Josh Fenollosa's Ride



My Supporters

Larry Dick

Im happy to donate some 11s for the 11-year old Henry! Wishing Equipe Henry fair skies and following winds.

Adam Pachter

Way to go, Henry!

Doug Clarner

Good luck team! Thanks for your continued efforts!

Marcia Matthews

Go team Henry! Sending lots of love from Bill and Marcia

Susan and Don Ware
Melanie MacFarlane

Heres to another ride, another year, full of promise, progress, and miles! We are honored to be part of this effort! -- With love from all the MacRudermans!

Maureen Berarducci

Way to go Henry! (and Josh!)

Ann Andrew

Go get em Fennies! Henry, you continue to inspire all of us. You are brave and strong. We love you to pieces!! High five, buddy!

Elizabeth and Todd Needham
John Davidow $111.11
Preston Richardson
Kerry Donahue

Henry goes to 11! Go, Josh and Equipe Henri(y)!

Tomasina and Jim Lucchese
Karen Fuhrman

Have a great ride, team!!!

Neil Johnson $200.00
Erika Riddington

Ride strong Josh!

Craig Gorton

Ride hard, Josh!

Peter Small

Go Josh and keep going Henry. You guys are the best.

Sarah Kramer

Fenollosas, you all inspire and we love you. Go team!

Surrey and Rob elwell


Hilary Graham

Go Henry and Go Equipe Henry. We are proud to be part of the support network. Hilary, Bob, Liam and Chris

Doug Mayer

Happy riding and thanks doing this once again! :)

David Bernard $100.00
Jeremy Majchrzak

Best of luck on the ride!

Katrina Richardson

May the wind be at your back...trina

Pauline Sulprizio

Go Josh. Henry is A great boy,🚴🏼

Tim Lyons
Anne Clark

Go Team Henry! Love, your fans from Benjamin Road

Linda Rendely

You guys are amazing!

Sue Rock Tully $50.00
Melissa White

I know what its like to fight for your kid - so happy to support you! Pedal safely.

Grant Stratemeyer $100.00
Laura Jarbeau

Go Henry!!

Heather Ahern
Margaret Wallis $150.00
Rosalie Hughes $100.00
Jock & Vicki Bourneuf
George Beal $250.00
Matthew and Julie Kane

Go Equipe Henry- may the wind be at your back, have fun, pedal on!

Susan Robohm

go equipe henry! and henry: you are an inspiration. love from uncle susan

Robert Mooney

Good luck to Josh & the team, from Uncle Bob & the gang xxx

Elizabeth Boege $200.00
Elizabeth French
Robert Wells

Josh, Henry is an amazing young man. I am so impressed with his independence and abilities to do whatever he is capable of doing. So many of us fail is that regard-not Henry. Good luck on the ride.

Sandra Lawrence

You all rock!

Khalid Mamlouk

Good luck in your ride Josh. Happy birthday Henry and many returns! Mamlouks

Clement and Colleen Madden

Good luck to all the riders and great luck to Henry!

Joel Rubin

As always, big admiration for Henry and cheers for Equipe Henri from LA!

Michael and Marilyn Fenollosa
Jennifer Haviland-Eduah
Louise Guerin
Brigitte Arif
Ken Rogers
James Grady
Johnny Cho
Hedi Paolillo $100.00
Jonathan Marston

Have a great ride!

Webster Wilson

Go Fenster!! Go Henry!!!! XO, W, M, L + V

Kimberly Kapner

Go Henry! Go Team! - Kapner Conway Family

Sally Iadarola
Charlie Hebard

All the best wishes to Henry, Josh and everyone in the Fenollosa clan!

Neil Boege $200.00
Mary Stack

What an inspiration that Henry is - to the whole family and all those he has never met - including me! Way to go.

Penny Howland

Josh......and all the Fennies.........hugs and love to all....keep up the good work!!!!!! Happy Birthday to Henry (the tween)

Cari Nesje

From my Henry to your Henry! Love!

Twyla Olson

Go, Henry! All of us at CTVDS love you and your family. We wish you the best. Sending hugs from South Dakota. Twyla Olson

Kristen Faiola

Heres to a great ride, Team Equipe Henry! Happy 11th year, Henry! The Faiolas

Patricia Fertig
Mark Jones

Good Luck - Ride Well - Go Henry!

Erin Fox

Good Luck Equipe Henry!!!

Rebecca Markley
Meagan Pietrasiak

Way to go, team! Henry, you continue to inspire and of luck with those tween years!

Wells & Company Builders

Ride fast and have fun Josh!

Sarah Martin $500.00
Nancy Brodsky

Go team!! Thats so exciting that youre going the extra miles!! What incredible role models and inspiration!!

Christina & Farid Ray
Leah Burdett

Best wishes for an amazing ride, with love from the Burdett family!

Mikel Ellcessor

The opportunity to make this gift every year means a lot to me. Thank you for being brave and sharing your familys lives with us so we can work together and make a difference for all of these kids.

Cindy Salsbury $250.00
John Hurley

Atta boy Fenny!!! Nice work!Hurls

Rob Callahan

The measure of a man is the distance he will go from where he began. Henry, youre an inspiration for young and old... and tweens.

William Johnston
Martha Hooper

Ride On!!

Benjamin Small
Michael Ray

Bon courage, Equipe Henry!

Halleh Akbarnia

So proud of all of you year after year!!!! Halleh,Stu,Simia,Kian

Nathan and Sarah Hugenberger
Jennifer Jonsson

Absolutely amazing to see you all ride today. Heros - all of you. XO

Kathryn Rooper

Go Josh and Team! Happy 11th Birthday Henry!!

Jason Dyett $250.00
Brent Iadarola $200.00
Mary Clare Claud

Way to go! You are an inspiration!

Rochelle and Barry Naft
Linette French $100.00
Andrew Philie

All the best to Henry and your family! Go Cats Go!

Suzanne Martin and Magalie Gaudet-Fréchette

Thank you for all your efforts and congratulations!!

William Marx
Hannah French
Alex, megan, daniel and Thomas Magliozzi
Rebecca Bence
Scott Brodsky $50.00
Elizabeth Elliman

So happy to be a part of this, Love to all, Tom & Betsy

My Rides

2016 $25,949.26 Sturbridge to Family Finish at Ptown (2-Day)
2015 $24,241.38 Sturbridge to Family Finish at Ptown (2-Day)
2014 $22,242.00 Sturbridge to Family Finish at Ptown (2-Day)
2013 $20,425.00 Sturbridge to Family Finish at Ptown (2-Day)
2012 $18,495.00 Sturbridge to Family Finish at Ptown (2-Day)
2011 $20,813.31 Sturbridge to Family Finish at Ptown (2-Day)
2010 $12,861.00 Sturbridge to Family Finish at Ptown (2-Day)