Jay Binkowitz's Ride



My Supporters

Sharon Kagabines


Deb Bulken

It's never too late! CONGRATS!!! Thanks for all you and Bettina do for this great cause! Hugs Deb

Evan Kaplan
Barbara Wagner

Glad it's not too late to support your great efforts!!

Mark and Arlene Hinton Connor

We are proud of you and your tireless drive to commit to ending Cancer!

Karen Shaprio
Jodi Grillo
Bernie Lifschutz
Scot Morris $500.00
Snehal Tobkes $50.00
Sean Cooley

Congrats Jay, Bettina & "Team Kermit” on completing your ride and your impressive fundraising achievement! All the best, Sean & the Altair team

Cynthia Braden

Changing the world! Go get em.

John Wood
David Johnson $500.00
Pete Bridgman

Thanks for leading the way here Jay!

Ian Gaddie $350.00
Ally Stoeger

Hope this donation helps you get to the finish line! Thanks for all you do

Frank Giammanco $100.00
Greg DiPasquale

Good luck !

Gregg Kallish
Janet Miller
Brian Berliner $100.00
Michael Daley

Keep up the great work Jay!

Michael Block $500.00
Steve Wright

Rubber side down n shinny up! Go get'er done!

John Rumpakis
cynthia seemann

HI Jay, I'm your IDOC/PRIMA and VEE friend from Wisconsin - you will remember me from the "front row". Best of luck to you and your team. This is a great cause. Have fun & be safe! Cindy/Wisconsin

David Grosswald

Good luck and have fun

Ryan Salter

Ride Kermit Ride!

Steven Richlin

Thanks for all you do.

Mark Stadlen $500.00
Ryan Faucher

Good luck, Jay

Heather Mather $100.00
Roger Wineinger

Great thing that you do!!!'

Mark Feder

Thanks for riding for such a great cause!

Tara Parnell
Helen Rogic

A wonderful cause! Good Luck and be safe!

Gerard Santinelli

Good luck Jay!

David Chernoff

Good luck this weekend !

Phong Pham

You inspire me Jay!

Erin Swartz
Ami Ranani
steve koufos
Martin Mast

Great cause. Best of Luck... Marty

Arlene Schlesinger

Thank you for what you both do*


Thank you for all you do sir, see you when you get back to Charleston. The Apothic will be waiting.



Jay Good luck with the ride RMA JR

Rick Clemente
Matt and Jenna Dixon

thanks for your hard work. I'm sure Uncle Jay needs the exercise!!

Rebecca Johnson

Thanks Jay and Bettina for your endless dedication to this wonderful cause!!!

Michael Primiani

Jay and Bettina, have a safe and successful ride.

Jennifer Brown $100.00
Greg Hare

Good luck Jay!

Scot Morris $500.00
Donna Grimaldi
Keith Engley

All the best! Good luck! Keith Engley at Capital One

Josh Dobson

ECC Supporting a good cause, and Great people. Good luck to my favorite Yankee

Anne Kavanagh

Good Luck!!

Edward Beiner
Oliver Spandow

Best of luck from your friends at IDOC

Ian Gaddie $50.00


Good Luck Bettina! I think if Jay is racing he should where his orange space suit!

Harlan Wittenstein
Arlene Schwartz $150.00
Carolyn Martin Chang

You know I'm all about supporting RIDING....especially for a good cause!

Evangeline O'Dowd

Good luck!

Jeff Poe
Dennis Delee

You go froggies

Perry Lopez

Happy to help in this worthy cause!

Wayne Gilmoer

Proud to support a great cause!

Michael Della Pesca
Keith Manuel

Good person. Good cause. Good luck !!

Ethan Goodman $250.00
Evan Kestenbaum

Go get em! Thank you for supporting this cause.

Evan Jellie
Mike & Heidi Della Pesca

Tear 'em up, Team Kermit!

Neil Rubin

Have a safe ride

Brenden Klein $50.00


Hi Brother and Sis! Be safe on the road... Love, Robin


Best wishes to Jay and Bettina! Eric J.

Steve Epstein

sorry you couldn't make it this year I know how much this ride means to you and Bettina

Justin Bazan

Thank you for riding! Have an awesome ride!

Diane Kapadia

Have fun????

Joe Sirio

God bless you all for giving these children in need a voice !!!!

