My Supporters

Ethan Goodman

Great job!

Renato Cappuccitti

What a noble cause and thank you for taking charge! Cheers! RC


Warren Johnson

This is great Jay and Bettina. I ride as well locally for a charity very similar to yours. Cheers in advance of achieving your physical and philanthropic goal! Warren

Jennifer June
Janet Miller
Carole Hong

You both Rock! Congrats on exceeding your goal!

Michael Berenhaus

Go Jay and Bettina!!!

Glen Levin
Lindsey Clyde

Jay is awesome for raising money for such an awesome cause! Xo lindsey

Scot Morris $250.00
Craig Denton
Alan Winig

Jay Great job. Alan and Richard Winig / Eye Designs

Renae Shepherd

Cancer sucks! Thanks for raising awareness and hope for a cure

Howard Purcell

Congratulations on the great work you do and effort you make for those who need you most!

Keith Manuel

Ya'll were good folk before but now that you're Southerners, you're even better now. Great cause !

Brenden Klein $20.00
Mark Seigerman $75.00
Natel Fagan

God bless you all

Glen Funk

Thanks for making it happen Jay and Bettina

Dimitrios Sotiropoulos $50.00
Matthew Puzio
Evan Kaplan
Marilyn Peppers

MAZ Optical is proud to be supporting your cause again this year. Keep up the wonderful work!

Tom Hull

Keep up the great work!

Steven Richlin
Reid Robertson $250.00
Susan Keene
Debbie & Jeff Kublin $100.00
Harlan Wittenstein

Great work

George Todd

Great Work Team!!!!!

Hal Rosenbluth $250.00
Jason Preator

Keep up the great work!

Howard Greenberg



Good Luck JuJu and Bettina for this great cause

Harald Vaher $120.00
David Nota

Happy to send something for this most admirable cause! Jay you are awesome! We miss you!!

Ellen Lopez $120.00
Steve Vargo
Heidi Della Pesca
Peter Bridgman
Thomas Wilson
Thomas Fessenden

Great job on your ride Bettina...you too Jay on volunteering/giving of your time for such a great cause !! Tom & Meridith

Sean Stevens
Gail Tarantino
Mark Vogel $50.00
Kenny Akridge $50.00
Scott Drake

Proud to support this great organization.

Cheryl Moore $100.00
Mark Hinton

Wonderful cause Jay and Bettina! Let's hope we get cancer conquered!

Chad Carlsson

“Ride with Pride!” God Bless, Dr. Chad A. Carlsson

Jennifer Brown $75.00
Barbara Smyth
Bob Maiolo

Bless you all. You go Binkowitz

Adam Rosengren

Enjoy the ride!

Gary Morgan

https://www.velominati.com/ It is apparent after all these years, you two abide by rule #5...

Brian Berliner
John Chrisagis

Great job! Great cause! Congratulations!

Mark Snyder $400.00
hiten prajapati

Glad to help fight cancer!

Patrick Leenknecht $120.00
Brian Turchin

Wonderful activity to support

David Chernoff

Good luck you to! I hope I get to see you again socially one of thees days Love David

Benny Peña

Great job Jay! I’ll join you if there is a boat challenge. ??

Tara Parnell


Gregg Kallish $100.00
Evan Kestenbaum

Good Luck!

Michael Daley

Keep up the great work Jay and Bettina!


May the Lord richly bless you as you are blessing so many! “The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you.." Numbers 6

Imperial Capital
David Girardi

Thanks for all that you do, Jay!

Ryan Rueckl

Go out there and crush it Jay and Bettina!

Jackie Lincoln

Go Team Go!



Christopher Kelly

Keep on riding!

Jeffrey Cooper
Lance Snarr

Great work guys!!!

Terri Roddam

Have a great ride! Terri & Brian

Ian Gaddie

I need you to do the ride twice lol

Maurice Zadeh

All the best ! Wonderful cause ????

Michal Ben-Moshe $180.00
Joseph Mills

Kill it a Jay !

Rick Clemente

Go Team Kermit! Great to see your continued commitment to the cause

David Nelson $250.00
Joanna Phillips

Bravo for you charitable efforts for such a great cause. Continued Success !!!!

