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Douglas Saphire
Andrew Kawa
Jeffrey & Lisa Klein

Congratulations Craig! Great job!

Lawrence Freedman

Another one in the books! Kol Hakavod.



Thank you for you time, commitment and passion - mike and ali

Michael Berkson

So proud of you, and so glad I got to be there to watch you ride this weekend!

Judith Levine

Happy to support this fantastic cause!! Love, Judy,Rob,Adam & Hannah

Mary Kirson
Alan and Judi Fanger

Thanks for all you do---you are genuine heroes in the battle against cancer. Have a great and safe ride!!

Neil Silverston
Elkins Family

Have a great ride, Craig - thank you for continually raising funds for cancer research!

Ken Hickey

Good Luck Craig! Ken & Meryl

Debra pritzker
John and Lauren Binder
Connie Dimeo

Best of luck Craig!!!

Tim Kounadis
Phyllis London

riding with you to victory!! Phyllis and Bram London

Jeffrey & Carol Clopper
Jeannine Bell $50.00
Amy & David Robbins
Eileen, Amy & Rick Davis

Thanks for doing the ride for you and all others affected by the terrible disease

Jeff Miller
Marilyn and Harvey Spencer

Craig, we are so very, very proud of you !! Wishing you an easy ride !! Love, Marilyn and Harvey

Emily London

Sad I can't be there to cheer you on this year, but I'll be thinking of you! Thank you for all you do for such an important cause. Enjoy the ride!

Larry Rosenkranz

Good Luck, Craig !

Linda Bentley
David Green

Judy and I are continually inspired by your courage and accomplishments, Craig. Keep on pedalin'

Cathy Hughes
Herrman Family $275.00
Beth Feltus

Good Luck, Craig!

Phyllis Flaks

Best wishes. We're riding with you in spirit!

Ted & Susan Nesson
Judith Finn

Have a great ride, Craig! We'll be thinking of you! Judy and Gavin

Deb Kardon-Schwartz

So impressed with all you do!

Terri Ziskind
carol scranton

Craig, Have a great ride! Happy to be contributing again to this wonderful organization!

Lorraine Minor
Sharon Ginsberg

Craig you continue to inspire us. Wishing you a great ride! Happy to contribute to this amazing organization

Diane London

Hi Craig. We're so proud of your unfailing yearly commitment to PMC. Your survivorship is inspirational. Have a fantastic ride!!!!

Marvin Clopper
David Ortmeyer
Victoria Felson

Donating in honor of you, Craig, a daily inspiration and in memory of Seth, my beshert. Best wishes on a safe and successful ride. Wishing you continued health.

Lisa Cole

Thanks for helping to support this worthwhile cause! Good luck! My company will follow up with a matching donation.

Civianne & Eric Bloch
Jeremy Schwartz

Go, Craig! Go, research!

Gail Schulman
Sheri Barnett
Theresa Strader

We're so very happy to contribute to such a great cause and support such a great person and family. Always - Ted and Terry

Herschel Clopper

Proud of your continuing positive attitude and dedication to help the Pan-Mass Challenge succeed in its goals.

Sharoon Krebs

Go Craig! So glad to know you are doing well though the fight never ends. You're an inspiration to so many!!

Todd Sheldon
Frederick Kraus
Anthony Mistretta

Good Luck, Craig - A hero now for 12 years!

Kathrine Waters

Good luck on your ride! I'm very glad you're doing well.

Bennett Freeman
Eric & Marci Taylor
Richard Reed

Always happy to support you and more cancer research! Best to you on your ride!

Lisa Ranieri

You Rock Craig!

Alarice Lonergan

You continue to be an inspiration Craig! Keep on riding and doing what you love!

Robert and Lisa Cohen

Thanks for doing this. Here's to a safe ride!!!!

Stewart Pruslin

This has extra meaning for us this year so thanks as always for doing it!

Phyllis London

With you all the way.You are an inspiration to all of us.

David Jacobson

Good luck Craig!

Rick Gansler
Stefanie Heiter

Craig, you are an inspiration. Keep fighting!


Way to go, Craig -- you continue to inspire us all!

Susan L. Tananbaum

Thank you for supporting this great event - Thrilled to hear of the good health report. I too am grateful to have benefited from all the fantastic research at Dana Farber!

Kathlynn Sell

You are endlessly inspiring, Craig!

Daniela Kogan
Donna Moy-Bruno

Craig - so happy to know you are feeling good and riding again this year! :) You are in inspiration! Best wishes -Donna



Craig you are an INSPIRATION!!

Eric Adelman

Good Luk this year, Craig!!

Brittany Schneider
Peter Rubinger

Good luck to all you courageous, giving, supportive riders!

Neil Cohen

Good luck!

Karen and Mark Wolfson
David Schwartz $100.00

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