My Supporters

Thomas Besse
Steven Lehar

You GO girl!

Michelle Foss-Zampino

Thank you Connor for riding in the Pan-Mass Challenge! Your efforts are helping in the fight against cancer.

Valerie Santorella

Good luck Connor! Have a great ride!


Paige Nichols
Pamela Abrams

Thank you for riding in the PMC Connor. The number 36 is significant because it reflects “Double Chai” which is the number 18, which in turn means Life. “L’Chaim” means a toast to Life.

Patricia Heath
Lisa Michele Keenan $25.00


Thank you for riding. The Ewers

Carol Stacey $25.00
Patricia Hewitt
Michael & Karen Parr

Hi Connor, Thank you for riding & helping to raise money for Dana Farber. I lost my Mom last year to cancer (she battled 3 different types of cancer in her life) and Karen has lost a brother & siste

Luke Delaney $50.00
Ben Rossi $50.00
Anthony Manfre $25.00
Stephen Indge
Richard Adler

Good luck!

John Abate $25.00
Ronald Novello
Jennifer Inglis
George Harrington $50.00
Peter Patuto
Joelle Ryan $25.00
David Antonuk
Melissa Bettencourt $25.00
Alexis Omorose $25.00
David Downey
Michael Parisella $25.00
Anthony Linares $25.00
Alice Miller
George Berube

Happy riding Connor!

Kevin Weaver $25.00
Marie Thibault $25.00
Richard Brandt

Hope you have a great and safe ride!

Chris Gonzalez


Good luck

Arthur McLeod
Cheryl Dufour

Good Luck!

Nancy Uribe $25.00
Jared Paris
Judith Bockman
Declan Alexander
Kyla Alexander
Judith McCormack
Alex Conant

Good luck Connor!

Judith Bozarth
Jonathan Bulpett

Good Luck!

Brittney Warren
Chloe Downey

Good Luck!

The Lesinski Family

Congratulations, Conner!


Good luck!

Jonathan Decker $25.00
Elizabeth Hale
Reese Lundrigan

On behalf of my grandfather.

Liz & Ed Cahill

Good luck Connor!!!

Christine Gray $25.00
Julia Griffin-Terner

Thank you Connor. Good Luck on your ride!

Lisa Burns

Hope you have a fabulous ride!

Claudio Schutz

Go Connor!

Kenneth Pierce
Von Johnson

Good luck

judith tanzella

Thank you!

Judith Lincicum

Good Luck

Tina DiPaolo

You got this Connor!!!

Noah Maciewicz $25.00
jen coles


Matthew Pritika $50.00
Michael Manning

Good luck Connor. Another year riding for a great cause.

John Hartnett $25.00
Sylvia Burger

Good luck on your journey!!

Paula Picardy $25.00
Oleg Milberg $25.00
Matthew Turski $25.00
Craig Currie $25.00
William Peros

Connor, thanks again for riding the PMC. Happy Trails.

Leah Jones

Thank you for riding!! <3


Tear it up, Connor!

Andrew McGilvary
Patrick McCaffrey
Rudra Gurung $25.00
Steve Adoniou $25.00
Blake Sullivan
Stephanie Moio
Tom Kim $25.00
Jordan Fraczek

Good Luck!

Thomas Mercier $25.00
Mark Pires

Good Luck Connor.

Brenda Connors

Good Luck

Richard Mooney

Good luck Connor! Great cause and very proud of you! Dad

Gillian Charters

Good Luck!

Kathleen MacMannis $25.00
James Carr

Good Luck, Connor, in your ride and efforts to fight cancer!

Casey Deschamps

Good Luck!

Viktor Harlov
Maria Decker
Catherine Bachini
Shirley Bachini
Craig Whittington $30.00
Anita T. Harring

Fun and safe riding!

Tanika Mimms
Brian Boches

Good Luck!

Silas Barton $50.00
Sanford Freiberg
Lindsay Manning
Neal Packard
Angel McRae-Damato

Good Luck!!

Matina Georgakis

Good luck Connor! Thank you for caring.

Susan Yescalis $50.00
John Pond

Have a Great fast ride Connor! Pedals to the metal.

David Stephenson

Go get em Connor!

Susan Marcucci $25.00
Jacqueline Mahan

Good Luck Connor!!!

Ryan Lally
Raymond Tilton

Go Connor! Ray & Sally Tilton

Kristine Leblanc $50.00
Martin/Maryann Dickman

Thank you, Connor, for "going the extra mile"... and then some!


Leah Zambernardi

Way to go Connor!

Anna Carr

Rockstar alert!!!!!!!

Kelley Conway $25.00
Agnaldo Costa

Good Luck!

Kyle Pratt $50.00
Julie Sharkey $25.00
Eileen Barrett

Good Luck!

Paula Barrett
Danielle DOUGAN

Thanks for riding for this important cause!

Lisa Jones

I am a client of your agency. My brother was treated at Dana Farber and received very good care. Thank you for raising money for a great cause. Lisa Jones

Richard Chambers

Good Luck Connor!

Susan Channell

Good Luck!

Michael Cacete
Bob Clark

Good luck Connor and have a great day !

Edward Dean
Donald MacTaggart

Have a great ride!

Linda Spanos
Josh Snook $50.00
Josh Smith
Caroline Melanson $25.00
Denise Raimo

Thank you for riding for a very important cause. I am donating in honor of Maureen Stanton "The Countess"

Dylan Mann
Juliana Mooney

You are amazing!! Happy birthday.

