My Supporters

edward goldstein

connor, we are proud to sponsor you as a rider ed and rosalee

Brian Deschenes $25.00
Barbara Kowalski $25.00
Beverly Jalbert
Joseph Fusco
Maryellen Fullerton

good work

George Hatch
Adetutu Osun $25.00
Lauren Martin $25.00
James Boyd
Marlayna Schmidt $30.00
Tommy Birarelli
Beth Delaney
Dona Varnavas
Arnie Cowan

Good luck Connor!


Good Luck!

Brian Reynolds
Christopher Flynn $25.00
Keith Weston
Clara Duplessis-Stepner
Karen Mann
David Delorey

Good Luck!

Michele Cronin $25.00
William Anderson
Sara Reppucci $25.00
Scott Chouinard
Sharon Way
Joseph Pettipas $35.00
Camden Rotondo
Gin Wallace
Osborne Linnekin jr

good luck connor

Eric Rosenberger $25.00
Shelby Elonis
Karen Quinn

Thanks so much for donating your time and best of luck!!!

Janice Hale
Bruce and Louise Netten $50.00
Abigail Boyd

Good Luck!

Jeff Maciorowski $25.00
Alex Carr

Connor, I heard you were soft.

Adam Bouchard $25.00
Lynne Scouras
Craig Currie

Nice job Conner

Martha Gavin

Keep up the good riding, Connor. Glad to know you're continuing your involvement in PMC.

Constance Villanti

Good luck!

Rudra Gurung
Colby Walsh

Good Luck!

Regina DINAPOLI $25.00
Michelle Hannable
Jesus Martinez $25.00
John Beveridge

Good Luck!


Good Luck!

Emily Bettencourt

Ride like the wind!

Endrit Fiku $25.00
Nabin Gurung $25.00


Sheila Gabel $25.00
Valda Schreiber

It’s a great thing you are doing.

David Greenberg

Thank you for doing the bike-a-thon.

Nicole Brungo $25.00
Matthew Madden

Thank you for doing this.

josephine marino $25.00
Theodora Kalfopoulos

Thank you for riding!

George Kastrinakis
Tina Clarizia

Good luck!

Brett Battistelli
Matt Levesque
Janet Eldridge

Congratulations Connor!!

Richard Roccio $25.00
Gianna Stillman
Kim Gregory
Josh Walsh
anne Mallon $25.00
Jared Paris

Good Luck Connor !

Blake Jalbert-Sullivan
Deborah Pazdziorny $25.00
Christina Frei $25.00
Tony Walsh

Hey Connor you're soft

Thi Tran
David Hughes $25.00
Salvatore LoVasco $25.00
Valerie Santorella

Good Luck Connor! Thank you for riding!

Jessica Watras

Good Luck!

Chris French
Page Ploof
Philippe Berthoud $25.00
Gloia RABIDEAU $25.00
Christopher Connors

Good Luck Connor! From: The Connors Family

Douglas Hughes $25.00
Maureen Maynard

Happy to help!

Felicia Waldron

Thanks for riding and donating your time and effort! The Waldrons

judith tanzella
Brendon Torsey $25.00
Allison Lee
William Karvouniaris

Congrats, Connor!

Julia Griffin-Terner

Good luck Connor!

Deborah Weaver $25.00
Rachel McAlpine $30.00
James Neumann
Arthur Sarcione $25.00
Jennifer Poussard
Robert Hagopian

You Rock, Connor! As a cancer survivor myself, I thank you for your devotion to help in the fight against this horrible disease and to support Dana-Farber!

Mathew Walsh
Steven Lehar

You GO girl!

Andrea MacGown $25.00
Lisa Burns
Judith Bockman

Enjoy the ride!

Scott Eckmann

Thanks for riding

Anthony Linares

Good luck!

Liz & Ed Cahill

Good luck Connor!!

Melissa Bettencourt
Dudley Nostrand
Victor Garber $40.00
Tina DiPaolo

Good luck!! Have a great ride and thank you for doing this wonderful event!

