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Kelly Bradbury

Heidi and Kevin.. Congrats on riding the PMC. Unbelievable you ride that triple bike!! Such an inspiration!!

Jeanette Unruh

Go Heidi! Thank you!!

Kim Caravella

Go Heidi!!!!

Tracy Harris

Keep up the good work! ????? Your doing great!!

Brittany Hay

So proud of you Heidi!!!

Amber Bruski $60.00
Geoffrey Turke

Best of luck guys! Thank you for doing this!

Jamee Buchmayr

Thanks for getting out there and supporting this incredible cause!

Chris Johnston

Have a great ride Kevin & Heidi!

Roberta Mclain

Thanks, Heidi, for going through this grueling event.

Sonia Howard

Good luck on your ride Heidi. We all know someone that has been affected by this horrible disease. Thank you!

Stephanie Rokitowski

Heidi best of luck with your ride! Donating to support you and in honor of my mom who is a Breast Cancer Survivor!

Ashley Nagle

Go girl ?????? thank you for riding! Also, donating in celebration of my cousin Tim kicking cancers ass????

Martha Shanahan

Thank you, Heidi, for doing this! Sending good wishes your was for a successful ride!

Ann Weinberger

Good luck!! Hope you have a great ride.

Melissa Hachmeister

Best wishes for a smooth ride and recovery! Thank you for riding. ? Emma Marguerite Chiasson ?

Cristen Farrell

Good luck! Thank you for doing this! In memory of my dear friend, Kristin Porter, who we lost way before her time.

Leah Gray

Thank you Heidi- I lost my Dad to cancer when he was just 46.

Courtney Sievers

Get it girl!! You got this! I am so proud of what you're doing and blessed to know you. Love ya!!

Jay Lemieux $60.00
Susan Towne

thank you Heidi and your family for riding for all of us affected by cancer. My soulmate and husband died of rectal cancer and I miss him every moment of every day.

Erin Gilmartin
Peggy Green

So glad to have the opportunity to support this cause! Ride like hell!

Elaina York

Thanks Heidi. I have lost so many to this horrible disease. It’s a great fund raiser.

Kara McSweeney

Best of luck! Thank you for being you! :)

Lisa Ryan

Thanks for riding for a great cause..

Brenda Riddell

Go get 'em Heidi!! So in awe of everyone that participates in this amazing race!

Marilyn Stump

Heartfelt thanks to you Heidi, Kevin and Laurie for making the PMC ride again this year. We will be watching for your triple tandem bike and cheering you on. Thanks DF for giving me life to be here!

Susan Gramolini

Good luck ?? so many people touched by Cancer - go get ‘em ??

Mary Jo Cerasuolo

Best wishes for a great Ride Heidi!



Good luck, and thank you for riding!

Mark Fortier

Crush it Heidi and Kev!

Jenne Rosegay

Go get 'em Heidi! Proud of you :)

Anne Stump

I have lost 3 brothers to this illness. Dana-Farber has been making progress with many clinical trials and research. Thank you Heidi and Kevin for your strength biking for PMC! Love Anne & Paul

Gretchen Maguire

I’m so glad you’re taking my dear sister Anne along for the ride! She’ll help you every step of the way! ??

Robin Coffey

After losing my father in law some years back and most recently my uncle, I know how devastating cancer can be.

Barbara Breaker

Thank you Heidi! I will be thinking of you and your family. I lost my sister Nancy to brain cancer. Dana Farber was wonderful. Be safe and enjoy the ride.

christine ferullo

Thank you for the beautiful inspiration you provide through all of the good you put out into the world! Have fun & happy riding!! xx

Amberly Wallace

Good luck, Heidi!!

Gina Christoforo

Best of luck Heidi!

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