My Supporters

Kathy Drake

Good luck Ben!

Joshua Ruman

Have a great ride Ben. I hope the bike takes you on a swift and fun ride!!!

Jeff Pike $100.00
Doreen & Todd Norley

Good Luck Ben!

Richard Damron

Awesome story of Matt and his perseverance! Best wishes on your ride Ben!

Zachary Murnane

Happy birthday, Benny boy! Glad to hear you've matured into a sport that requires spandex as a core piece of equipment. -Z

Rob Miller

Ride, Benny, ride!!! Good luck out there, buddy.

Brian Sandelovsky

Good luck brother. Try taking off the training wheels towards the end and see if you can make it

Jerry Dunn
Mark and Helene Tatkow

Ben, we love you very much and, as always, applaud your thoughfulness. Looking forward to 'training with you' over the next few weeks. Love, Mom & Dad.

James Parker $100.00
Michael Zigler

Go Dolphins!

Jillian Freeman
Jennifer Voisine

Best of luck Ben!!

Elizabeth Condosta

Good luck, Ben!!

Joe Cauteruccio $100.00
Mary Jane Martis

Good luck Ben!! Will be routing for you!

Tom Hall

Good luck man!


You should have just bought a Peloton!!!! Best to you training and on race day!

Roland Bauer

Good Luck! Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Mike Crocker

Nice work Ben. Good Luck!!


We are quite moved by this incredible and worthy effort, Ben! We love you! -Ann and Eddie Mallen

Michael Quigley

Good luck Ben! Great cause, happy to contribute.

Drew Siminerio

Good luck Ben! Just a tip from someone who didn’t listen when he was told this...good bike seats are worth the money!

Sara Leung

Don't forget to unclip

Justin Feldman
Christy Zigler

We love you so much Ben!!! Kick butt out there (and wear your helmet). :)

Jared Nicholson

Da Booty Taw's Booty is gonna be BURNING at the end of this excursion!!! ;-)

Michael Reich

Benny T!!!!

Brigit McDermott
Michelle and Brad Koenig
Mike DiMaggio
Jeff Goodman
Betsy Sinnigen

We are proud of you Ben, that you are taking on this challenge! I hope you have a lot of fun along the way.

Michael & Amanda Capizzi

Best of luck, Benny T! The buzz is if you shave the legs you will avoid prospective road rash. You are going to crush it! Love, Mike and Amanda

Carolyn Frazier
Devon Manfredonia

Enjoy the Scenic Ride!

Stephanie Spencer

You're going to crush it! Good Luck! Naps & Brycen

Brian Donahue

Let those quads munch

Victoria Ottuso
Todd Norley

ride Benny, ride!

Matthew Sullivan
Dana McNally
Dana Lampert

Well done!

Christopher Martini

giddy up

Christine Heerwagen
Nathan Miller
Jennifer Lawhorn
Ben Tatkow

Ben - this is a note from future you. You finished...

Matthew Kelsey

Get training!

Joe Cauteruccio $100.00