Christopher Kelly
Lauri Crawford

Thank you for riding to support the fight to end this terrible disease.

Brett Whittington
Ellen Haag
Harry Chilinguerian

I was just wondering if you were going to ride this year and ran across the email. I love what you do keep kicking butt.

Steven Leeds

J/B...Together we will continue the fight and win....thanks for all you do

John Chrisagis

This donation is to support Bettina in the PMC and to honor the good work done by the Institute. Extra kudos for her completing the ride; knowing Jay was her support staff.

Elise Pepin
Morten Hansen
Laura Healy

Wishing you all the best. Such a wonderful cause.



Bettina & Jay--- wishing you all the best on your ride for a wonderful cause.



Luxottica is always up for a race! Thank you for involving us in this noble cause, Ludo

Joseph Mills


David Steuerman


Roberto Rodriguez
Alex Hatzes

Go Jay!

Jill McKenzie $100.00
Matthew Puzio $100.00
Thomas Wilson $250.00
Jeffrey Cooper
Matt Alpert
Justin MacCormack $250.00
Brian Armitage $100.00
Sam Quintero

Here is to nice cool ride

Brian Turchin $100.00
Harald Vaher $250.00
Hal & Madalyn Rosenbluth
Roman Diakiwski
Claude Labeeuw

Thanks for taking the challenge again you guys are amazing. Claude

C. edward Buffington

Cheers to you Jay and Bettina! So happy to support you guys for this terrific event and cause! Marci & Ed

David Nelson $250.00
Gary Morgan
Jamie Mott $50.00
Maurice Zadeh

All the best to Jay and Bettina for participating in a great cause!

Howard Greenberg

Go team go! I am very happy to help support such an important cause!

James Stephens $50.00
Thomas Ford

Jay - Easy to give to someone who gives so much

James McGrann

Jay, Wishing Team Kermit a great ride. Thanks for all that you are doing. All the best, Jim McGrann - CEO, HH&S Management Consulting, LLC

Alan Glazier

Go get 'em tigers!

Reid Robertson

Good luck guys! Thank you for keeping at it every year.

John Bonizio

Go Bettina GO!!!!

Marilyn Peppers

You have MAZ Optical's support always! Keep up the good work!

Darren Horndasch $200.00
Joseph Dellaira

Happy to support such an awesome cause, thank you

Karen Sacco

keep up the good work, thanks for doing what you do



Derrick Artis

Good luck!

Joanna Phillips

Keep up the Great work ! Love you both !!!!

Jon Goldberg

Have a great ride we are proud to support team Binkowitz

Kim Castleberry

Ride em Cowboy!

Jack Gunion

Best of luck, my friend! Jack

Lorie Lippiatt

Ride Strong!

Peter Friedfeld $250.00
Renae Shepherd

Great cause! Have a strong ride.

Shane Galan

Hope you have an amazing ride

Eric Pasinkoff

keep up your good work

Tom Arnold

Thanks, Jay, for all the hard work and dedication. Well done! -Tom

Mike Austin

Good Luck J!!

Mark Durrick

Give em hell Jay!!!

Alisa Greenwald

Have a strong ride!!!! Thanks for helping in the battle with cancer! Alisa Xo

Rose Alafogiannis

God Bless You for the wonderful work you are doing

Cindy Huynh


Holly Vonnes

Way to go Jay & Bettina ???????

Sean Phibbs

Go Jay all the best!!!!

Cheryl Moore $50.00
John and Connie Marvin

Happy to support you in this outstanding event.

Eileen D'Elia

Thank you for doing this. A wonderful cause

Joel and Judy Kestenbaum

Ride - Ride - Ride - for a great cause. We are happy to support you



Way to go!! So proud of both of you and your efforts to erase a horribleness no child should endure.

Jackie Lincoln

What a great event. Go Team Kermit!

Craig Newland

Stay safe on your ride

Chad Carlsson

Good luck for a great cause!

Larry Holle
Mike Hundert
Vita Cudrin $50.00
ali mostaghimi

Good Luck!


My Rides

2017 $30,308.00
2016 $28,325.18
2015 $25,878.12
2014 $13,187.25
2013 $10,702.00
2012 $7,142.00 Wellesley to Wellesley (50 mile Sunday)
2011 $0.00
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