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Facebook Fundraisers $715.00
David DiMasi

Thank you Julie.

jim buck $375.00
Marnie & Kevin Hoolahan

Such a wonderful event!! So for being so late!!!!

Michelle Rosum

Julie, you are amazing and I so admire your dedication! Here’s to another year of riding! ??Michelle

Noreen Fields
Patricia Taylor $100.00
Stephanie Zaveloff

Good luck Julie!

Sara Zaveloff

Good luck Julie!

Marissa Dunlop
Amy Crean
Linda Dunlop

Good luck!!

Maryann Cafarelli $100.00
Heidi Mazzeo
Sandra Bacik

Yea Julie!

Morton BREEN

Thank YOU for your contribution to DFCI.

Marlene Apkon
Maureen Hunter

Thank you for all you do to support Dana Farber

Nancy Moscato

Good luck Julie & Jeff!

michelle chase

In memory of my brother, Peter Gorman who was cared for at Dana Farber. Thank you Julie!

Nicole Hennessy-Johnston

Thank you!

Jackie Perrone $30.00
Gayle Ohman

Good luck, Julie! My FIL has multiple myeloma so it's personal to me that you are helping fight this type of cancer. We need a cure for all cancer and your dedication will help get there!!!

Mary Martin

Good Luck Julie, wish I could donate more but I'm trying to support others during this time of need..God Bless you for continuing to fight for others! Love, Mary

Marybeth Tervo-McDonald
Carol Constantino

Good luck on your ride!

Kim Payson

Best wishes Julie!! ??

Vicki Conklin

Go Julie Go! I hope your weather is perfect! Have a great time sweetie and be careful with yourself. I'll be thinking of you! I love you!

Jodi Breidel
Deb Thurston

Best of luck, Julie! Thank you for riding for this wonderful cause.

Ed Cuoco

Hi Julie, Good Luck and thank you for riding for such a good cause. Ed

David Wool
Steve Anderson
Daniel Dauti $25.00
Saundra Merrill

I love your efforts and drive to continue with the pan mass ride. It is such A crucial charity, that is so giving and so helpful to people in need, they receive help in many areas from this charity.

Kelli Jameson
Jean Dziokonski
Lynn Legor

Good Luck Jules.... xo Lynn

Mary Eley

Good Luck with your ride and thank you?? ??

Dawn Connolly

Thank you!

Marina Oldenburg $25.00
Peter Cardoza
Brittany Besse $25.00
Madison Dias $25.00
Karmalia Roman $25.00
Stephanie Walsh $25.00
Christine Dimond-Parsons $25.00

My History

2020 $6,670.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2019 $9,100.56 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2018 $7,291.69 Sturbridge to Wellesley (2-Day)
2017 $5,575.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)