My Supporters

Linda and Josh Shackford
Sue Kimball

Let's end cancer!

Shue Saechew
Maura Coburn

You are such an inspiration! Good luck to you

Meredith Dennison

You’ve got this. Thank you for riding!!

christopher brooks

Good Luck Donna!

Susan Soldat
Sarah Dittelman $20.00
Katarzyna Milejczak

Go Donna! Go Donna! could luck, it is a great cause and you will shine like a diamond!

Laurel Beaulieu

I am so proud of you!!!

Kelly Swindells

best of luck!!

Mary Kate Murphy

Donna I am so proud of you! You are fearless. ??

Carmelo Leonardo

Kill it Donna!!! Go Baby Go!!!!

Gina Leonardo

Good luck to you on this amazing journey !

Orquidania Lipus

Kick some butt Donna and rock this Pan-Mass challenge!!! You go girl!!! I'll be rooting for ya! You got this! <3

Anthony GRASSO

This is a wonderful way to help and honor your love ones. I lost my grandfather to cancer several years ago. Good luck!



Diana Magaldi
Helena McCoy

Good Luck Donna!

david greene

good luck on the ride, donna!

Kurt Sagar

Good Luck Donna!

Mary Jennings

Go Donna!!!

Debra Cross
Brian Skahan

To sunny days - best of luck !

Marian Donovan

You go girl !?????

Cidalia Bernardes

Good luck!

Alisa Cormier

Donna this is such a beautiful tribute to all those fighting! You're amazing and I can't wait to hear stories :).

David Erickson

Go Donna!

Bonnie Mackie

Donna - Hit that Cancer HARD. Prayers for those you know who are fighting. - Bonnie

William Holden

Way to go Donna. As a cancer survivor I appreciate when people do this. Look forward to hearing your stories from the ride.

Cheryl Maynard
Erica Spendlove

Good Luck! I’ll be thinking of you :) and I thank you for doing this for the DF :)

Kristen Machado

You are awesome my friend, I know you got this! I'm so very proud of you and you have ALL of my support. I contribute in honor of my grandmother and countless friends.


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