Elliot Silver's Ride



My Supporters

Jeff & Andrew Reberry $500.00
Donation Dude
Daniel Levi
Matt Overman
Perry Silver
Julie Sayer
Lee Hale

My sister Shannon passed away from Breast Cancer in 2012. Thank you for riding for a great cause! @Java4Dayz

Albert Schram

Elliot, Wishing you a great ride for a wonderful cause. May the wind be at your back. Peggy & Bud

Paul Nicks

Good Luck Elliot!

Jag Singh

Guess you got $10k now Saw the tweet ;)

Fat City Properties

Good luck & be safe! :) -Ian

James Iles
Steven Violin
Carole Rhodes

Thank you so much, Elliot for raising funds for this worthy cause. You're the best!

Greg Rhodes $500.00
Barbara Neu

So proud to know you Elliot - what a great cause.. Looking forward to seeing you soon and giving you a big hug. Warm Regards, Barbara & Howard

Lauren Strongin
Domain Capital
Jeffrey Reynolds

Keep pedaling for a great cause!

Shane Cultra

A donation from the readers at DSAD.com. Have a great ride Elliot

Vic Aulakh $100.00
Ammar Kubba

Best of luck on your ride, Elliot!! You really are a great man, and an inspiration to the rest of us "striving to be great" men.

Josh Schoen

Elliot, happy to help support you and this great cause. Have an awesome ride!


Ali Zandinejad

Love what you're doing here bro - hope this helps you get closer to your goal!

Colin Campbell

Ride safe! From the .CLUB team.

Joe Uddeme

Wishing you much success on your ride this year!! Proud to support your efforts!

Michael Calabretta

Thanks for doing this Elliot! Have a great ride

Andre Gary

Domain Shane got me here. Didn't know about you until today. Goodluck Sir and Thankyou

Aaron Johnson $15.00
dave robb

Great person, great cause...

Amiah Eisenhower
Ategy Com

Have a great ride Elliot .. thanks for helping fight Cancer .. and thanks for everything you do for Domainers! :)









Brandon Abbey

Nice effort Elliot. Always happy to be a sponsor.

Paul Goldstone

Thanks for stepping up...and down...and up...and down...for a great cause.


Godspeed Elliot.

Nathaniel Cohen

Way to go Elliot!

Raymond Hackney $100.00


Donation made in the name of John M for his contribution to TheDomains.com

Patricia Kaehler


In honor of Mike Berkens and Ray Hackney on the milestone of hitting 100,000 comments on TheDomains.com.

Michael Berkens $1,000.00


Great cause. Keep it up E! From your friends at Donuts.

Michael Sumner

Good luck Elliot!

Michael Sallese

Good luck Elliot- such a great cause!

Peter Askew

Good luck Elliot! -Peter Askew of DeepSouthVentures.com

Shane Cultra

Heres a little money so you can do a full Ironman next year

Bill Sweetman

The Name Ninja team wishes you best of luck on this years ride. Go for it Elliot!

Tim Switzer

Good luck Elliott! Awesome that you do this, a great cause and a fun (and long!) bike ride as well - go for it!

My Rides

2017 $11,025.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2016 $11,901.00 Wellesley to Family Finish at Ptown (2-Day)
2015 $8,330.01 Wellesley to Wellesley (50 mile Sunday)
2014 $5,801.00 Wellesley to Wellesley (50 mile Sunday)