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Cathleen Curran

Good Luck Connor!

Connor Mooney
Maria Salzillo

Good Luck!!

Gina Liato

Thanks for your help!

mary roy

Thank you for supporting treatment for cancer.

Fern Madden
Douglas Kent $25.00
Lily Dyer $25.00
Christopher Palazola $25.00
Perry Jalbert $25.00
Lauren Holbrook $25.00
Joel Dube $25.00
Kathleen Connolly $25.00
Colleen Gabel $25.00
Tracy Hadden $25.00
Linda Snook

Good Luck!!

Lawrence Dubois $25.00
Bruce Peters $200.00
Rebecca Slatkin
Lyle Coons
Rachel Hollingsworth

Best of luck!

Brant Binns $50.00
Michela Vawter
Meg Kelley
Lauren Poussard
Richard Decker

Thank you for your good works.

Geoffrey Besse

Good luck! May the wind be behind you!

William Piotrowski
Richard Freyman
Ian McCracken
Allie Forman $25.00
Gail Lynch

Good luck!

Janet Forman $25.00
andrea dodge

Good luck Connor!!!

Carl Joslin

good luck!

Brenda Currier

Good Luck!

lillian sarcione $25.00
Tony Grifoni
Carissa Reynolds
melissa fraczek


Shayna Valentin
Joe Schulte
Brett Larson
Meghan Decie

Good luck!

Kevin Pazdziorny $25.00
Brian Conant
Gene Rodriguez $25.00
Thomas Dean
John Walsh
Christine Gray $25.00
Peter Cricones


Olga Diaz
Gary Moffie

Good luck again Connor!

Ryan Ferriter

You're soft

Martin Fennelly $25.00
Leo Yaffa

Best cycling wishes... thanks for taking on the challenge.

Valerie Rafferty $25.00
Joshua Bourque

Good Luck!



Amy Tissera
Richard Kelley

Good luck Connor!!!!

Jennifer Celley
Ashley Haynes $25.00
Donald Bumiller

Good Luck, Connor!!

Marion Mooney
Zachary Griffin $25.00
Simon Checksfield $25.00
Alan Temkin

Great man and a great cause. So happy to support you!!

James Ethier $25.00
John and Nancy Giamattei
Jim Parisella

Great cause, Thanks for riding. Bone

Dennis Mattei $25.00
Sarah Mitchell
Jeffrey Legere
Samuel Legere $25.00
Christopher LeBlanc

Kick Cancer's ASS! Thank you.

Scott Gambale
Cam Mann
Diane Reppucci
Raymond Novack $25.00
Jennifer Decie-Scott
Robert Millerick

Best of luck Connor!

Justin Marrs

Hey Connor, you're soft

Andrew Eriksen
Amanda Pizzi $25.00
Michelle Kenyon

Way to go!

Michael Patalano $25.00
Greg Walker

Good Luck!

Dave Knight $25.00
Jessica Farmer $25.00
Steve Cleary
Todd Durocher
Meghan Hilton $25.00
Elaine Leclerc

He’s of luck in supporting this cause!

Mathz & Nancy Olsson

Great Job Connor!

Albana Meta
Patricia Abate $25.00
John Abate $25.00
William & Kate Rockett
Paula O'Kelly

Good luck Connor!

Cameron Rogers
Joe Alexander $25.00
Walter Cotting

Sterling Insurance Client

Douglas Crowley

Good Luck!

Ameta Meta $25.00
Donald Harrison $25.00
Scott Jalbert

Nice Work Connor!

Grace Egan
Janet Egan
Kayla Asaro $25.00
christie dennesen $25.00
Hayley Oman $25.00
Eric Sidmore $25.00
Emil Pagliarulo $25.00
Anne Cobbett $25.00
Michelle Bouchard
Michael McPartland

My History

2020 $4,122.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2019 $12,293.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2018 $10,390.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)