Gary Constantino's Ride



My Supporters

Edilaine Rand


Thanks for doing this! God Bless you all! Chip

Anne Oppedisano

Go Gary GO!!! Joe and Annie Oppedisano xoxoxo

Jane English

Thanks Gary!

George Caledonia

Good luck to you Gary . Diane and George

Roseanne Zaino
stephen maiorano
Robert Ferullo

Good luck Gary!

Cathy Tately-Mulcahy

Good luck Gary!!!

Stephanie Fitzsimmons

Garry, good luck to you on your also an of your family, that ride as well. I hope you have a great day to ride. God bless you all

Robert Brady

Hi Gary I hope you have a safe ride and thank you for supporting people affected by cancer. See you at the Garden Thanks Bob Brady



Deborah Davis

Good luck Gary. Thank you for all you do for cancer research!!

Gregory Tately

Good Luck Gary!

Barbara Tilley

Best of Luck on the ride! Steve and Barb

Alex Belmonte

To my friend Gary, I say, Triple G = Go Get'em Gary.

AnneMarie Psota

Good luck Gary! Love AnneMarie and Brian

Mary Marchetti

Good luck Gary!

Valerie Perez

Best wishes Gary!!

Linda Bennett

Ride, Gary, ride!!

Thomas Dimarzio

Good Luck Gary!

Steve Bertorelli

Good luck Gary!

James Moriarty

Great job Gary. Your dedication to this great cause is commendable. Ride proud bratha and ride SAFE.

Scott Rand

Thank you to the Constantino's and their efforts in the PMC.

Leona Vocino $20.00
Robert Seaman $50.00
christine waggett

good luck!

Richard Huber $50.00
Charlie Giangreco

Ride with pride Gary.

Linda Tately
Sheila Kane

Good Luck Gary!

Gail Webber

Dear Gary, You are a star! Thanks so much for riding again this year. May the wind be at your back ... Gail

Paula Eichner

Go, Gary! A special challenge and charitable act.

Warren and Edith Bridges

Always admire your dedication to this great event.

Brian Richards

Gift of support from the crew at My Bike Shop!



Go go Gary! John & Barbara

Pamela Aube

Great Job Gary!

Neil Gibbons

Thanks for your efforts Gary. Have a great ride!

John Stevenson
Cheryl Nightingale

Have a great ride! Good Luck!

Annette Evans

Gary, Good Luck & Thank you for your Support to Cancer!

Daniel Sullivan $50.00


Great job Gary!

John Dalzell

Great Job Gary


My Rides

2017 $3,830.00 Sturbridge to Family Finish at Ptown (2-Day)
2016 $4,700.00 Sturbridge to Family Finish at Ptown (2-Day)
2012 $0.00
2007 $3,654.00 Sturbridge to Family Finish at Ptown (2-Day)
2005 $3,035.00 Sturbridge to Family Finish at Ptown (2-Day)
2004 $3,370.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2003 $2,615.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2002 $2,942.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2001 $2,176.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)