Paige Nichols $25.00
Amanda Goncalves

Good luck!

Noah Maciewicz $25.00
Bob Greenwald $25.00
Glenn Battistelli
Marie Thibault $25.00
Amanda Hynes

Good luck Connor!

Stephanie Moio
Carol Stacey $25.00


HI Connor - Good luck with your ride and thanks for making the effort.

Michael Manning

Have a great ride, Connor!

Alex Conant $25.00
Sean Caron
Jeff Liacos
Colby Irving
Arthur McLeod
Bill Peros

Go Connor!

Pamela Crehan

Have a great ride Connor!!

Karen Gutierrez

Connor you're soft kid

Stephen Indge

Connor, you're soft bro

David Antonuk $25.00
Ngan Nguyen $25.00
Barbara Haight
Judith Bozarth

Good luck!

Kyle Gabel $25.00
Stacy Alexander $100.00
James Carr

Connor: Thank you and good luck with your ride!!

David Downey $25.00
Richard Carlsen
Judith Lincicum $25.00
The Lesinski Family

Good Luck Connor!

Markesha Jordan $25.00


John Pond

Good Luck Connor.

Annalise Manning

sterling insurance

Miranda Winer
Ryan Lally


Von Johnson

Good luck

Philip Theriault
Kristine Leblanc

Good Job,Good Luck!!!

Donald MacTaggart

Good luck!


Best of luck, Connor. Be safe!!

Al DeMatos
Gillian Charters


Maria Decker
Nirusha Rupu

Good Luck and Best Wishes

Kenneth Pierce

Have a great ride Connor

Angel McRae-Damato

Pedal to the metal, leave cancer in the dust! Good luck!

Karoly Csigi
Mark Pires

You go Connor!

Noe Norberto
Nate Webber
Jonathan Siegal $25.00
Ari Nikolauo
Patrick Lyons $25.00
Raquel Class

Good luck!

Manuel Faria

Happy to help!

Judith Carr

Good Luck Connor!!!!!

Jacqueline Mahan

Good luck Connor!!!

Asheley Buchwalter
Carolyn Junker
Martin/Maryann Dickman
Vanlath Darankione
Slavik Milberg
Emma Erazo
Anita T. Harring

Go Connor go

Sophie Wallace
Juliana Mooney

See you at the finish line!

Brian Boches $25.00
Peter Hoar $40.00
Caroline Melanson $25.00
Richard Jackson $25.00
Nadine Aponte
Julie Rubenstein

Have a great ride!!!!

Kelly Scott
Richard Zeroka

Ride strong!

Maria Macleod $25.00
Andrea Kusiak
Paul Pytlak
Tatyana Keler
Joan Heller $25.00
Michelle Crowell
John Doane
Shawn Mcninch
Nancy Doherty
Arthur Barnett $25.00
Rose Standley
David Stephenson

Best of luck!!

Donna Lemelin

Good luck Connor!!

Patrick Daly
Nanci King $25.00
Jessica Medeiros
Debra and Tim Oman

Good Luck on your journey. In memory of Anne Leete,

Vanessa Kelley
Lynne French $25.00
Debra DeGrenier
Daniel Carlin

Have a safe ride Connor!

Will French


Ann Bamford $25.00
Scott Myers
Bradley Bissell
Richard Chambers $50.00


Joanna donnelly

Best of Luck!

Ric donnelly

Good Luck!

Donna Sequeira $25.00
Tara Cleary $25.00
Michaela McCay $25.00
Jo Broderick


Theodore Rafuse
Janet Spell
Bob Clark

Good luck Connor! Glad to donate for you

Jeanne Commette


John Hartnett $25.00
Nancy Martino

Connor, thank you for riding for such a good cause. Good luck!

Anne and Tim flaherty

Good Luck!!

Lisa Harding

Good Luck Connor

Kelly Stevens
Leah Zambernardi

Best of Luck!

Kathleen Birkeland
Eligio Martinez
Douglas Kent
Lawrence Herman $25.00
coleridge collymore $25.00
Gilbert Norwood $25.00
Emidio Toscano
James Averill

Good luck and don't forget to hydrate!

