My Supporters

Facebook Fundraisers $1,921.00
Jessica Burgess $25.00
Mary Reynolds

Thanks for riding for Rita !!



Thanks for all you are doing for Rita. The Schuffs

Micole Davenport
Mary Searle

Jay thank you for riding for Rita!

Nancy Dalzell

Such a beautiful thing you are doing for Rita and all those suffering this dreadful disease. Stay Strong Rita. Thinking of you !! ???

Steve Johnson

Happy birthday

John Gastaldo $100.00
Sarah Darcy

Happy Birthday Jay!

Sandra Forziati $150.00
John Bordeleau

In support of Rita. Thank you

Ellen Coon

This is for Rita Thanks for riding

Sandra Koole

Love to you and your support of my amazing cousin Rita. She radiates sunshine and love.??

Kathleen Donnelly

thanks, ride on or Rita !

Karen Grundy

Jay,thank you! Riding for my beautiful,strong niece Rita?????? Be safe and blessed!

Maria and Reid Brockmeier

For Rita, love and prayers! #RitaStrong

John Macek

Thank you for riding for Rita!!

Bonnie & Paul Caliento

Thank you Jay for doing this to support all those affected by cancer, especially Rita! #Ritastrong #grateful

Suzanne and Phil Monahan
Rosalpina Eynon

God grant you healing,Rita

Bethany Burnett

For Rita! Love and prayers

Chris Colocousis

Ride strong and help end that terrible disease!

Bob & Lucy Almberg

For Rita! Find a Cure

Paul & Linda Almberg


Robin McKinnon
Donna B Ingalls

For Rita! Good luck Jay!

Mary Lavin

For Rita ??

Susan Blezow

For Rita!!

Barry Atwood

Have a great ride!!

liz Davis

For Rita.

Mary Carter

For Rita.

Elaine Frawley

For Rita!

Arthur Gatzoulis $100.00
Dick Poholek

For my friend Rita Van Derbeck....good luck and thanks....hello Rita!!!!

Maureen & Steve Condon

Congrats, Jay! Steve was sorry he didn't find you in Franklin!



Ross Silva

Thank you for helping others and enjoy your journey

Jason Danahy
James D'Agostino

Thanks for all you've done and continue to do to help in finding a cure! God bless!

Caroline McCutcheon


Jay and Gail Rudolph

Appreciate all your efforts in trying to find a cure for this horrible disease.

Camilla Finn


Gene Evans

For Rita ??

Sharmon Colarusso $50.00
Pete and Theresa Vanderbeck

Thanks Jay for riding for a cause.

Barbara Beers

Great job Jay

John O'Brien

Thanks for supporting such a great person and an important cause!

Anita Armstrongh
Karen Hanley

Thank you for riding to support #RitaStrong and all others!

Jane Bodrie

Thanks for riding for our Dear Friend Rita, I'm sending energy and love to you all! Jane Bodrie

michael corrente

I am happy to help. Plus Al checks the total every 4 hours.

Lou and Linda Pestana $100.00
Richell Morrissey $50.00


Sue & Pete Koole

Best of luck in this wonderful cause.

Rita Vanderbeck

Sending all my positive thoughts and gratitude to you for your amazing ride to support me and all other melanoma cancer survivors! $15K all the way! ??

Christopher Darcy

Good Luck Jay! Make it happen and thanks for making a difference!!!

Susan Hiitt $25.00
Mary Vanderbeck

Best of luck Jay. Thanks for riding to help cure cancer.

Ann Sawyer

"Jay, you're simply the best". Sincerely, Toots.

Meredith Cabral
David Brown

Good luck

patrick wholey
Steven Allegretti

Good luck. Ride for Rita!

Katie Ciszewski

Thanks for your support for Rita and others who are fighting the fight!!

Lisa Magnone

Good luck Jay! Thanks for supporting Rita!!

Donald Vanderbeck

Good luck Jay! Keep up the great work.

Ryan Machado

Thank you for supporting Rita!!

James Johnston

Thank you for riding Jay!! Enjoy the journey

Christine Monaco

Go, Jay!

Bradley Weiss
Allison Glasgow

Good luck Jay!

Becky Reilly $100.00
Ellen Weintraub

Thanks for riding for Rita!

Colleen Ouellette
Dorothy Vanderbeck

Good luck Jay!

Michael Floyd

Thanks for riding Coach!

Julie Tambascio

You are an inspiration, Jay. Have a great ride!!!

Bob & Patty Almberg

Go Jay! Well done!

Linda Burke

Have another great ride,Jay!

frank shorr

Good luck jay...

Teresa Evans

Thanks for riding! May the wind and weather be with you. Terri & Bruce

Kelly Frederick
Woody Bradford

Go Jay!

Heidi White

Have an awesome ride Jay!!! Heidi

John Dillis

Ride well, brother! With you in spirit

Deb Gonyar

Good luck Jay!

Daniel Corcoran

Have a great ride Jay and thanks for all that you do for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute!

Myke Farricker

Jay - thanks for riding again this year, and allowing me the opportunity to support you. Take care,

Marilyn Rea Beyer

Any one of us, any day could get "a diagnosis." Thank you, Jay, for riding for all of us. MRB

Andrew Sugg

Ride like the wind!! Good Luck!!

