My Supporters

Ethan Goodman $100.00
Eleln Haag

This is amazing what you guys do??

Mark Hinton

Congrats and kudos for your ever-diligent dedication and passion. Mark and Arlene

Jordan Loyd
Brett Whittington
Regina Zyszkowski

Thank you Bettina and Jay !! Love ya !

Roni Kennison $25.00
David Steuerman
Jason Preator
Imperial Capital
Sam Quintero

If you ride in the morning, ride West! In the afternoon turn around and ride East! North and South use side sheilds! HAPPY trails to you!

Gary Morgan
Jeff Jones

Great job Jay!

Heidi Della Pesca

Ride on!

Dan McCall

Proud of you guys! Pedal on over to Charleston National...good meal followed by ice cream!

Gray Sass

Great Cause and Worthy Charity! Good Luck and Safe Travels! Buzz??

Joseph Mills $100.00
Perry Lopez

God Bless you two for continuing the great work!

Neil Rubin

Have a safe ride!

rhonda parfinovics


Thank you guys for your helping so many others!! Dr. Alan Byrd and April and the whole MyEyes Team!

Tom Hull $100.00
Joanna Phillips

You guys are Fantastic ! Congratulation on all your efforts and helping fight this awful disease

Steve Epstein

Once again thank you for keeping up with such a wonderful cause Congrats miss you

Matthew Geller

Jay and Bettina, Thank you both for sticking to the cause. :)

Arnold Siegel
Maurice Zadeh

All the best wishes! Wonderful cause @

Evangeline O'Dowd

Keep on riding!

Alan Glazier

Go team!! In memory of Sharon Glazier

Mike Austin
Cindy Huynh

Have a great ride!

Stephanie Pescatore

Way to go Jay and Bettina! Such an amazing experience, great cause and wonderful team to be a part of!!

Harlan Wittenstein $100.00
Michael Primiani $100.00
Roger Wineinger $50.00
Thomas Wilson $200.00
Justin Kaplan

Keep up the fight.



Pedal fast so you can chase fire jobs! Great thing you're doing!

Gina O’Kane

Have a great ride!

Lance Snarr

Love ya!

Cynthia Braden

Always proud of your efforts!

Barry Slovinsky
Frank Sidora

Congrats and keep riding!

David Grosswald $100.00
amy stachler

Have a great ride!

Donna Grimaldi
John Beigel

Hoping you enjoy every minute of your ride, knowing how many friends support your passion and determination to end it, once and for all!

Stacey Mignone

Jay and Bettina, What a great cause!! Keep working hard to fight this horrible disease!! Pat & Stacey Mignone & Family

Howard Purcel

Good luck!!



Jay and Bettina, Thank you both for your dedication to this cause. We pray someday there will no longer be a reason to ride. Carole and Mark

Greg Hare $250.00
John Marvin

Proud to support Bettina and you in this important fight for health and healing.

James Stephens $50.00
C. Edward Buffington

Always happy to support you and Bettina! One year I would love to attend and enjoy the event!



Arlene Schwartz

Good luck - enjoy the ride!!

Edward Beiner $50.00
Hal Rosenbluth $500.00
Michael Fitch

Ride on and good luck

Cheryl Moore $50.00
Shane Galan

That is a long ride. Hope you wear extra thick spandex pants :) good luck

Gray Sass

Great Cause, Great People!! Good Luck and Safe Travels!! Buzz

Ryan Rueckl

Happy to help a great cause. Go Jay, Bettina, and Team Kermit!

Roman Diakiwski $500.00
Keith Engley
Jason Preator

Great people and great cause - be safe!

Alisa Greenwald

Hope you have a great strong ride!!

Ryan Salter

Good luck Jay and Bettina! Go team go.

Deb Bulken

Go Team Kermit!

Thomas Ford

Best of luck on your challenge!

Evan Kaplan

Have a great ride!

Gregory Borukhov

Thank You both for taking on this great cause! Lets kick that monster's butt!

Claude Labeeuw

Congrats I don’t where you find the time but that makes it even more impressive

Keith Manuel

Great cause by great folks ! Good luck

John Bonizio


Bettina please ride Jay as long as he can last. Don’t hurt him we still care!

Christopher Kelly

Go get em Team Kermit!

Jackie Lincoln

Go Jay Go!

Erik & Vita Gitli

Good Luck!!!

Gregg Kallish $125.00
Harald Vaher $100.00
Brenden Klein $25.00
Troy Humphreys

Great cause! Good luck and Enjoy the Ride!!!

Diane Kapadia


Robin Eklund

Be safe Jay and Bettina!

Eric Eklund

Go Binkowitxz's GO!

Lorie Lippiatt

Ride safe!

Mark Durrick

All the way team!!

Reid Robertson

You guys have fun!

David Nelson $250.00
Brian Armitage

Keep up the good work Jay!!

Mike Tilleli

Wishing you both a safe ride

Thomas McAlear $50.00
Jack Gunion $100.00
Marilyn Peppers

So happy to be a part of this wonderful ride! For all those we have lost and all those we have yet to save!

Evan Kestenbaum

Ride Ride Ride!

Timothy Leland

GREAT cause - Good luck!


So proud of the fabulous effort and money you've raised for this wonderful charity. Ride on!!

Howard Greenberg

HI Jay. As always I am so happy to be a part of this wonderful cause. Good luck my friend. Stay well!

David Steuerman


Arye Stern
David Friedfeld $250.00


Ian Gaddie

I better see average speed of 26 mph on your online tracker!! Thank you for doing great work.

Darren Horndasch

Good luck to you and Bettina. Thank you for taking on this great cause!

Larry Holle
David Brown $500.00
Brian Turchin $50.00
Mike Hundert $100.00
Chad Carlsson
Glen Funk

Go get 'em Jay and Bettina! Thanks for making it happen.

Tom Arnold

So proud of you Jay and Bettina! Worthy cause. Ride strong! _Tom

Jack Hostetler

Go Kermit!!!

Kim Castleberry $250.00
David Mcmillan $50.00

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2018 $22,702.00 PMC Virtual Rider and Volunteer
2017 $30,558.00 PMC Rider
2016 $28,325.18 PMC Virtual Rider and Volunteer
2015 $25,878.12 PMC Virtual Rider and Volunteer
2014 $13,187.25 PMC Virtual Rider and Volunteer
2013 $10,702.00 PMC Virtual Rider and Volunteer
2012 $7,142.00 PMC Virtual Rider and Volunteer
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