My Supporters

John Matteson

For my Sister Deb

Michael Brown

Best of luck! Hope you get a nice day

Tom LeVangie

James, This is a great cause. Have a nice ride

Tom Allanach

Good Luck James!

Li Wang

Go James go! Godspeed!

Van Gikas

Good Luck James! It's a great thing your doing.

David Lunny
Edward Kowalchuk $100.00
Richard Harrison

Thanks for thinking of Mrs H. I am sure she will be riding with you all the way. You know she always considered you to be another son.

Fred Kramer

Ride safely James and thanks for doing this.

Melissa Schrock

Go James go! See you in Sturbridge!

Brad Harkavy

Lick cancer for all the OTHCABB riders

James Gray
Sue Hawkes $250.00
John Roberts

Great cause. Have a great ride!

Edward Gray $100.00
Thomas Mcgarrigle
Mitchell Rabkin
Cheri Driscoll

Good luck!

Joseph Murray

Best of luck on the ride!

christopher scarvalas

Great cause Enjoy the ride

Kyle Warwick

Get after it James!

William Reed $40.00
owen o'neill

Have a great PMC ride this year, James! Thanks for your tremendous efforts in the fight against Cancer. O

Mel and Robin Shuman


Have fun and wishing you all the best on your ride! The Hikes Family

Paula Turnbull

James, best of luck on your ride for a great cause!

Halle Auerbach
Paul Finger
James Yule

James, happy to contribute to a great cause for a very good guy! Safe and happy ride!!

Justin Krebs

Good luck James. Happy to help and glad my underestimating the BPDA's efficiency on 5 Wash benefits this great charity event : )

Jeffry Ceruti $100.00
Paul Sorkin
Brian Barringer

Good luck James! Great event

John Matuszewski

Congrats James - thanks for riding for us all! Good luck and have fun!

Deiadra Burns

Good Luck!

Marya Gorczyca
Ray and Donna Erikson $250.00
Mark Kalin $250.00
Karen Gately

Good Luck!

R David Stewart

Good luck James!

Steven Stept

Good luck - - and enjoy the ride.

Ally Sexton

Be safe and have fun!

Dennis Scannell

Looking forward to more training rides together!

sergio marino

Good cause James keep riding

Craig Kelley

Good luck, James. Ride safe!

Phil Bernard

This is a great thing you are doing James. I donate in memory of my Mom, Ilene Evelyn Bernard.

Ramsey Meiser $100.00
John Looney $250.00
Karl Frey
Larry Grossman

Thanks for continuing this tradition....I wish I was riding along with you.

mark warren

Good luck with your annual trek!

Robert Dermody

Good luck James! Have a great ride!

Adam McCarthy

James, Best of luck to you and your fellow riders.

John Moriarty $1,000.00
Eric Weyant $150.00
Leonard Castro

Happy to support you James

Elizabeth Costa

Good luck James!! Stay safe!!

Guy Stutz $250.00
Patrick McMahon $100.00
Sean Sacks

Amazing how you do this year after year! Have an awesome ride.

Jane and Jill Rothenberg-Simmons

Have a great ride! Thank you for riding and doing all the hard work to raise the money for this horrible disease. Be safe and see you at the end. J and j


Ride well! From everyone at Boston Properties!

anton germishuizen

James, you rock. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to this cause. Have a great ride and please wear a helmet, Safety First. Love you man.

Michelle Landers

Happy to support you James!

Jeffrey Wade

Way to go James!

Michael Brown

Great cause! Hope you get a nice day!

Kathleen Leito

Good luck!

Andrew Hall
Guy Busa

Thanks for riding, James!!

Scott Menard

Good luck and thanks for you continued dedication to this great event!

Benjamin Lavery

Have a great Ride!

Lisa Killaby Ouradnik

Good luck James

Keith Yancey

You're amazing James! And an inspiration... Enjoy the ride!

James Heroux

Another year, another great effort by James Gray! - Go, James!

Michael Harrison

Proud to support you James!

Alexandra Sapper
Christopher Schaffner

Keep it up!

prataap patrose
Pickard Chilton

Best wishes James for a great ride for this worthy cause. Jon, Bill and Tony

Michael Cantalupa
rob adams
John Copley



Thank you for ridding year after year for such a great cause!

Mark Mancuso

Have a great ride, James! Thank you for all your effort. Mark

David Odeh $1,000.00
Douglas Manz
Rebecca Lee $150.00