Diane Jordan's Ride



My Supporters


Ingeborg Kelleher Excavating

Great work Diane

Krisztina Kiesewetter

Good luck Diane!!!

Jeff & Lynda Bukunt

Quite an accomplishment Diane!

Tootie Larios

Well done, Diane! Mac and I (and the foxes) are proud of you and happy to support this important cause!

Warren Beard

Hi Diane - You are doing a great thing with your participation in this event. I hope your are able to meet your goal. love you cousin

Salome Heyward

Diane...have a great ride...we are proud of you!! Salome & Barbara

Bernadette Noyes

You're an amazing woman Diane, with the biggest heart around! ??

Colette Carpentier
Joyce Dumas

Have a great ride, we'll be cheering you on from the sidelines of the marina!!!!!?????????????????????????

Glenn Gardner

Which of you to gain me, tell, will risk uncertain pains of hell? I will not forgive you if you will not take the chance The sailor gave at least a try, the soldier being much too wise

Myles Kiley $50.00
Cathleen Frizzell

You can do this! We're rooting for you!

Carol Nicholeris


Francis Creedon

I know you'll give it your all! Good luck! Frank Creedon

Maureen & Johnny Lyons

Best wishes on the ride, Diane! We'll see you in P-Town!

Sean and Donna thompson

Diane, You are an inspiration and thank you for riding for such an important cause! Good luck!

Mary Kiley

Good luck Diane -may you have "Fair winds and following seas"

Glenn Beard

We will be looking for you when cross Massasoit Road in Eastham. The route takes you within 1/2 mile of our house. Give us a heads up when think you riding through Eastham.

Sue Slowey

Hey my friend. You are going to rock this!! You are working so hard to raise your donation and to train for the ride. I love to see your perseverance and dedication to doing your best!



Susan Matthews

Behind you all the way! You go girl! Be safe and have a blast!!!

Cheryl and Bob Ferruccio

You will do great and we are proud of you! We are dedicating this ride to Twinnie with our love.

Cosmo and Kathy Chinappi

Hey Diane, We are behind you and your mission 100%. Ride safe. Cosmo and Kathy

Scott Morrison $100.00
Constance Carven

Diane, Thanks for your effort to support such a worthy cause. Good luck and enjoy your ride. Connie

John and Darlene Parker

Diane you are nuts... but in a good way :) be safe and good luck - John & Dar

David Sampson

Great cause Diane. Good luck Pat & Dave

susan hamilton

have a great couple of days. This is a great cause!

Frank Wisneski $100.00
Meg Drude $50.00
Sally B Baer

Go Diane, great to see you supporting such a great cause. See you on the canal and yoga ! Sally

Herb Harris

Very happy to support your ride

Michael Harris $50.00
Sybil Holland

This is s wonderful cause to ride for Diane! So very happy to support you! Best from both Bill and me.

eric Cody $50.00
Marion Crocker $25.00
Margaret Dolan

happy pedaling

Susan Page $50.00
Bobbi Martino $25.00
Bonnie Templeman $25.00
Robefrt Goldthwaite
Everett Brunnckow

Very happy to support your ride!

Gail Schepis

Very Happy to support your ride my special daughter!

Patty Dysart

Happy to support your ride!

Nancy Justice

Happy to support my gym buddy on this ride ! You go girl !!

Diane Jordan $25.00

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