My Supporters

Quintin Beckett
Valda Schreiber
Ann Walker

Connor, Thank you for supporting The Pan-Mass challenge. Ann and Craig Walker

edward goldstein $25.00
Richard Birarelli
Paul Lanzikos $50.00
Keith Weston

Thank you Connor for your effort on behalf of cancer research.

James Boyd $25.00
Brian Deschenes $25.00
Kristine Leblanc

Good Luck!

Eric Rosenberger

Good Luck, Connor!

Richard & Jo-Ann Tilton
Marion Mooney
Donald Harrison

Keep up the good work and God bless everyone of the riders

Flavia Desouza-Kuchenny
Sara Reppucci $25.00
Dean Jennings $30.00
Brian Reynolds $35.00
Cheryl Kelley

Hi Connor, What a great way to help out. This donation is from Joseph Pettipas. I am his fiance Cheryl. Wishing you a safe and memorable Holiday Season

Christina Frei
Jordan Fraczek

Good luck and thanks for riding!

Andrew Lattof
Andrew DeFranza

Good job Connor! Thanks for riding.

William Anderson Jr


Sharon Way

Best of luck with your race.

Dylan Vecchione
Antonio Valdivieso
Andrew Olsson
Rose Standley
Skyler Crean
Jack Card
Michele Cronin $25.00
Patricia Murphy
Jesus Martinez
Brett Battistelli $25.00
Zachary Sequeira
Maryellen Fullerton

good luck

Sylvianne Kaufman $25.00
Michelle Foss-Zampino
David Greenberg
Miranda Cautillo $25.00
Rachel Martin $50.00
Lauren Martin $50.00
Sydney Balboni
Tom Maynard
Nicole Brungo $25.00
Kristin Bucci

Good Luck Connor

Robert Clocher $25.00
Angela Curcuru
Bartholomew Antista
Martha Gavin
Sara Murphy
Emma Whall $25.00
Janet Eldridge $25.00
Tony Walsh

Why you so soft

Scott Sheehan $25.00
Scott Chouinard
Clara Duplessis-Stepner
Chris Carlsen $25.00
Marc Verrette
Judy DiRubio

I wanted you to make Heavy Hitter! So here you go! CONGRATULATIONS!

Chris Mooney
Bruce and Louise Netten
Peter Hoar


Matthew Turski
Gianna Stillman
Marie Robledo $25.00
Mara Hale $25.00
Kaweesi Marvin $25.00
Gabby Queenan $50.00
Christopher Connors

Good Luck Connor! From: The Connors Family

Alexandra Dodge

Great cause!

Paul Boretti $40.00
Kenneth Pierce $50.00
Gloria RABIDEAU $25.00
Page Ploof
Edel Quinn

Good Luck!

Philippe Berthoud $25.00


Katie Bostridge

Your soft

Christopher French

Soooooo soft

Patricia Heath $25.00
Valerie Santorella

Good luck!

Kendra Williams $25.00
Sophia Kelley
Theodora Kalfopoulos

Thank you for the run!

George Berry
Roger Houle


Craig Currie

Have fun and good luck.

Deborah Pazdziorny $25.00
Molly Merluzzi


Thanks for your ride for PMC. Dick & Carol

David O'Shea
Richard Adler $25.00
Richard Roccio $25.00
Judith McCormack $50.00
Stacy Alexander $50.00
Victor Garber $25.00
Richard Pierce $30.00
Richard Pierce $25.00
Dustin Leclair
Matt Pritika
Sigmund Katz $25.00


Jill Blanchette $25.00
Derek West


You soft

Scott Eckmann

Good luck on the ride. Thanks for riding.

Carol Stacey $25.00
Paige Nichols
James Collins $25.00
Allison DeMatos
Markesha Jordan $25.00
Nate Webber
Judith Hebert
Wendy Cahill $25.00
Arthur Sarcione $25.00
Sufang McCaffrey
Rachel McAlpine $50.00
Julie Rubenstein $25.00
Vladimir Gomez $25.00
Liz & Ed Cahill

Good Luck Connor!!! From Aunt Liz, Uncle Ed and Liam

Christina Cipriani




It's not about the ride, but where the journey takes you! Let's find a cure and kick Cancer out of here!

judith tanzella $25.00
Jim Neumann
Steve Adoniou $25.00
Judith Carr

Good Luck Connor!!!!

Judith Bozarth $25.00
Kevin Gabel $25.00
Bill Peros $25.00
Nicholas Filias $25.00
Matthew Taylor

Thanks for your help. Good luck!

Jeff Way

Great job and thank you to all riders!!!

Gillian Charters
dana wood

Good Luck Conner!

Kerry and Dave Rafter
Michael McPartland
David Antonuk $25.00
Michelle Kandilou
Stacy Adams $25.00
Christopher White

For a great cause best of luck !

Bob Greenwald

Good luck!

Kelly Scott

I'm so proud of you!!!!

Jared Paris

Good luck !

Brian Anderson
Dominic Abate $25.00
Michael Manning

Good luck Connor!

Olga Hiltonen
Skylier Tirrell $25.00
Julie Sharkey $25.00
Adam Kent $25.00
Stephen Mcwhirter
William Gobeille
Christine Gray $25.00
Natalie Hall
Geraldine Overberg

Have a great ride.

