My Supporters

Cathy McDonald
Joe Porpora

Congrats Don!!

Julie Grenier
Sandra James
Jean Watson

Thank you for all you do!

Cindy Vincent
Joyce Holroyd-McGuire

Thank you Don!!!! You got this!!! Riding for the PMC!!

Kevin Flannery

Flans and Lori wish you the best of luck, Don. Have a great weekend peddling!

Betsy Haley-Cormier

Good luck Don! Thanks for riding, raising awareness and making a difference in the fight to cure cancer!

Susan Melchiorri
Cynthia Hastings-Brutvan

In memory of our beloved Mum, MeeMee, Sister, Aunt, Friend, “Mrs. Hastings??“ and to my “second brother, Kevin Haverty??“

Brenda Regan

Good luck Don, thanks for doing this.

Alexandra Heavey

Best of luck Don from Al and John!! Thanks for riding for this worthy cause!

Dara Feddersen

Thank you for riding!

Julie Scapparone

Thank you for your support of Dana Farber. Good luck Don!

Allison Streeter

Thank you Don! Have a fun safe ride!

Thomas Devlin

Have a great ride.

Mickey Stasiuk

Such a great cause. Best wishes for a safe journey!! Mickey & paulie

Debi Fleck
Patty Shea /Paul McSoley

Hi Don: Patty and I are appreciative of your dedication to the PMC. We'll be following your progress online on Race Day. Wishing you good weather and a strong tailwind......

Cheryl Brutvan

Good luck Don and thanks for your effort. Ride safe.

Susan Daigle

So happy to contribute! Best wishes!

Susan Anderson

Good luck Don! Thank you so much for doing this!

Denise MacAloney $100.00
Susan Vincuilla

Go get em Don! So proud of you for taking on this challenge once again. Thank you!!!

Christopher Cerasuolo

Thank you for helping put an end to cancer!

Luke Brutvan

Love you Dad - enjoy the ride! You have earned it 10 times over

Bonny Caisse

Best of luck wishing you all a smooth and fun ride

Michael Doherty

In honor of a dear friend of ours who is battling cancer! Have a great ride

Anne M Fusco

Best wishes for a worthy cause.

Marie Novello

Wishing you clear skies and cool weather. Ride safely!

Daniel Beauregard $50.00
Terry Chetkowski

Enjoy the ride!!!!

Diane Kirchberger
Geoffrey Rembetsy-Brown

Good luck Don!

Peter Altieri

Hiya, Hiya, Hiya!!

The Ostroffs

You are incredible! Great job!

Peter & Kim McDonald

Don, Very giving of you to support the cause and raise both money and awareness. Thanks for carrying us. Have a great day! All the best!

Robert Mattei

Good Luck Don!

Christine Macchia

Have a great ride.

Lynn Bigelow

What a great cause. Thanks for helping.

Soon and Jung Chun

Thank you for riding. Best Wishes!

John & Rhonda Ollquist

Happy to help such a great cause and a great guy!

Patina Hastings

Don, Once again we congratulate you! What a wonderful foundation! Good luck! Love you Mike and Tina xx


My History

2019 $7,927.54 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2018 $6,372.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2017 $7,152.50 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
1989 $772.00 PMC Rider