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Facebook Fundraisers $780.00
Cliff Cary $120.00
Larry Gruppi

Safe riding!

Deborah Kim

GOOD LUCK BRUCE!!! Sending you wishes for lots of sunshine, strength, and stamina for this worthy cause!!

Norman Smith $25.00
Ken Bowen

Acura of Auburn wishes you great ride!



Hello Bruce-another year,another PMC. Good Luck.

Jim Chidichimo

Go Bruce Go!

Lisa Steinberg

Go Bruce!!!!

Jim Pagliero

Good luck Bruce!

Kathy Richardson

Smith Nephew Matched donation Susan Rogers

Marybeth Tervo-McDonald

Bruce, Many thanks for your continued efforts to raise funds and awareness for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in their quest to find a cure! Ride strong, friend! Jim and Marybeth McDonald

Susan Rogers

Bruce good luck! Ride safely!

Jillian and Daniel Berfield

Good luck! We're so proud of you! Love, Jillian and Daniel


Smith Nephew Matching donation-Jan Maclure

Robert Rice

You can do it !!!!!

Paul B

Have a great ride, Bruce!


Matching donation-Sue Berfield

Scott Bedarian

Excellent Work Bruce, great cause. Good luck with the goal

Robert Berfield

Have a great ride

Jan Maclure

Good luck Bruce - you got this!!


Good luck to you! I hope you have a smooth ride. Have fun!

Wendy Flowers

Go Bruce! Have a great ride!!

Theresa McCaffrey
Kathy Richardson

Smith Nephew Matched donation-Richard Hall

Kathy Richardson

Smith NephewMatched donation-Harrison Lee

Mark Starring

Best of luck On your ride Bruce! Ride hard and have fun! Thank you for riding Brother! You are awesome!

Rick Hall
Rosemarie Pederson $25.00
Christopher Hughes
Gabriel Berfield $36.00
Jerry and Bev Young
Rosemarie Pederson

Go Bruce!!! You got this!!

Mark McConnell

Ride safe! Ride strong!

Brian Bishop

Thanks for riding this and every year, Bruce!

Jessica Murphy

Thank you for helping people and good luck with your trip.

Kimberly Davis

All the best on your ride today! Enjoy, Kimberly Davis

Roy Ruhling
Jay Brunetti

Go get 'em Bruce!!!!

Christopher Gordon
Alicia Danek $30.00
Christian Correia

Good luck Bruce. Happy to contribute to a great cause.

Sunil Krishnamurthy

Go Bruce, Go. Another year, another challenge - All the best for another exciting ride. Keep riding!

Jeremy Pigott

Thank you, Bruce. Have an amazing ride.

Robert Sullivan

Mr. Puckster and Miss Sue: In honor of Mr. B's continued PMC triumphs and Bob's passing here is a donation to the Dana Farber cause from the Sully Clan. Go get 'em live this year!

Peter Stycos $50.00
Matt Ellis

Good luck Bruce!

Joanne Scamurra

Go Bruce! Ride like the wind!

Michael Bryan

Good luck Bruce! Great to see you continuing to support such a great cause. Mike

Benjamin Armenta $500.00
Melanie Boiani

So glad to see you taking in this challenge again Bruce. Can’t wait to cheer you on again!

Mark Queijo

Good Luck Bruce!



Smith Nephew Matched donation-Susan Berfield


This ride means more this year than ever. Cancer hit our family HARD in 2020. This year Bruce rides in the loving memory of my DAD Bob Milewski who lost his battle with this horrible disease.

Walter OHearn

Good luck


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