My Supporters

cassandra mckiernan

Ride on.....I admire your support for this cause and your personal passion!

Dana Etre

Congratulations, Damon! Such an accomplishment. I had a blast training with you.

Lurie Family Lurie

congrats Damon!

NS Hollis

“Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.” Plato. Thank you Damon for inspiring us all!

Ciaran Foley

Ride well man! It’s all about cadence!

David Jones

“The time is always right to do what’s right.” MLK said it and you live it D. Hart.

John Lewis
Steve Wright
David Santeusanio
Louis Mercedes
Kathy Kennedy

Yes!!! Way to go, Damon - thank you for riding!!

Lori Andrews
Melanie Foley

Go get it Damon!

Sandra DeBow-Huang
Rich Quinlan

Crush it Damon for your Cause

Ann Moise

Well done Damon! Great ride for a great cause. ??

Beth Morahan


You rock man. All the best.

Stephen Hall
Mallorie Cruz

Happy to support this cause! It’s admirable what you’re doing. Be safe out there!

Hannah Choi
Helen Dohman
Elitza Miteva
Ashley Kane

Way to go, Damon! My brother is a cancer survivor- thank you for supporting this great effort!

Evan Shenkman

What a great cause! Best to you, Damon, and enjoy the ride.

Stacy Fitzgerald

The Fitzgerald family is so proud of Mila! She is a miracle. ??

Mark Burak

All, have a great and safe ride this year--see you all for a well-deserved beer. Best, Mark (riding in memory of Lisa Caputo)

Richard Carter
Vicki Pellegatto

Have a great ride Damon!!

Nancy Keating
Helen ORourke

Damon - Have a great ride for a great cause!

Tiffany Sullivan
Scott Fruscio $50.00
Beth Duggan
Ludovica Mottura

Ride on Damon!

Kevin & Michelle Ouellette

Great job, Damon! Good luck on the ride!

Linda Park

What a brave little girl Mila is! ?? You got this!!

Samuel Hamiltom

We admire your passion to personally make a positive difference in the world. Ride on! Sandy & Sam

JETHRO Trenteetun
Neeti Bhalla Johnson

Rooting for you and little Mila!!

Karen Morton Grooms

Good luck and continued blessings sent to your little cousin.

Kathleen Conlin
Valencia Augusta

Good luck Damon!

James Kelleher $300.00
Steven Altman

Great work Damon. You’re an inspiration.

Debra Raisner Thompson

Thank you Damon! Love Nava and family

Karen Whiteknact

We are rooting for you!! Go for it!

Anthony Fair
Leff Family

Good luck Damon. Leff Family.

Michael Clarkson

You inspire me Damon! Good luck with the ride and thank you! Mike Clarkson

Sarah Montgomery $100.00
Jason Morgan
Kwamina Williford
Christian Mcmahon

Good luck!!!

Miriam Carter

Have a great ride Damon!

Vickie Turner
Edmund Kenealy

Have a great ride, Damon! Will be thinking of you on PMC weekend.

Brian Lockhart

Damon, It our pleasure to support this intensely personal cause.



Love this!!! And way to step it up this year to challenge yourself that much more. Cheering for you, Damon! -ak

Francis Hyatt

Keep at it Damon!



Good luck Damon!!

James Smeallie $100.00
Kamla Alexander
Kimberly and Dylan Drummond

Happy to support this fabulous cause!

Mary Connolly

Go Damon! So inspirational! Cancer took my sister and has impacted many other family and friends.

Francine Hart

Have a great ride!


My History

2019 $20,112.25 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2018 $18,531.00 Bourne to Provincetown Monument (1-Day Sunday)