My Supporters

Lani Riley

Good luck, Brenden!!! Thanks for riding for a great cause!

Lynndee Riley

Brenden, Everyone in the family loves you and especially little Jennifer. Please tell M. not to send me anything, I know she is low on ice cream scented stamps. :)

Sinead Starnes

This is such a wonderful cause I’m happy to support! Cancer has touched so many people’s lives that I love ?? @booksandthebigcities

Bethany Vaughn

My very young family member is currently battling cancer. My hope is that the money raised will help find a cure and keep kids and families from suffering through this horrible illness.

Kevin Riley

Good luck on your ride and great job putting yourself out there for a worthy cause. Kevin & Jen

Joy Johnson

Thank you for being an amazing human. I am happy to donate what I am able for such a good cause. Cancer will be eradicated in our lifetime. joyelizabeth37

Laura Peterson

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate in this amazing event! I’ll be in MA during the ride! @seasidereads

Kim Ambler

Thanks for raising money for such an important cause! Best wishes on the ride. ~ @kim_ambler (via TST)

Liz Speck

Good luck raising money for this great cause! My Instagram handle is @lizbookstagram.

Lauren Woodard

From Lauren @okayinmybook via TST In memory of the courageous cancer patients I worked with during my time as an oncology social worker from 2010-2016.

Emily Meschwitz

@schwitz0 via TST

Daniel Reich $25.00
Candace Hernandez
Jaime Elsey

@absorbedinpages here, via Madeline (TST) - thanks for taking on the challenge and helping fight this dreadful disease. My dad is currently battling stage 4 cancer and so challenge hits close to home.

MaryBeth Lipman

Good luck, Brendan! Your ride gives us all hope for a cure. MaryBeth Lipman In memory of my beautiful sister, Kristen.

Robin Lyons

Best of luck to you! Just another TST fan. ?? Neverenoughbooks4me ??

Ruth Tammany

Best of luck and thank you for riding in support of this important cause and in name of funding research. (@latinabookworm)

Janelle Janson

This is such a worthy cause - thank you for participating! Good luck on your ride! Janelle @shereadswithcats

Carin Poe

Thanks for raising money for cancer research! Good luck on the ride. @poegirlsread

Shannon Langley

@shansationalreads Happy to contribute to an amazing cause and I wish you all the best in your ride!

Dana Trocker

Thanks for riding! This is an amazing achievement and a worthy cause. -- @dtrocker

Renee Cool

What an amazing way to bring awareness & raise money— Thank you! Renee @maman.loves.books

Katie Dvorak

Good luck! - @kmdbookworm

Kimberly Keefe

So happy to donate to a great cause and incredible people. Thanks for sharing Madeleine! IG: @kimberlypkeefe Email: kimberlypkeefe@gmail.com

Amy Bunselmeyer
Martha Adam

Thanks for sharing Madeleine, good luck Brenden! Martha x (@marthaadam_is)

Laura Gardner

Thank you for your commitment to helping find a cure! My mom is over 10 years cancer free now. -@LibrarianMsG

Heather Davis

So glad to help support such a great cause! - @alsbookishadventure

Katharine Scrivener
Katie Snyder

This is a great cause! Best of luck on your ride!

Charlotte Zerna

Both family and friends of mine have been affected by cancer and I'm always happy to support research! Thanks for doing this, Brenden! (@charandbooks)

Maureen Mathews
Guadalupe Magana

I think what your doing is amazing! My husband died of cancer several years ago so I happy to support you!

Meghan Riedstra

What a great thing to do! Good luck on your ride!

RuthAnn Deveney

Thank you for your dedication to this cause! Ride strong!

Donna Hetchler

Thank you for supporting this important cause. I donate in memory of my friend Amy who I lost to breast cancer. Everyone is impacted by this disease. @dhetch

Angie Flegel

@angie.flegz Thank you for what you are doing! All sides of my family have been affected by cancer and events like these do so much for the advancement of research.

Camille Blake

You’re the best, Brenden! Godspeed! Love Camille, Nadav, and Pepper

Rebecca Kinn


Megan Chase

Thank you so much for supporting cancer research! We have a family member currently fighting cancer and so appreciate your efforts!

Madeleine Riley

Love you B!

Donna Ohm

We are proud of you. See you soon


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2018 $4,900.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2017 $5,800.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)