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Brittany Bychkovsky For Cafe Cristina
Mark Awad

Dear Brittany, this is in loving memory of Larissa. I am so heartbroken for your family's loss. May she rest in peace.

Laura baron bellome

Dear Dr. Bychkovsky&Family - My deepest condolences on the passing of your beloved Dr. Lee. I was herpatient-she was brilliant & compassionate. Thank you for letting us help honor her amazing life!

Mikhail Levit

Dear Brittany, This is in memory of the wonderful doctor who treated my wife. My daughter Masha and I happened to ride a part of PMC with you; found out about all the connections later. Mikhail

Magi Swenson

In honor of Dr. Larissa Lee. ??

Glen Owen $100.00
Ada Ramos

In memory of Dr. Lee!

Michael Wilson
Siobhan Creedon
Pamela Hill

In honor of Dr. Larissa Lee. My prayers are with her family.

Phil McKenna

Our sincere condolences to you and your family. Best wishes for tomorrow's ride!

Richard Selbst

Good luck!

Jolivette & Edward Ritzer

All the best with your ride, Brittany! Your love for Larissa will shine through ??????!

Lindsey McDermott

Best wishes on your ride, what a beautiful way to honor your sister.

Pamela Contreras Chavez

You will rock Dr. Bychkovsky! ??????

Joanne Jang
Marybeth Hans

What a wonderful way to honor your sister. My thoughts are with you and your entire family

Jeanie Peery

Thank you for bringing awareness to this challenging disease. I am so sorry for your lost. At times life can be difficult to understand.

Lindsay Kipnis
Joann Joseph

RIP Dr Lee. Thank you for helping to save my life and for always being so caring. I am so sad hearing of your loss to the disease you saved me from. I am so grateful you were my doctor. :*(

Daniela Cuenca-Rico

Dear Dr. Bychkovsky, You are a wonderful sister, I am so proud to work with you, sorry for your loss and good luck in the race.

Laura Azevedo
Peter Orio

Ride well for our sweet Larissa. Although I know your heart is heavy may your legs be light.

Wendy Chen

A wonderful way to honor Larissa

Christina Warinner

Wishing you all the best on your ride and keeping you and Larissa in our thoughts! With love, Tina, Anne & Astrid

Sylvia Hedin

Good luck Brit on your ride. I am saddened to learn of Larissa's death. She had an incredible life and ran the race. May she rest in peace. Abby Hedin (taught with your mom in Stuttgart)

Larissa Nekhlyudov
Toni Choueiri

In honor of Larissa. We are thinking of you and your family.

Nancy Lin

Dear Brittany, Thinking of you and your family in this incredibly difficult time. Your sister's memory will live on in so many ways. Love, Nancy

Dayo F

Thinking of you and your family. Very best wishes on the ride as you honor your sister's legacy.

Yoon Chun
Matthew Caruso
Jennifer Rosenbluth

My condolences to you and your family Brittany

Mei-Ling Smith

I’m so sorry for your loss, Brittany.

Robert Alcarez

Your devotion to your sister and your adventurous spirit to participate in this long bike ride is very admirable. Good luck. I am being treated for colon cancer on my right lung.



I consulted with you at Dana Farber. I lost my sister to pancreatic cancer and I totally feel your pain. I support other riders, but I had to include you. Have a good ride!

Rhonda Grealish

In honor of your sister; thinking of you and your family.

Aaron Dy
Kathy Fiamma

In honor and in memory of your sister Larissa. Thank you for all you do.

Vera Taggart

Ride with honor for Larissa.

Anne Nelson

Sending love and hugs your way. Thank you for doing this in honor of your sister. She will be with you on this ride and always. Lots of Love, The Nelsons

Susan Schumer

Brittany- My heart goes out to you and your family. What an incredible loss. Larissa was a beautiful person and a wonderful physician and colleague.

Guadalupe Martinez

What an incredible way to honor your sister and her legacy.

Joan Silverman
Elise Mann
Rachelle Bernacki

Thinking of you Brittany -- What a great tribute to your sister Larissa.

Miranda Lam
Beth Overmoyer MD

Brittany - my condolences for your loss. Thank you for giving your sister a great legacy.

Joanne Wolfe

In addition to all of her accomplishments, I am so grateful to Larissa who was an impactful member of the Committee for Women Faculty. Wishing you and the entire family solace and healing.

Meagan Wasfy

The love ripple extends via your ride.

