had to donate. Thank you for your determination/commitment to fighting cancer and making the ride. John and Mary Gallant

Jacquelyn Sampson

Thank you Jen so much for continuing to make this ride for a great organization & cause!!! Hope you have a great ride and the weather is on your side. Jackie ??

Marty & Joyce Paul

Hi Jen, Thanks for all that you're doing to raise money for Dana-Farber. Marty & Joyce

Robin Brides
Kara Valentine

You always inspire me. Thank you for being an amazing sister.

April Palmquist

Jen - you're an inspiration! Ride strong. Go Team Jake!!!

Mary Francis

You are an amazing woman Jen. One of my heroes.





Go Jen!

Mike Cesarini

Kick ass Jen! Thanks for riding!

Judy Allen

Go get ‘em JennEfer!

Lara-Beth Terry
Linda Balzotti

Ride Like The Wind !!!!

Lisa A Roberts


Tracey Acord

Good luck everyone!! May the wind be at your back!! Thank you for riding!

Sherry Hayes


:. Go Jen!!!!

Eileen Cloonan

We will be cheering you and Team Jake all the way for HOPE. GO TEAM JAKE

Abigail Simokonis

You’re amazing! Proud to have you as our neighbor!!!

Deborah Golden
Carol Lipman

Both of us appreciate very much all that you do! You're the best! Carol and Lou

Maryellen McDermott
Ashley Pimentel

Proud of you and happy to support you Jen!



Kristen Lehman

Thanks Jenn for riding every year!

Sherri Baker $30.00
Michelle Marchetti

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2021 $9,100.00 Reimagined
2020 $3,553.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2019 $8,880.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2018 $8,000.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2017 $7,800.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2016 $7,500.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2015 $4,885.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)