My Supporters

The Trustey Family
Adele MacGregor

In loving memory of your dear mother. Mac and Adele MacGregor

Katriona Little

Sending my best wishes. So proud xx

Rachel Porter

Smashed it. Congratulations. Now go dance around to Mr Brightside with a side of onion rings xxxx

Debbie and Jeff Linder

Thank you for riding. Thinking of your mom.

Allison Smyth
lindsay demuth

Wooohoooo! Cannot wait to see the pictures <3

Elizabeth Heebe-Russo

Ellie! Sending you all our love. So proud of you! —Liz, Adee, Dominick, Atticus, and Harper

Katie Irwin

Good luck Ellie!!! ???????

Sue and Steve Jones

Go Ellie! You’ve got this??

Robert Gerlin

Go Jeff (and Simon and Ellie), have a great ride!

Ren Robinson
Ani Bilazarian

Takin ur bike to the PMC you’re gunna riiiiiidddeeee till you can’t no more. Go el! We love you!

Heather McCauley

Love, The McCauleys

Susan Barry
Allison Barry
Ann Schwarz

Go Ellie! We’re all cheering for you!

Peter Martin

Ellie, I look forward to seeing you on PMC weekend. This is in memory of your mom, who was the greatest. Ride like the wind! Peter

Kristina Lucas
Brenda Clover
Dimity Wanag

So so proud to be related to you, you’re amazing. Love you & good luck (not that you need it!)

Quinn Masterson
Camp Wingate*Kirkland $100.00
Rebecca Gerlin

I could not be more proud of you Ellie, you are a superstar!

Sam Olsen

So proud Ellie!

Amelia Gerlin

Love that you're doing this and love you.

Margot Heilbronner

I know you'll be fabulous!!! :)))

Nick Morton

Get it

Denise Girardin

Ride like the wind, Ellie!

Richard Pickering $60.00
Bee Nirundonpruk
Rob Steckbeck

This will be a good ride Ellie O. Thank you.

Sara Heilbronner
Emma Heilbronner
Jill Gerson
Matt Thompson

Smash it Ellie! (hope you're racing on the Fat Bike..)

Katherine Zanchi

Good luck Ellie!!!

Tyler Martin

Best of luck, Ellie!

Robert Gerlin
Tracy Siani

What a wonderful daughter you are.

Kate Olsen

Ellie- so proud of you for continuing this tradition. RIDE ON!

Maria Olsen

So proud of you! I love you and your mom so much! Love, Aunt Maria

Jennifer Levine

You are such an amazing young woman and I know your mom is so proud of you! Much love...Jenny

Madison Lenormand
Brenda Clover $25.00

My History

2019 $15,700.73 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2018 $5,140.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2017 $5,935.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2016 $4,701.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)