Carolynn Ohlson
Laura Lindstrom
Roberta Baldassarre

Larissa was an incredible woman. This effort will continue to honor her and move research forward! Sending lots of love and support to you, Brittany and the family!

rachel silverman
Peggy Hsu

I was so saddened to hear of Larissa's illness and then passing. You and your family are in my thoughts. With much love, Peggy

Alison Schwartz
Ronica Nanda

So saddened to hear of this. She was blessed to have a sister like you. Hugs.

Gita Suneja
Philip Poorvu
Akila Viswanathan
Shannon Offerman

In memory of Larissa

Christine Power

For Larissa and all your family

Kathrine Fleming
Siobhan Creedon

I'm so sorry for your loss Brittany. What a beautiful way to honor your sister's life and work. I will be thinking of you and your family during this difficult time.

Meaghan Dwan

Brittany, I am so very sorry for the loss of your sister. Thinking of you during this difficult time and wishing you all the best on your ride as you honor her.

Mersedeh Rohanizadegan

Dear Brittany, I am deeply sorry for your loss and my heart goes out to you and your family during this difficult time. Mersedeh



Brittany, sending our deepest condolences to you and your family - Sisi and Roza

Jill Stopfer

Brittany - our hearts go out to you and your family. Such a beautiful tribute to your sister, who is seems shined a lot of light, kindness and healing on the world around her - as do you. XXXOOO

Sasha Acosta

My condolences to Dr. Bychkovsky and her family.

Mary O'Driscoll

Brittany, so very sorry for your loss.

Erica Mayer

Ride strong! In honor of your amazing sister, may she be the wind at your back.

Erika Coletti
Allie Hershey

Brittany, in honor and memory of your amazing sister. I am so sorry for your incredible loss

Fiona Dickson

Dear Brittany, I’m so sorry for your loss. - and to Jai, Ethan and Erik. I knew Larissa at Cambridge, she had so much grace and generosity. Not surprising she went on to touch so many people’s lives.

Soumya and Venkata Chotneeru

Our deepest condolences to you and your family.

Tem Bendapudi
Kim Blumenthal $150.00
Mara Schonberg $60.00
Lida Nabati
Jason Ye

Good luck! Donating in honor of Larissa. She was an amazing human being and made a big impression on me when I was a student. I learned from her kindness and will continue the fight against cancer.

Nancy Wei

In honor of your ride for your sister. Thinking of your family.

Margaret Russell
Ada Waks
Elizabeth Gagliardi

Love and support to you and your family. Larissa brought light into this world and that light lives on in you.

Jessica Zerillo
Lauren Buhl

Brittany, I'm so sorry for the loss of your sister. My heart goes out to you and all of her family. -Lauren (Barr) Buhl

Filipa Lynce
Teresa Kim

In honor of Larissa, Brittany, your families, and your mission.

Olga Kantor
KC Atchinson
Michael Bailin
Elizabeth Guancial

In memory of Larissa

Anasuya Gunturi
Matthew Katz $250.00
Itai Pashtan

My deepest condolences to you and your family. Larissa was so beloved and we will all miss her tremendously.

Paul Nguyen
Sheheryar Kabraji
Harry Thomas
Laura Dominici

In honor of your amazing sister. I’m so sorry for your loss.

Caroline Block

Brittany I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for doing this in honor of Larissa.

Meredith Faggen

Dear Brittany, I am so sorry for the loss of your sister. I hope you have an incredible ride in her memory. Meredith

Danielle Margalit

What a wonderful way to honor Larissa. May her uplifting spirit be the wind behind your back, pushing you forward, as you ride!! With love, Dani

Audrey Wang

To honor the spirit and memory of Dr. Larissa Lee. Our hearts go out to you, Brittany! Love, Audrey and Tony

Pierre-Yves McLaughlin
Jonathan Schoenfeld
Rebecca Simmons

With deepest sympathy to Dr Lee's entire family and the friends and colleagues who loved her.

Diana Shi
Julie Schwarz

In honor of Larissa. Thinking of you and your family!

Devarati Mitra

I was 7 months pregnant as a resident on Larissa's service when she dropped off a carload of baby/maternity items one evening. She was always one of kindest people I ever worked with.

Abenezer Tollosa
Kristen Bertone

Larissa and Family~You are forever in our hearts.

Tania Sullivan
Angelina Hawley-Dolan

Sending love from our whole family to yours??

