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SEI- Boston

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Katie Britton

Thanks for riding, Dave. Your mom was certainly looking down on you, and so proud.

Maggie Raftus

Congratulations on completing the ride! Our family (Kathy Wilder) thanks you for remembering Mike!

Carol Powalisz

Dave, your mother would be and is so proud of you. What an amazing tribute! Love, Aunt Carol

John Fleming

Good luck on Day 2 David! Riding for a great person and cause. Ride strong!

Scott Lombardi

A great cause in honor of some great people. Good luck!

Joan Forrest

A beautiful tribute to your Mother, ride with joy. Thank you Dave

Erin Batchelor

Donating in loving memory of my uncle, Michael DeGumbia, who passed away from cancer almost exactly a year ago. Such a great cause. Best of luck!

Karen Mancini

Wishing you a great ride Dave!

Kathleen Lantiegne
Al & Donna Suchcicki

Good luck Dave! Walda will be watching over you proudly as she always does!

Peter Suchcicki


Riley & Olivia Henderson's lemonade stand proceeds :)

Richard Leeds

Thanks for doing this Dave. Have a great ride!

Emily Livingston

Donating on behalf of my mother-in-law and your mom. Hoping you finish strong and healthy!!

Erin Capomaccio

Bella is proud to donate the proceeds from her lemonade stand and to cheer you on this weekend!!

Mary Ellen Armstrong

This One's For Walda! Ride Like The Wind Dave!!

David Decoste

Go get 'em, DRogers!


Dave, May the wind Always be at your back ! Thank you for what you do! - Tim Cal

Matthew Walton

Best of luck on the ride, Dave. I know this has been a tough year.

John Campbell

Dave, sorry to hear about your Mom....glad to support your ride in her memory. She raised an outstanding young man....ride safe and strong! John C

Matthew Hurley

Go get them Dave!!

Joann Steele

I donated for Marilyn (Rogers) DiNino

Erin Sullivan
Kathy Wilder

Way to go, Dave! Here's to your mom and to my dad, Mike Raftus.

Michael Champagne

Dave, you inspire us all with your dedication to this cause. Keep it up!

Elizabeth Whitmore
Jane Rogers

Good luck Dave!

Liz Hegarty

Good luck, Dave! We'll be cheering for you :)

Noelle Quinn

I know this year will feel different than the last few. I would love if you added my dad Nathy Quinn to your ride who eventually lost the battle but fought the good fight. Thank you for riding. Xoxo

Kim Pultorak $20.00
Kathleen Gallagher

The Gallaghers be rooting for you Dave! I’m Sure you’ll do great.

MaryEllen Kilcoyne $100.00
Lindsay Sarno

Good luck ??The Sarno’s

William Shields

Good luck David, in loving memory of your mom. Have a safe ride. The Shields family

Stacey Trombetta

Good luck Dave! You’re riding for such a noble cause! The Trombettas

Guy Lombardo $50.00
Dave Sulliva

Walda was the best! Always in our hearts and especially when Meatloaf is on the radio. Ride Rogers, ride!

Ashley Stockbridge
Gerard Noumi $50.00
Michele Mawn

David, your mother was a special person, we think of her often, good luck. Peter and Michele Mawn

Deborah W Healy

Good luck David, her Ya Ya’s miss her dearly.

Susan Bees

I think about your Mom ever day...she was one of a kind and I miss her dearly. She was always so proud of you. Good luck David!

Monica Fisher

Have a great ride - be safe!

Tim Armstrong $50.00
Jen Shin

You are amazing. Good luck and enjoy the ride!

Jane DiMartino

Dave - what a beautiful tribute to your mom! With every mile you ride, you help with the promise that one day there will be a cure. Good luck!

Joel and Dana Steiner

Good Luck Dave! Great cause and tribute to your Mom.

Eric Spaulding
Kara Morton

In memory of your mom’s valiant fight and in honor of your ride to never stop until there’s a cure. Also, in honor of a dear friend, C, fighting for her life as she battles stage IV breast cancer.

Kip Durney

Tribute to your mom Dave!!!

Jillian Flaherty

Dave, Your Mom was a wonderful women with a great heart and funny personality just like all of the Roger clan. Good luck! Xoxo

Jason Davis

Donating in memory of your mom! Can’t wait to ride with you!

Allison Dunn

You’re doing something great! In honor of Marquis Blodgette

Paula Paldino
Tyler Poutre
John Duci

A noble deed on an aluminum steed. Indeed.


Dave, what a son, husband, father, brother you are! You had wonderful parents, two I enjoyed spending time (and a lot of laughs with) at baseball and lacrosse events. Best of luck!

Danielle Currier

Good luck Dave. What a wonderful way to honor your mother.

Nicole Park

She was so sweet! We all miss her!

Erica Kelly

Good luck Dave!

Matthew Garvey

Great cause, Dave! Good luck!

Katie Stanton $30.00


In loving memory of Mrs. Rogers. Good luck Dave, enjoy the ride!! The Brennan’s

Matt DiVirgilio

Good Luck Dave!



Wishing you good luck with the ride! The Falzarano’s

Jacqueline Kemple

In memory of my dearest friend and sis Waldo Rogers

Stephanie Couey

In Loving Memory of my Aunt Susan Angus

Erica Donadio

Best of luck riding Dave! Your mother will be smiling down on you throughout this journey to the finish line. I’m so proud of you!

Kimberlee Kossover Hansen

In loving memory of my father, who passed away in 2014 from cancer, and in honor of my dear aunt (my dad’s sister) who is bravely fighting her own battle with lung cancer. Thank you for riding PMC!

James Fahy $100.00
Nicole Abril
Lisa DeNapoli $120.00
Susan and Jim Davis

Dave Your mother’s proudest accomplishment was her kids and grandkids. Your tribute to her was beautiful. I know she is smiling on you today and everyday. She’ll be riding with you for sure. Love

Colleen Strunk

Awesome Dave!!! Awesome cause and tribute. Good luck! Corrie and I will be cheering you on from afar!

Liz McMorrow

Good luck! Sorry I ignored most of your report validation update requests ??

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2007 $3,600.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)