Nancy Doherty

Best of Luck Connor! Thank you for making a difference!!

Lawrence Herman

Have a great ride!

Alfred Rossi $25.00
Jeff Sarcione $25.00
Julie Nelson
Dudley Nostrand
Donna Lemelin

Thanks for riding again Connor. Good luck!

Lynne French

Thank you

Christine OLeary $25.00
Izzabella Kelly $25.00
Adam Kent
Peter Hoar $50.00
Jeffrey Attridge $25.00
Jessica West

Good Luck!

Adrienne Elso

Have a great ride Connor! Thank you for riding!

Blair Nickerson $50.00
Linda Curtis

Have a great ride!!

Larry Herman

Good luck Connor.

Wayne Maxner
Rick Ponzini
Timmy Birarelli
Nick Tzortzis


Corissa Reynolds

Good luck!

Ari Nikolaou $25.00
Jaemie Fasanello
Shawn McNinch
Linda Theriault $25.00
Miranda Cautillo $50.00
Keira Anderson $50.00
James Averill $50.00
Calvin Reed
Derek Wittkamper

Good Luck!

Gary Moffie

Good luck Connor - I hope you all get to ride this year!

Ariel Jaen-Tejada

Good Luck!

Dominique Roy $50.00
Kate Lawrence
Stephen Curran $50.00
Cathleen Curran $50.00
Hebert John

Connor, best wishes and thank you for your effort to make a difference

Maura Grabowski
Kathleen Birkeland
James and Eileen Herzog
Joseph Trainor

Thank you for all you do!

Meaghan Neenan $25.00
Gilbert Norwood $50.00
Michelle Kandilou
Michelle Kandilou
Brett Battistelli

Good luck!

Lorraine Swett
Al Somes

Have a good ride

Phylis McGee

Good luck Connor

Nancy Martino

Connor, Good Luck on the ride!

Robert Pellegrini

Good Luck Connor!!!

Douglas Kent
Kathleen Connolly
Phylis McGee

Good luck Connor!

James Ryan $50.00
Jagdish Rana $25.00
Samuel Legere
Linda Piotrowski $25.00
Stacy Alexander

Good luck! Thank you for riding in honor of all of our loved ones that have been touched by cancer.

Christopher Palazola
catherine gallagher
Anaiis Straw
Jason Straw
Daniel Dumond $50.00
Andrey Keller
Chris Ives $25.00
Brenda Currier $25.00
lillian sarcione $25.00
Dan Hegarty
Janice and Michael Nelligan

All the Best for a great ride!

Martin Scrivener

Good luck!

Steve & Amy Atherton $50.00
John Doane

Best wishes during your ride. John And Christine Doane

Lee Drinkwater $25.00
Michelle Crowell $25.00
Heather Godin

Best wishes for beautiful weather on your ride!

Louisa Marcotte
Aphrodite Nikolaou

Good Luck!

Samuel Nordberg $25.00
Kristina Stevens $50.00
Matthew Madden $25.00
Lauren Poussard
Kerrie McNulty

Good luck!

Lawrence Dubois $50.00
Janice Rink
Geoffrey Besse
Amy Rodier

Good Luck!

Gail Lynch

Happy to support you again. Happy biking.

Brian Conant $25.00
Rhonda Gagnon $25.00
Lauren Altshuler Irvine
Julie Janowicz

Hi, I'm a "Sterling" sponsor.

John Gavin
Carl Joslin

Good luck Connor!

Christopher LeBlanc
Ryan Ferriter
Jayne Millerick

Good luck Connor!

Mathz & Nancy Olsson
Tracy Hadden

Good luck

Richard Decker $25.00
Margaret Decie
Matthew Manning
David Stephenson

Go get 'em Connor!

Richard Kelley

Good luck, Connor!

Don Martin

Good luck Connor!

Christine Gray
Luc Messier
Michelle Kenyon $25.00
Steven Knight $50.00
Martin Fennelly

Good Luck Connor!

Jennifer Decie-Scott $25.00
Marie Fortuna
Amanda Pizzi $50.00
Anthony Grifoni

Good Luck!

marc levesque $25.00
Nancy Giamattei
Anastasia Quinn-Mavredakis $25.00
Edward Millar

Good morning, Connor. I hope your ride will be as successful as your previous ones.

Caitlin Chandler
Zachary Griffin $50.00
Sarah Mitchell

Connor, Have a great ride; it truly is for a great cause.

Meghan Hilton $25.00
Lisa Maki $25.00
Dianne Kohlhofer
christie dennesen

Best of luck!

Dave Knight

Good luck Connor!

Kate Rockett
Virginia Coburn $25.00
Diane Reppucci
Johnny Galui $25.00
Doug Hatch
Nicholas Rosenberger
Julie Cardinale
Vanessa Dannenberg $50.00
Anne Cobbett

Good luck to you, and, if possible, I'd like to have this applied as a tribute to Joanne Bachman Pantapas of Peabody, MA. Joanne was a patient at Dana-Farber, and she passed away on Sunday. Jan. 17.

Cameron Rogers $25.00
Patricia Abate
John Abate
Paula Filias

Go Connor! Thank you for doing the ride.

William O'Brien

Good luck Connor! Thanks for riding in this important event

Kelly Fuller

Thanks for doing this Connor. You’re the best!

Clinton Hatch

Good Luck!

Tory Weigand

Good Luck!


My History

2021 $12,221.00 Wellesley Century
  $1,410.09 PMC Winter Cycle
2020 $13,207.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2019 $12,293.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2018 $10,390.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)