Katelyn Crouse
Robert Cormack
Kent Mouw

Sending love to Larissa, Jai, Erik, and Ethan! - Kent, Brooke, Ellen, & Lucy

Jennifer Pretz

Sending lots of love to Larissa, Jai, and the boys. Thank you Brittany for riding - such an honor.

Alison Levin

Thinking of you all and sending love!

Monica Batchelder
Eric Sheu

Thinking of you and your family -

Emily Neubauer Sugar

Thinking of you, Larissa, and wishing you a great ride, Brittany.

Brian Skotko

Thinking good thoughts for you and Larissa!

Alecia Offiong

Thank you Brittany!! Lots of love and prayers to Larissa!

Sharon Bricker
Ioana Hinshaw

Good luck, thinking of you!

Susan and John Lee
Jona Hattangadi-Gluth

In honor of the phenomenal Dr. Larissa Lee: an amazing physician, scientist, friend, mentor, mother and so much more. Much love to you Larissa and Brittany. Thinking of your beautiful family.

Mary Ayers

In honor of Larissa and her fight with cancer; during pandemic. So sorry. LOL Mary & Steve

Isabella Palazzolo
Allison Taylor

Good luck Brittany! Sending ?? to you Larissa??

Vidyasagar Koduri
Martin King

For Larissa, her incredible family, and gyn cancer. Thanks for doing this Brittany.

Cheri Milligan

Brittany, we are cheering and praying for both you and Larissa. Larissa you were a great roommate and classmate! Cheri & Brian

Alexi Wright

Sending so much love to you Larissa (and Brittany)....

Sara Boyle
Anand Somasundaram
Tian Zhang

Ride strong and safe, Brittany. Thank you for spreading the message for early detection. Sending love and wishing you and Larissa many wonderful memories together.

Erin Melloy
Chris Mellee
Andrew Hinshaw

Best wishes and support.

Colleen Whitehouse

Safe riding and thank you for raising funds for GYN cancers.

Purnima Jain

Ride strong! Our thoughts are with all of you. To continued research, and a cure in the very near future! Purnima and Hitesh Jain

Christopher Williams
Lorraine Drapek
Cindy Hancox


Roxanne Eades

Biking for cancer research, what a wonderful cause. I’ll be thinking of you Brittany, and Larissa, you are always in my thoughts.

Joe Mancias

In honor of Dr. Larissa Lee - I'm sending my love and prayers your way, Larissa.

Douglas Cumming
Rif Rahman
John Phillips
Jennifer Bellon

In honor of Brittany and Larissa.

Caitlyn Smith
Margot Phillips

Sending both of you and your families strength and support.

Nancy Lewis

I have never had the pleasure of meeting you fine young ladies, but I have had the great pleasure of spending time with your parents, so I know a lot about you. God bless your treatments and this ride

Andrea Myers

To two amazing sisters and their commitment to helping people around the world. Pedal hard Brittany— we are there cheering you on.

Julia Wong

Brittany and Larissa, such strength and such a source of inspiration, both of you.

Matthew Caywood
Nils Arvold

You are an inspiration Larissa

Yen-Lin Chen

Dear Larissa, it is an honor to support your life’s work on gynecological cancers. Your courage and kindness will always an inspiration. Lots of love, Yen-Lin

Susan McDuff $250.00
Nimi Tuamokumo

In support of Larissa and her family

Richard Mitchell

For Larissa, Jay, Brittany, and Family. Our thoughts are with you always.

Erica Linden

For Larissa!

Daniel Kramer

Best wishes to you, Larissa, and your family.

Andrea Russo
Diane Filo

Great way Brittany to support your sister!!

Ron Shiloh
Amanda Dimov

What a great way to honor Larissa and her work. I can't wait to see you and your family. Much love!

Cady Hinshaw

Sending lots of love to your family.

Patricia Cunningham

Best wishes in your quest, Brittany, and much love to Larissa, Jai and all the kids. Sam and Patty

Emily Bradley
Kathryn Ruddy
Saria Hassan

Wonderful to have the opportunity to support in honor of Larissa. Thinking of you Larissa and your beautiful family!

Christina Fidkowski

Brittany, best of luck with the ride. You and Larissa will be in my prayers.

Brad Erickson $120.00
Panagiotis Konstantinopoulos
Krishnamurty Kambhampati

You got this Brittany! Thanks for doing this! Wish we were there to ride with you.