Phylis McGee

Good Luck Connor

Michelle Mansfield

Good luck, Connor!

Cathleen Curran

Good Luck Connor!

Donna Forbes
Christian Harrington

Good luck Connor!

Daniel Lawrence

Go Connor! Thank you Pan mass for all the good you do.

Catherine Gallagher
Joel Dube

Best of luck!

Lorraine Swett
Donald Perkins $25.00
Kelli Knowlton
george gotsch


Francis Diaz $25.00
Maryellen Ciardiello
George Norton
Michelle Ward
Tom Dean
Dominique Roy


Way to go Connor!

Kirsten Peterson

Thank you for riding!

Andrea Dodge

Great job Connor!!

Carl Joslin

Good Luck!

Lila Frederick
Florence LeClerc

Good Luck!

Lauren Poussard
Alice Arnold

Go Connor!!

Christopher Palazola
Austin Butler

You're soft Connor

Allie Forman $25.00
Bruce Peters $100.00
Brian Conant $25.00
Haley LustPhillips
Gary Moffie

Good luck again this year Connor!

Christine Gray $25.00
Steven Lehar
John Nikolaou

Happy cycling , good luck.

Valerie Rafferty $25.00
Kerrie Mcnulty
Ryan Sullivan $25.00
Jesse Spause


Geoffrey Besse

Best of luck!

Lawrence Dubois $25.00
Tracy Hadden $25.00
Page Forster
Janet Forman

Great cause Connor Good luck

William Piotrowski
Linda Piotrowski
Bonnie Michalowski
Brant Binns $25.00


Don Martin $25.00
Don Bumiller
Ronald Crowe
Scott Gambale
Gail Lynch

In honor of Bob Clancy who participated proudly many times in the Pan Am Challenge - and now can't.

Brett Larson $25.00
Linda Snook

Good Luck!

Danielle DOUGAN

What an amazing cause, go get 'em!

Meg Kelley
Norma York
Andrey Keller
jesse robbins $25.00
Joe Cacciatore
Cameron Mann
Paul Narbonne
Christopher LeBlanc

Thanks for all your efforts in the fight against Cancer. Good luck with the ride! Christopher LeBlanc Heather L. LeBlanc




Steve Knight $25.00
Joe Schulte

Hey your soft

Heather Godin

All the best wishes for a smooth ride!

Cam Banwell $25.00
Ellen Jamroz
Ryan Ferriter

Your really that soft?

Mathz & Nancy Olsson

Good Luck Connor!

Richard Kelley

Connor, When you get to mile 77 - think of me!! and then continue on

Joseph Deleo

Good Luck !!

Lauren Delano $25.00
Robert Millerick

Good luck and thanks for riding for this great cause!

Ashley Haynes
Lauren Holbrook
Ian McCracken
Justin Marrs

You still soft



Best of luck Connor

Michelle Kenyon

Good luck Connor!

Jennier Pasquarelli

good luck!

John Abate $25.00
James Ethier $25.00
Marykay Eschrich

Good Luck!

Matthew Manning $25.00
William Beckman

Go get 'em!

Anne Cobbett $25.00
Emil Pagliarulo $25.00
Hudson Tomusange
John and Nancy Giamattei
Rita Barry
Raymond Novack $25.00
christie dennesen

Best of luck!

Ron McLean $25.00
Edward Millar $25.00


Jason Li

Connor, thanks for your efforts!

Karen E. Quinn

Best of luck and thanks for your dedication!

Paula O'Kelly

Best of luck!

Martin Fennelly $25.00
ken hashemi $25.00
Kevin Gabel $25.00
Dianne Kohlhofer $25.00
Cameron Rogers
Frances Thibeault

Good luck!

Kyle Bamford $25.00
Bryan Church $25.00
lillian sarcione

Best of luck on your ride!

Nick Rosenberger
Julie Cardinale
michael nolan $25.00

My History

2019 $11,768.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2018 $10,390.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)