My Supporters

Jon Dick

Let’s go Chandog!!!

Christopher Messing
Ann-Marie White

Good luck Channing!!!

Elizabeth Malgari

Good luck and thank you for doing this!

Mo & Amanda Glynn
Sandra Ferrer

Go make us proud. Don't forget the energy drink. Lots of love

Michael Sheehan

Great cause, good luck Channing!

Nik Andersson

Better bring home the yellow jersey!

todd lieb

Go get ‘em big boy. Too much cancer around. Happy to support your efforts.

wayne fischer

Good luck and wish you the best.

George Ehrhorn

Great work Channing. Hope you have a great ride!

Sasha & Matt Gill

GOOOOO Channing!!

Steve and Cathrine Kiernan
Aly & Ryan Oswald

Channing, thank you for doing this. If you need inspiration on any tough hills, we hope you will keep Ryan's sister, Kelly, who is halfway through her chemo treatments, in mind as you ride.

Brian Berg

Ride like the wind.

David McDonough

Good luck Channing!

Jason Winger $30.00
Nicholas Daniel-Richards

Never met you Channing, however, thank you on riding for such a great cause. Have a great ride :)

Mike Alfano $100.00
Ted Harro
Stephen Van Schoyck

Happy to support you. Say hi to Amy and the kids...

Steve and Galit Schamberg
Emily Wood $100.00
Kevin Grimes $100.00
Ingrid & Chris Culp $250.00
Christopher Ferrer

Great cause

Paul Krause
Kevin Mason

Great work!

Kimberly Fischer

Way to go Team HubSpot!!!


My History

2019 $3,710.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)
2016 $0.00 PMC