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Henry Stout
Traci Gentry

Thanks for doing this good work with such energy and spirit!

Daniel Poor

Dave, with Pete's family in country this week of his birthday, it means even more. Thanks for your commitment.

Jim Hawk

Ride, like the wind-ride like the wind.

Patty Cho

Have a great ride for a great cause!!!

Gina Gritzuk

Hope you have a great ride!

Sonya Mead

Rock it!

Laura Jenks

Go Knies Go! Love your courage and your crazy! Pedal a few strokes for my dad...Bob Marley Farley...he'll add some wind to your back. :) Thank you!

Kurt Maw
Cheryl Wadsworth
Lisa Bettencourt

Such a great cause! Good luck!

Dave Knies

You're doing the Lord's work here Davy!

jonathan Koffler
Michael Wilmot
Jonathan Berry

Good luck!!

Andy Rohm

Make sure to drink lots of water! You rock! Andy

Sandra Quinn

Good luck, David!

Lauren Lu

Whoo hoo! Crush it!

Alexandra Kelleher
michael burnstein

Crush it DK!

Dawn Curtis Hanley $120.00
Yvette Kanter

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!! Yvette and Jon

Brianna Henley

Good luck DK!!

Melissa Radochia
Gilly Strauss

Good Luck David!!! Keep riding!

Laura Holmstedt

Tear it up out there!!!

Scarlet Batchelor

Go David!!

Hanadi hamzeh

YOU GOT THIS!! ????????????

Ann Marie Williams

Thank you for Riding! Dedicated to Duncan Finigan.

Caroline Turnbull Doran

Go David!

Erin Webster
Manny Lubin

Good luck, David! From the Slate Boys!!

Jessica Hoguet

Have a great ride David!! xo Jess and Alex

Karen and Dave Matthews

Best of luck, Dave.

David Shack
John Devlin

Happy to help. Go Dave!

Tim Morin

Go, Dave, goooooooo!!!!!!!

Keith Wexelblatt
Janet Kraus


Nilda Martin

Good luck! ???

Hanna Yang

Ride fast!

Robin Fogg

This is awesome, Dave! What a vitally important cause. We will be cheering on all the riders and the families that have been affected by cancer and continue to fight for a cure.

Nicholas Ariniello

Go get em Dave!

Yelena Cashion

Good luck!

John Gauch

Incredibly important cause. Have an epic ride!

Robert Murray

Good luck!

Laura Fish


timothy marken

Good luck and God Bless...

Jenna Phillips

Good luck, David!!

Scott Stropkay

You're a good man!

Mathew Bernstein

Good luck!

Jon MacQuarrie $100.00
Caroline Poor

I hope the wind is at your back x

Jamie Knies $100.00
Jon Lemieux

Go Dave go!

Bill Hartman

Good luck and pedal hard!

Dana Guidice

All the best!

Kristin Guay

My History

2019 $6,000.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2018 $4,920.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
  $500.00 PMC Winter Cycle
2017 $5,162.50 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
  $250.00 The Resolution by PMC