Ally Stoeger $60.00
Ernie Pescatore

Go Uncle Jay! Sending lots of love for a great cause from the tiniest and future Team Kermit member!

Kelly Smoyer $30.00
Cindy Huynh

Great cause! Have an awesome ride!

David Steuerman


Roger Wineinger

Good Luck on your ride!!!

Brandon Blaker
Sam Quintero

Ride for success!!!

Ami Ranani
Steven Demko

Go Jay ! Finish first!

Duane Wires
Dennis Delee

enjoy the ride

Jason Jost

Good Luck!

Ari Stern
rhonda parfinovics
Brett Whittington

Go get em!

John Marvin

Go get 'em

David Friedfeld

Good luck on the bike ride. Don't forget to hydrate

Greg Hare
Paul Owston

Thank you for doing this and have a great ride!

Eric Eklund

Be Safe and Enjoy the Ride.

Paolo Bizzotto

Great ride and great initiative!! Keep it up

Frank Sidora
Erica Sass

Have a great ride!!

Alisa Greenwald

Have a strong ride!

Michael Primiani

Good luck on your ride.

David McMillan


Ride on !! So proud of team Kermit.

Lorie Lippiatt

Ride safe! Thanks for what you do.

Stacey Mignone

Wishing you all the best. Thank you for all that you do for this amazing cause. You guys rock!! Xoxo stacey, Pat & family. ??

Ed Buffington

Jay and Bettina! Great people doing great things!

Evangeline O'Dowd

Good luck!

David Roth

Via con Dios, my friends, and thanks for all you do during these difficult times to make the world a better, kinder place to live! Warmest regards, David

Kathy Chriqui

Thank you both for your commitment to keep fighting against this horrible disease.

Jill Showalter

Thank you so much for your commitment to helping suffering children.

James Stephens

Good Luck!

Deb Bulken

Have a great ride! Thanks for all you do! Deb

Jack Gunion

Great people supporting a great cause.

Brian Armitage

Fantastic job Jay!!! Keep the fight going.

David Grosswald

Keep on peddling Jay and Bettina!!

John Bonizio $500.00
Claude Labeeuw

What a nice tradition!

Paul & Chandria Karpecki

Great cause! Thanks for doing things like this to help others!

Shane Galan

Good luck with the ride to you both.

Dan & Jodi McCall

Jay and Bettina ride again! Safety, blue sky, and great causes! Keep it going!! Dan & Jodi


Ride hard you both! -Your Water Damage friends.

Gray sass

To Great People and a Great Cause!! Thank You Bettina and Jay!! Safe Travels!! Nancy,Erica, and Buzz..

Thomas McAlear $50.00
Jill Webb

Wishing you and Bettina another super successful event - hope it's your best one yet!

Tom Bowman

Ride like the wind, you two! Thanks Jay and Bettina for giving your time and your energy for such a great cause!

Tom Arnold

Ride strong, Bettina and Jay! What a worthy cause. Warm wishes, -Tom

Alan Glazier

Go get 'em tigers! In loving memory of Dr and Mrs Harold Glazier

Elise Pepin
Thomas Ford

Keep riding Jay!



Rally on my friends...

Justin Bazan

Thank you and have a great ride!

John Wood

Have a great ride for a great cause!

David Johnson

God Bless all of you!!! Your efforts to find a cure for this disease can not be possibly appreciated enough from those persons with cancer and their families.

Ellen Haag
Arlene Schlesinger

Good Luck to Both of you as you race* As always we support you*

Kim Castleberry $250.00
Sarah and Steve Bond

Inspirations to us all. KICK BUTT!!

Arnold Siegel

Batina jay have a great ride

Darren Horndasch

Always a pleasure to support you guys with this worthy event!

Matt Dixon

Thanks for doing this and supporting such a fine organization. Our love to you from GA!!

Joel & Judy Kestenbaum

Go Kermit....... Enjoy the ride for this great cause


Good luck Jay & Bettina!!

Ryan Salter


Jack Hostetler

The Frog rides on!!! Go Green!

Timothy Leland

Good Luck...GREAT cause!!

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2015 $25,878.12 PMC Virtual Rider and Volunteer
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