Doug Cornelius's Ride



My Supporters

Penelope Anderson

Better late than never!

Sarah Gagan
Stephen Charkoudian

Congratulations, Doug. Thanks for doing the hard work. Well done.

John and Erin Giesser

Doug you are amazing. Thank you for your commitment.

Isaac Fine

Have a great ride, Doug! Lockwood Road is cheering for you! -Patricia and Isaac

Alison May
John Canorro

Keep up the great work!!

Lauren Young

Good luck on your ride, Doug. My dad is a cancer survivor with help from Dana Farber. Thank you for raising awareness- your Compliance Building blog helps so many, too.

Archana And Peter Szpak

Good luck on you ride again this year!!!


Ryan Cornelius $25.00
Patricia McGrath
Jeff Gendel

Ride on, Doug!!

David Wolfe
Bruce Mcvittie
Lisa Perricone
Rebecca Connor

Go Doug!

Beverly Loudin

You amaze me every day with your dedication to this effort! Go Team Unicorn!

Tucker Dog

Go, Doug, go!! ??

Paul Erickson

Have a great ride, Doug!

Maria Rolph


Sharon Ingram

Good luck Doug!! Thanks for raising funds and awareness to fight cancer.

Howard Whittum

Good luck with this years ride.

Sharon Barclay

Keep the legs spinning. Good luck on the ride.

Doug Robinson-Johnson

May you also ride for Clay Simmons who was diagnosed with cancer last week. As you push through the pain on your journey, he will do the same on his. You are all traveling the same road of hope.

Roy and Sharon Cornelius

Good Luck!

G Katz $100.00
Charles Green $250.00
Kelly Heafy Mullen

Best of luck on your ride! Love the blog!

Barbara Auerbach
Carolyn Kasky

Dave, Thank you for riding for this great cause. We know way too many folks who are affected in one way or another by this disease!

Doug Cornelius

Matching donations for Jeff's Birthday

Lisa Derner

Amazing and safe travels!

Scott Burton

We miss you, Jeff. No one else could be you, and I'm taking that as inspiration to work on being the best me.

Keith Craig
Trey Grayson


Edward Messina

Good luck and thanks for rocking it.



Go for it!

Charles Lerner

A wonderful sharing to help others

Kevin Warmack

Doug, keep on riding. I'm the husband of an Oncology nurse and any way that I can support cancer research, I will add to it. Thank you

Scott Bennewitz
Christine Mays

Ride on

Jaqueline Hummel

Safe travels Doug!

James Darling $50.00
Anne Hanscom

You are riding for such a worthy cause. Your Mom is really proud of you.

Rachel Saeby
Melissa Wylie

Go, Doug! And props to Natascha and crew for holding down the fort while you train.

Gregory Michel

Good Luck!

Sophie Melniker

Go Doug! Making this donation in honor of my dad Charles Melniker who was the most amazing person I have ever known and died of lung cancer 5 years ago.

Christopher Nichols

Doug, Great event for a great cause! Good Luck! The Nichols Family

Jay Regan
Laura Washburn $50.00
Mary Carroll
Ralph Partlow
Theresa Days

Good luck and thanks for your efforts! My own dad is a 33 year survivor.


Elizabeth Sipes

Love your blog!

Kathleen Cornelius

So proud of you for doing this ride each year in memory of all those we have lost to this sucky disease. Ride safe and strong!

Elissa Sherman
Susan Membrino

Go Doug! We will hope for great weather and a good ride for you!!

Jennifer Steele
Ron Friedmann
Ellen and James Miller

May a lovely wind be at your back, Doug.

Lyman Jackson

This gift is from Katie & Lyman. We are big supporters of Dana Farber (our firm is a corporate donor) and the PMC. Good luck, Doug. We are all riding with you!

Rachel Buie

Thank you for your commitment to raising awareness and money for cancer research. I appreciate your Compliance Building Blog too. It has been helpful to me as a young CCO. Good Luck! Rachel Buie.

Charles Lowenstein $26.00
Tara Riesenburger

So impressed with your dedication and inspiration. Best of luck again this year! Tara

Neil Spindel $100.00
Rosalind Hawk
Wendy and Barry Hurwitz

Go, Doug!!

Doug Cornelius

My Rides

2017 $9,030.25 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2016 $8,907.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2015 $7,254.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2005 $2,355.00 Sturbridge to Bourne (1-Day, Sat)
2004 $0.00 Sturbridge to Wellesley (2-Day)