My Supporters

Martha Kennedy

Congratulations, Howie on another great PMC. Thinking of you and the many, including my mom's best friend, who've been challenged by cancer. With gratitude and humilty

joseph Causey

Thank you Howie for letting me ride your extra bicycle in the New England Classic ride for American Diabetes Association in July. You are a charitable fellow in multiple ways. joey

Jason Simoneau

I know this is late but I hope it went well!

Ferne Welch
steve Hinks $100.00
Wendy Ziesemann

Go Howie, Go Howie, Go Howie!!!! I know I'm late but adding James Andrus to your list of tributes. James was my daughter's birth father.

Richard Salter
Doug Conmy

Please add Mike Conmy to your list of those who lost the battle, who you ride for.

Sandra Miller

Bravo from Will & Aunt Sandy



Carry your list with pride and safety!

Mark Delellis
Tim Wilson

Go get 'em Howie!

Binesh Shakya
Robert Owen Stokes
Kevin Powers $50.00
Marykate Mcdonald

Howard, Best of luck on your ride!! I know that you will do great!

Bob Mckenna

Good work Howie!

Johanna McGuigan $150.00
Diane Loomis
Paul Brightly

Keep riding for us, Howie! Fyi, I'm 9 months free and clear -- so far, so good.



Doc Rutstein $25.00
Steve Davis

Keep spinning Howie!

Clare Fishman

Good luck this weekend Howie, have a great ride.

Jane Davidson $500.00
Joan Warrenski

Howie Thank you for riding! It's such an important cause. I am thinking of Lynne, your father and so many others. Best, Joan Warrenski

Peter Sohn
Bob Yates $50.00
Elena Solomon
James Cavalier

Keep On Truckin My Friend!

Balaji Iyer
Ruth and Richard Katz

In memory of Lynne Also: Please add the name of our friend Joe Mikulka who has esophageal cancer.

Karen Brassil $50.00
William Spencer

Have a good ride Howie! Bill

Meredith Roman
Jane Gordon

In memory of my mom and dad, who both succumbed to cancer. Thanks Howie for all that you do.

Margie and Alan Glou

Good luck Howie.. So proud of you!

Michael Perlman $25.00
Patricia Olson

Good riding, Howie! Tricia Olson

Peg Espinola

You go, Howie!

Paul Goldman

Happy Pedaling Howie!


Good Luck!

Jeanette Millard

Best of luck with this, Howie. And thank you for doing it.

Lori Winters

Have a great ride!!!!

Barbara Sutherland
Geoffrey Tillotson
Russ Keene

Good ride for a good cause.

Youssef Tawk $20.00
Laurie Sprague $100.00
Mark Sprague $100.00
Robert Kamen $1,000.00


David West $100.00
Steve Bussell $25.00
Daniel & Judy Clawson

Ride Safe!

Karen Ledwin $100.00
Gordon Taylor
Lee Kalish

Howie, you are one of those rare people who turns obstacles into challenges. Wishing you easy climbs, awesome descents, and a great ride, thanks for doing all you do to support this important cause!

Margie and Alan Glou

Good luck Howard. We are very proud of you! Cousins Margie and Alan

Carol N Miller $50.00
Ashwini Auradkar

Wow Howie, I had no idea. Kudos for fighting through since 14 years! Here's wishing you the best and helping others' struggles in kicking cancer's butt forever.

Govarthanaraj Ragupathi $100.00
Nancy Dalbec

Thank you so much for doing this ride. Good luck

Patricia O'Shea $100.00
Ann Gillis

Best of luck Howie





Howard, your story is inspiring. My girlfriends father, Tim Fuller, lost his 6 month battle with pancreatic cancer last month. I would be honored if you carried his name during the PMC. Ride Hard!

Merle Adelman & Ron Menner

We'll be thinking of you on PMC weekend. May the wind be at your back!

Thomas Bentley
Albert Gemperline II $25.00
Amy Wong

Hi Howie, Hope you are doing well. Thanks for riding again for this very worthy cause. Have a great ride! All the best, Amy


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