Jodeane and Sandy Cancilla/Pickup

Safe ride!

Pat & Enid Cancilla

Good Luck, fly like the wind!

Heather Springer $60.00
Yolanda Tseng

Thank you, Brittany for doing this on behalf of Larissa! Thinking of you and your family.

Betty Krechmer $200.00
Richard Lin

Riding up to the challenge with your courage Larissa, Jai, and Brittany! We all support you through this!

Elizabeth Stover

For Larissa, Brittany, and families! Wishing you all the best!

Michael Hochman

Praying for Larissa!!!

Lee Gehrke
JoAnn Schaller

Blessings from a biker in Idaho to Larissa and her extrordinary family.


Make the World Cancer Free

Jared and Dara Kesselheim

Sending hugs to Larissa and wishing Brittany a great ride!

Rinaa Punglia

For Brittany and Larissa...

Rajeev Malhotra

Thank you for the chance to support this important cause. Sending lots of love and prayers to Larissa.

Nathan Himes

Love and prayers to Larissa.

Vladimir Vinarsky $120.00
Darlene Gabeau

Thanks for the chance to support you and honor Larissa. You got this— ride strong!

Deborah Mitchell
Gina Montion

Good luck on your ride and in Larissa’s kicking cancer’s ass!


Lia Halasz

You are amazing sisters!

Minhaj Siddiqui

Good luck, great cause and wonderful to be able to support in honor of Larissa!

Thomas Harris
Channing Paller
Marika Oliff

Sending lots of love to you and Larissa! Best of luck!


Karla Munoz

Wishing Larissa the best during these hard times.

Shyam Tanguturi

Wishing you and your family lots of love and so awestruck by your strength and courage. <3 Varsha, Shyam, Amiya, and Siyona

Patricia Collins $30.00
Lee Fields

Have a great ride for your sister.



Bruce McGrew
Olivia Hernandez
Stacey Bunk
Elizabeth Kidd

In honor of Larissa

Kelly Mahindra

Prayers for Larissa.

Ronald Chen

in honor of Larissa


Good luck!! Ride strong for Larissa. You and your awesome sister may be miles away but you're in our thoughts. Larissa - you kept me fit when I was 20/21 and I'm sending you lots of strength now ????

Katie Keane
Todd Herrington
Sushil beriwal
Erin Randazzo


In honor of Dr. Larisa Lee and all women physicians battling cancer

Amish Shah

Have a great ride! Thanks for supporting this wonderful cause and please send my love and regards to Larissa, Jai, and the family!

Kara Buss

I always enjoyed working with your sister. She is an incredible physician who’s expertise is widely appreciated and respected. Best of luck to you both!

Zuzana Tothova

Have a great ride! We will be cheering Larissa and you on!

Brooke Howitt
Hannah Roberts

Love this! Good luck on the ride!

Sharron Cirillo

Thank you for bringing more awareness and donating the most precious resource on earth —- your time!! My thoughts are with your sister, who I went to school with.

Jennifer Thompson
Kathleen O'Brien

Cancer sucks!

Julie Hudson
Alberta Fitzpatrick

May God guide you on your ride


Every mile is a victory for women who have been afflicted with these cancers. May their spirits give you strength.

Brooke Learmonth

Here's to a successful ride, Brittany, in honor of Larissa.

Janet LeBlond

Good luck in you ride to support Larissa.

Kimberli DeMayo

Good luck!!

Karen Williams

Thanks for riding for Larissa

Karen Williams

Thanks for riding for Larissa

Dale Peschel

Would love to be riding with you. With love and affection, Dale

Terry Rohe

Go, Brittany! Love to all your family and many wishes for health and well-being.

Susan and John Lee

Wonderful cause, have a great ride.

Carlos Ponce

We're all here for you!

Megan Coffee

Always thinking of you Larissa. Thank you for organizing this Brittany.

Ning Tang

You got this! Enjoy the training (wish I could join you!) and the day of the ride! Sending lots of love to you and Larissa!

Rima Arnaout
Pavan Cheruvu
Jennifer Britton-Colonnese
Christophet Kappler

Have a safe ride. Good luck.

Brenda Swanson

I love that you are doing this and am happy to support this wonderful cause! Ride Brit ride!

Venkatesh Eswara
Vladimir Bychkovsky
Denis Perelyubskiy
Joseph Callamati

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