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Rachel Smoller

You rock Gunder! So proud of you ??

Justine Darmanian

So proud of everything that you do on a daily basis at Children's..and on top of that you ride the PMC! You are incredible! xoxox J

Susan Cherin Gundersheim

Jillian you have always been an incredible person. I'm so amazed by all you are doing and grateful to be able to see a tiny piece of it on FB. Mazel Tov and much love to you.

Ralph Peterson

Awesome job Jill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jillian Schwartz

Proud of you!!!!!!!

Rachel Davis

Fashionably late to the party! Way to go jilly!

Bonnie and Robert Retrum

Good Luck! Have a great ride!!

Jodi Gold

You go girlfriend! In awe of you Jilly! Ride your heart out!

Elyse Horowitz

Go get it girl! Love you Jilly!

Sydney Hagan
Samantha Carreiro

Good Luck!

Marilyn & Julius Gundersheim

Have a safe, fun ride with your Dad. We love you for all your love of helping and healing those young lives' at Children's Hospital!

Margie & David Lipshutz

Have a great ride, Jillian!

Rachel Keir


Andrew Marquis

Jillian, Thank you for supporting such an important cause! Have a great ride just like last year! Cheers, Andrew

Amy Altman

Jilly - you are a rock star with a heart of gold -- have a great ride!

Gemma and Seth van der Swaagh

We love you Jill, so so so much. Love, Ewie (obviously), Gemma, Seth, Cal, and Graham xoxo

Scott Cummings


Carole and Sam Jabbawy

Jillian- So proud of you and your Dad!

Haley Linehan

Peddle hard and fast for the those little hearts that you take care of every single day! So proud of you Jill! Love you!

Bailee Mesite
Marilyn & Julius Gundersheim

We are so very proud of you and what you do for those kids. Let us help win the fight for all cancer patients!!

Donna Stein $250.00
Kate Scarangello


Joanne Kazarian

You are an angel ?? from heaven...???????

Benjamin Jabbawy $50.00
barbara landsman $25.00
Andy Ades
Claire McCollom

Proud of you, Jill!

Alexandra Pease

Good luck to the BEST nurse and friend!!!

Grant Francis
Rory Burk

Good luck, bud! You rock!

Stacey Overy
Arianna and Ryan Wilson

Good luck! You're going to crush it! Thank you for all you do every day :)

Samantha Sullivan

Grateful to know a human like you. Keep kicking ass. You're amazing & I love you.

Karen Bikofsky

Jillybean- You are a ROCK STAR and we are so incredibly proud of you! We will be there cheering you on!! We love and adore you! xoxo Karen and David

Sophie Bikofsky

You're a hero Jill. These kids are the luckiest to have YOU as their nurse. Always amazed by all you do!

Goknur Padir $100.00
Candice Lavien

Sending some extra smiles, laughter and bubbles for you!!! Keep killing it and making kids better (and happier!!)

Jacob Light

Good luck with the ride, Jill!!!!

Molliw Becker

You are amazing. Good luck!! Xo

Rebecca Miller

Love you Jill. Keep shining bright and being you <3. You are amazing!

Wendy and Jeff Scheman


Marry me

Alyson Gordon

You're inspiring, Jill and a total rockstar. Love you and so proud to be friends with such a committed, incredible human. XOXO

Julia Pasquale Monk
Beverly Siagel

Go Jill! You are my superhero for all that you do with caring and love! So proud of you - My heart rides with you - Love,GrammieBev

Linda Pisano

It takes a special kind of person to be able to take care sick children. Keep up the great work you are doing. Have a great ride!

Alyanna Tenorio

Go gilly!

Phyllis Fuld

Wishing you the very best on your ride. I love you and think you are fabulous, a loving and caring young woman, who I am proud to know. Love your store grandma

Susan Sweet

I was glad to see you are riding again. I will be thinking of you....

Jessica Retrum

HEY ROCKSTAR. For every night shift you endure, every heart you touch and life you change, and oh, for those 200 miles too - wish I could be there, I love you so much.

brianne fitzgerald

Jillian, you have been and continue to be an inspiration. I am so blessed to know you

Zoe Pilla

I wish it was $2000, but since I can't be around to buy bagels or party beads this year... you rock!

Katie Mandara
Amanda Lipshutz


Cassandra Doucet

You are incredible!!

Katherine Bradley
Tiffany Williamson

What you do is beautiful!! Thank you!

Haley Stein


Karen Lewis Brownell

You go girl!!

Julie Landsman
Gaby Feliu


Ady Lavallee

You make days brighter and smiles bigger!! Thank you for doing what you do each and every day, loving so many kiddos and families and riding your heart out towards a cure! We love you Jill!

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