Lisa Rabideau

Thank you for riding! Xo

Judy Haskell
Julie Blaine
Roy Youman

Go Red Sox!! Good luck on the ride!!

Andy Gruber

Good luck on your ride Jay.

Karen Pina

Thank you Jay for all you do, you are an inspiration!

Neal & Julia at Good Life Productions

Thank you Jay! Have a great ride xoxo


Ride strong Jay!

Veronica Kido $30.00


AnnMarie Bianco
William Joiner
Danny Catching

Good Luck Jay, thanks for supporting a great cause.

Janet Simmons
Jo Anne Hart

JAY DOBEK you are AMAZING. Thank you for riding to benefit others. And for reminding us all about the terribly high toll cancer takes. Good luck on the roads!

Sherman Cheng

Jay, thank you for your dedication to the greater community. Keep up the great work and enjoy the ride!

Michael Brewer

Thank you for riding Jay

Barbara (Leoffler) Hogan

Ride ON Jay - THANK YOU for doing this!

Craig Gilvarg

Good luck Jay - keep up the good work!

Tom Layman

Good luck, Jay. Great work as always!

Joanne Pallotta

Best wishes Jay! From the O'Haras.

Joel & Heather Haskell
Herlihy Family

Thank you Jay, Godspeed !!

Julie Bowers

Keep pedaling. You're awesome!

Geralyn and Roger Sundin $50.00
Thomas Chartrand

Have another great ride Jay!

Kevin West

Big Joe would be proud!

Brian Kubit

Good luck Dobes!



So happy to help with this! Truly ,its a testament of humanity's compassion and dedication to others ; how we are all here to lighten the load and spread love and healing! -Folks at Mika Music Go Ja

Kevin vallee

Best of luck. Your motivation is inspirational. Although I can't recall the last time we saw each other in person I still feel a connection from our teen years. Can still here your laugh, stay strong!

Myke Farricker

Jay - Good luck on your ride and fundraising this year. Thank you for making the effort to make a contribution to others. Myke

Jennifer Naide

Go get 'em Jay. Thank you for your commitment to such a worthy cause.

Michael Gromko

Keep up the good work!

Ryan Mecheski

You know what this fundraiser needs? ST


Thanks for riding, Jay!

Betsy Mcginnity $30.00
James Sullivan

Best wishes for a safe ride, Jay. Thank you for being such a strong supporter of Dana Faber.



Thank you Jay for your passion, commitment and hard work!

Joe Landry

Have a good ride and thanks for the support in eliminating cancer

Anne Crooker

Happy to continue this tradition!

Tara Lynch


Good luck, Jay!

Jessica Britnell

GO Jay!!! We will be cheering you on!

Elaine Guillemette
Dennis Maxwell
Frank and Nancy Quartarone

Good job, good luck, be safe.

Gary Gillis

Thank you, Jay!

Barry Atwood

Go for it Jay, proud of you as always!

Rose Lewis

Go Jay Go!

Jeanne Mooney
Sarah Darcy

Jay you inspire all of us with your dedication to this cause!

The Kews

Thank you for riding Jay! It is so appreciated.

Heather Dickinson

Thanks for riding, Jay!

Wendy Pease

Have another great ride this year! Wendy

Mike Pietila

Jay, keep up the good work!!! Glad to help!! Mike

Rj Ryan
Janet and George Drummey

For those that are survivors, those still fighting, and those we have lost. There are too many to mention by name. The Drummey family has benefited significantly by those that have come before us.

Stephanie Cooper $50.00
Christine Monaco
Brian & Valerie McQuillan

Thanks for riding, Jay! -Brian & Val

Sara Edwards

Keep on keepin' on Jay! Good for you.

Janet Rose

Good luck!

Russell Locke $100.00
David Mann

Good Luck Brother

David Brown

Good luck

Denise Palmer

Incredible work, Jay. Keep it up!

Sherryn Smith $20.00
Robert Bonanno $120.00
Alan Gaskell $25.00
Michelle Rich
Julie Bowers

Keep it up!

Tim & Amy Dempsey
Rudy Vale

You are all heart, my friend, and we couldn't be prouder to help support you across that finish line. Thank you for riding.


Becky Reilly
Mary Watkinson
Amy Mistrot

Such a privilege to support you Jay! Have a safe and successful ride. Thank you for doing this great event!

Margaret Holda

Thank you for always going the extra mile for the people in your life -- both passed and present. You are an inspiration to all who know you!

Cindy Morin

Impressed with your dedication to this important cause, Jay. The world needs more like you

Chris Gullotti $50.00
Ronald Kew

Thank you Jay! Play a little of Queen's 'Bicycle Race' while riding this year!

Woody Bradford

Thanks for your tireless commitment!

Andrew Ciampa

Way to go, Coach Jay!

Joe and Mary Zanchi

Jay, keep on riding to find cure! God Bless! - Joe

Apurva Desai

We support and admire your dedication to this noble cause. Keep Ridin!

Joanne Pallotta
Barbi Beaulieu $20.00
Sarah Callanan
Ann and Patrick Doyle
Neal Shrier

Jay, what a wonderful tribute to your dad! Long may you ride!


Go get 'em Jay. xo

Glaucia Rossi

Good luck Jay!!

Mike O'Brien
Kimberly Butterfield
Kristen Kuklis

Always inspired by your dedication

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