My Supporters

Haley Rose $25.00
Carol Kaplan
Elena Lawson

Thank you!

Robert Matzke

Go Jody!

Marion Mariner

So proud of you!!!!

Beth Terrana
Christina Wang

For Eliza. And to Isabel -- love and hugs. Thank you Jody and Jon for riding each year. xoxo

Chris Karam

Thank you for your contributions to the cause! Wishing you a safe, fun, dry ride! Xoxo Chris & Steve

Allison D Don

Go Jody! Have a fantastic ride!

Marcyliena Morgan

Love you Jody. Than you for doing this for all of us!

Diana Dorci

Good luck & ride safe!!

Rebecca Stephenson

Thanks for training and riding Jodie. Ride for those who have gone before and whose legacy we carry on.

Susan Littlefield

Have a great ride Jody!

Toni Elka

Sisterhood is powerful <3. Thank you for riding!

Thomas Easton

will be following

Sally Bickford

Love and Light for Liza Adams! And ride like the wind Jody!

Judy Haberl
Beppe Salerno

Good luck at this year's PMC!

Anne Lockwood

Thank you for riding! Sending love, hugs and gratitude for your enthusiasm and commitment. xoxo Anne & Sean

Kate Bowditch

So proud of you Jody, for so many amazing things you do, and for who you are. Ride on! Love you.

Elizabeth Floor

Yeah, Jodie!

Heidi Brown $50.00
Benson Willis

You inspire us all. Much love, Benson & Dan

Helen p Hinckley
Jonathan Dutch

Am so proud to be able to support great friends in pursuit of the greatest cause our population will ever know!

Nancy and Rick Lamb

Best wishes to all for yet another another fun ride.

Susan Ernst

Hi Jody, With all best wishes for good weather and a successful ride for such an important cause. ~ Susan

Christopher Dalto

Go Jody! Your friends at Montis are cheering you on!

Christopher Zibailo

Ride like the wind, Jody!!

Pamela Krueger

Thank you Jody! All the best for a great day! Love, Pam and Chris

Virginia M Adams

"Ride, boldly ride"... Each year is a gift and a blessing for all who have felt the impact of this disease. Thank you dear Jody. Love and Godspeed, Mom

Barbara Macleod

Go Girl Go! Happy riding, Barbara, Steve and Keith MacLeod

Jeffrey Gates

Great luck to you all and thank you!

Alexandra Herzan

Have a great ride! I know Eliza has your back. #Elizainspired !

Bacall Conniff $250.00
Linda McQuillan
Ellen Ball

You are an inspiration. Ride with the wind. Ellen Ball

Bunny Merrill $50.00
Anne Fabiny
Deborah Dudley

Good Luck Jody.. xo

Avery Revere

Go Jody!

Karen Corsica

Riding with you in spirit for Eliza and your mom.

Andy & Rice Husbands
Tom Martin
Shore Gregory
Cassia Holstein
Marina Bornhorst

Go Jody!!

Pam Carter

Thinking of you and all the wonderful woman in your life, both past and present. xoxox

Jim Manzi $1,000.00
David Foster
Gail Willett

Jody, It was so nice to get your note with an update. Enjoy your ride.

Morra Aarons-Mele

Go Jody!!!!!!!

Rosemary Shore
Robin/Talia Atlas/Herman

May the wind be at your back. You are riding for all of our loved ones!

Derya Samadi
Martha Bilski $100.00
Gail Roberts

Jody, as you count on us for donations, we count on you to ride for us. May Eliza and the wind be at your back Gail

Christine Brown
John Finley

Jody, your example is inspiring! God bless YOU!!!

Sharon Adams

Jody, every year you remind us what one person can do to keep this world kind and honest and hopeful. Thank you. Sharon A.

James Mclaughlin

Thanks for including us in your efforts. Our part is simple, which is not a complaint mind you, just a bit of an embarrassment! Love, Chip & Keith

Lori and Eric Lander

Thank you for riding! hugs Lori and Eric

James Coggeshall

Proud to share the PMC road to a cure with you once again. There is nothing like the PMC. So many of us bonded together with the Dana-Farber in the quest for progress against this damned disease.

Haley Rose $25.00
D. Michael Hicks

Love to the Adams sisters from Betsy and Michael!

Howard Hiatt

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2018 $26,613.50 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
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2015 $19,546.95 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2014 $24,419.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
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