My Supporters

Ryan Brennan $50.00


on behalf of towne stove + spirits

Cynthia Roach

So proud that you are doing this.

Callan B

Cash donations from trivia night at Towne.



Good luck getting your bike back and in the race.



Hope you get your bike back!! XX @eastiestrong

Matt Gray

Happy biking! Poop

Ran Cronin

Good luck, Callan, such a great cause!

Esme Green

Ride on, sister!

Lauren Stara $100.00
Demetri Kyriakis

Good luck Callan!!!!

Tiel Reardon

Go Callan! :)

Linda Piper

Love you tons of bunches.

Peter Struzziero $50.00
Paul J Kissman

Normally, I support Gregor, who I expect will not be riding this year. So you will have to pontificate about disaster preparedness and SAA and NEH grants while riding. Say hello to Wellfleet for me.

Christopher Ruston

Great cause Callie. Hope you have a safe ride.

Tim Silva

Callan, what a fantastic tribute! Kudos to you for taking this on. Let me know when you want to come out to Central MA and train on some hills! I can't wait to hear how the ride goes!

shirley okoniewski

Such a wonderful cause. Best of luck to all reaching your goals!.

Kim Thomas $25.00
Matt Schmidt


Good luck! Thank you for doing the PMC.

Clayton Cheever

Have a great ride!

Bryan Race

You're doing cool shit, dude. Glad to support. Hope you're doing well and are happy.

Justin Kane

Ride on, right on.

April & Brian Mazza Sway

What an amazing tribute to your friend & mentor! XO



Go, Callan, go!


My History

2018 $3,235.00 Sturbridge to Family Finish at Ptown (2-Day)