Sheila Gabel $25.00
Emily Doyle

Good luck

Jessica Medeiros $50.00
Wayne Savageau $40.00
Peter von Zweck
Tema LANZIKOS $25.00
George Heller $25.00
Judith Lincicum $30.00
Maria Decker
Lynda Casey
Tara Cleary

Good luck!

Matina Georgakis

Good Luck! Thank You!


Amanda Goncalves $25.00
James Carr

Connor: Thank you for all your time and effort involved to make a difference in the lives of many!! Great job!

Sharlyne Woodbury

Good luck!

Beti Sali $25.00
Bradley Bissell
Mark Pires
Janet Spell

Good luck on your ride.

Austin Butler


david finberg $25.00
Martin/Maryann Dickman

Best wishes for a smooth ride!

Richard Chambers $25.00
Dan Lawrence

Good Luck Connor!



Kelly Morrissey

Best of luck on your ride

Jacqueline and Bill Hatch $100.00
Lorraine Swett
Tom Keeley
Gail Lynch $25.00
Jonathan Siegal $25.00
Brett Larson

Heard you were soft

Jolaine Johnson

Thank you for riding for cancer research! You are helping to save lives.

David and Arthur Barnett

Have a great ride!!

Noah Convicer $25.00
Jacqueline Mahan $25.00
Isabel S. McMorrow

Hi Connor, Good luck.

Blake Jalbert-Sullivan


Gilbert Norwood
Geraldine Cruickshank
Peter Hoar $35.00
Susan McGinnity

Thank you and Good Luck!

Richard Mooney
Esta Woods $25.00
Daniel Macneil
Richard Kershaw $25.00
Alan Smes

Thank you for riding!

Patrick Lyons

Good luck!

Stan Hilton

Connor, Best of luck to you on the 200 mile ride!

Ryan Ferriter

I heard you were soft.

John Kenney

Good luck Connor. Enjoy an unforgettable ride across the Bay State for a great cause.

Yvonne Graham
Nick Tzortzis
Maura Gotsch $50.00
Mildred Singleton $25.00
Lisa Harding

Good Luck !

Daniel Carlin

Wishing you the a safe ride for a great cause.

Kevin Pazdziorny
Kortni Violette $25.00
Felicia Waldron

Good Luck Connor! Thank you for riding.

Donna Lemelin
Carl Joslin

You got this!!

Julie Nelson $25.00
Josh Snook $25.00
Debra Ingemi
Richard Roccio $25.00
Dominique Roy $25.00


Lawrence Herman $25.00
Nischay Grewal

Good Luck!

Adetutu Osun

Donation from adetutu osun

Robert Pellegrini $25.00
Nancy Martino

Good luck Connor! Thank you for riding.

Bonnie Michalowski $25.00
Douglas Kent $25.00
Paul Pytlak

Good Luck,peddle like you mean it.

Christian Harrington

Good luck Connor!

Jesse Spause
Paul Mulry $25.00
anne Mallon $25.00
Bruce Peters
Linda Piotrowski
robin rogers

a sterling insurance policy holder, Tina DiPaolo referred you as a rider good luck

Anne Flaherty

Good Luck Connor!

Lila Frederick $25.00
Tina DiPaolo

Good Luck! You got this 1 mile at a time!!!!

hilary newman $25.00
Linda Snook

Thank you for Riding for Cancer!



Brian Conant $25.00
Aphrodite Nikolaou $25.00
Kathryn Bradford

Have fun on the ride Connor! Good for you!



Stop begging for my money. Your insurance is a scam. Yeah there, I said it. P.S. Portrait mode pics are in, v trendy of you.

Page Forster $50.00
Bonnie Mitchell $25.00
John Cassola $25.00
Deborah Comeau
Nanci King $25.00
Kathleen Powers

Good Luck!

Mary Ellen Griffin

You are riding for such a Great Cause. Dana Farber was so good to my Mom years ago. Pan-Mass Challenge has a special place in my heart along with Dana Farber. I will be praying for you.

Rhonda Gagnon $25.00
Jacquelyn Fix
Emil Pagliarulo $25.00
Anne Cobbett $25.00
Chris Ives
Mathz & Nancy Olsson

Good Luck Connor!

Kirsten Peterson

Very cool that you do this!

Lawrene DuBois
Nancy and Tim Stehfest

Stay stronge Connor and thanks for riding !

Andrea Dodge

Go Coonor!

Steve Knight

Thanks Connor, this is a great cause.

richard birarelli $25.00
Joseph Deleo $25.00
Heather LeBlanc $25.00
Cameron Rogers $25.00
Alice Arnold $25.00
Will French
Kevin Gabel $25.00
Stefan Tsiplakis

Good luck!

randy jalette
Julin Meta
Nancy Filias

Good Luck, Connor!

Justin Marrs

Good Luck!!!

Lauren Delano $25.00
Letitia Manning $25.00
Marykay Eschrich $25.00
Robert Millerick

Best of luck on your 1st ride Connor!

Casey cormier $25.00
Keith Mcevoy $25.00
Jerry Parisella

Good luck Connor

Don Martin

Good Luck!

Doreen Swadel
Gary Moffie

Good luck Connor!

John and Nancy Giamattei $25.00
Frank Latusky $25.00
Richard Kelley

Good luck!

Jason Li
Amy Tissera
ann walker

Connor Mooney, Good luck and PMC is the best!

Michelle Nigro

Way to go Connor!

Christopher Mooney

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2018 $10,005.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)