My Supporters

Toni Loiacano




Hope you had a great ride! Better late than never!

Benjamin Perkins

Go, Dan! Have a great ride!

Michael Moroney

Go Dan Go! Good Luck! Michael and Merriellen

Courtney Barry

Best of luck on the ride, I will gift you back one of those fancy beers! :)

Bethany Rioux


Alison and Jeremy McHugh



From the beer crew! ??

Jeremy McHugh

Uno Modo Scalare, Dan!

Joan Bendery

Good Luck, Have Fun!

Mary Mccarthy

Go Dan. Thanks for your commitment.

Daniel Scales

Thanks for riding, Dan!

Nathan Scales

Dan, Have a good ride!

Amy Farmer

We'll be there cheering you on!! Love you!

Sean Scales

Have a great ride!!

Lyn Paget

Have a Great Ride Dan!!

Todd Dundon
Peter Finnegan

Good luck Dan!

Allison Portnoy $200.00


Thank you for riding for such an important cause! This donation is in honor of a family friend who is fighting a tough battle as I type.

David Bernstein

Dan This is from David and Donna. Congratulations and have a great ride.

Beth Cooney

Go Dan! From your Vee Vee fans, Beth and Rob

Patrick Murray

Go Dan! Monica and Patrick - Vee Vee fans.

Jeffrey Marshall

Love the handlebar...Rock on man! Good luck on the ride! Jeff, Alli, Derek & Evan

Robert Kaye

Dan: Ride fast. Ride safely. Have fun. (Pick two) Bob Kaye

Liz Graham-Meredith

Go Danny, go! - Liz and Brian

Mom and Dad Valachovic

Looking forward to seeing you pass by Montano's!

Scott Gasparello $100.00
Dave & Amy Rose

Have Fun Dan !!

Matthew Delaney

Happy Peddling Dan! Hope you have great weather and the wind at your back the whole way through. Matthew & Michael

Lee Anne Callahan-Longo

Go Dan! ??

Elaine Koeppel

What a wonderful way to honor your Pop-Pop (Uncle Chet). Good luck on your ride Dan. Love, Paul & Elaine

Matthew Steinberg

Great Stash DannyVee!!! Kick ass on this ride. Proud to contribute to this cause!

Kara Bendery $25.00
Zamir Kociaj
Kim Slee

Ride on!!

Mike Gamache

Good Luck Danny Vee!

Seth Cohen


Michele Fournier

Good Luck Dan! All the best David and Michele (aka: two of your bar regulars)

Marc Arsenault

Congrats, this is such an accomplishment. Way to go!

Laura Wiltshire

Good luck Dan!

Heidi Koeppel

Good Luck, Dan!

Gareth and Katie Kersey

good luck!!

Leslie and Dan Goodyear Janis

Go get 'em, Dan!

Sandra Valachovic

Good Luck Dan!!! Ken & Sandy



Dan: We will be looking for you as you pass by Jams.

Robert Dobies

Go Dan. Great cause. Uncle Bob and Aunt Mo

Andrew Warren

Go Dan!

Richard Herman

Good luck, Dan!


Chet was my grandfather too! So glad you’re doing this Dan! Thank you!!

William Burke $120.00
Drew Devoogd

My History

2019 $10,848.88 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2018 $7,528.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)