My Supporters

Facebook Fundraisers $810.00
Dave Burns

Good luck on the ride Annie!

Ken Maynard
Zoe, Tatie, Xhosa Slocum


Julie Daniels
Annemarie & Eric Spada $200.00
Sue and Ken Adams

Thank you Ann for raising money for cancer! My aunt is battling the fight as I type this! I am praying no more lives are lost!

Jennifer Perkins

This is an amazing thing you do every year. Bless you and all the other riders raisong money and awareness for Dana Farber and cancer research.

Cheron Morris

Go Annie!!! You are such a wonderful sister!

Elizabeth Leamon $50.00
Abby Elmore
Janet See

Good luck! Enjoy the ride

Edie Sherman

Hope your ride is going well! Thank you, Ann!

Gracie Nash

Good Luck Annie!!! You’re amazing! Love, Gracie

Pamela Landis

Riding with you for Giselle and all those we've lost, those fighting and those who have beaten cancers butt. xoxo

Jenny Rago McCarthy

You are quite an inspiration, my dear friend!! ???

Perri Gordon

Good luck Ann!

Gusty-lee Boulware

Go Ann!! Love ya.

Chris & Melinda Graham

We admire your perseverance and grit and we wish you tailwinds along the way!

Tanya Annuncio

Admire & love you so much for your ride every year in honor of our loved Giselle, your Dad & Mom, Matt & Gabby and so many more. Thank you thank you thank you and love you so much!! ?????

Megan McGuire

??Annie figures it out even in a pandemic GISELLE was so Honored you did this in her name and so many others! We LOVE you for doing such a SELFLESS act of kindness!!!! WEAR YOUR SUPERWOMAN CAPE!!?

Helen Hart

Thank you, Ann, for doing this ride! I thank you on behalf of my dad and all the others!

Sharon Lashua
Jennifer Kuhlmann
JoAnne Fabry

Good luck, Anne. I love that you're keeping the spirit of Giselle alive! Glad to support your efforts.

Kathy and Dan Hooper

Good thing about virtual is you don't have to ride in the rain/thunder. You can adjust the day based on the weather. :)

Lisa Oneill

Thank you for riding, Ann!

Jess and Tom Hudon/Beaver
Virginia Williams
Mark McGuire

Go Aunt Ant go!!

Eileen Gromann

Ann, so proud and impressed by you! Have a great ride xoxo

Anne Mickle $120.00
Claire OConnor

Miss Ann. You are a star and I am grateful for your work in stamping out cancer.

Roberta Reingold

Wishing you the best.

Mark McGuire

Good luck Ann in your ride in honor of Giselle. Thinking of you and the rest of the family x.

Marc & Elaine Silverman

Good luck and stay safe

Michael Ann Wells $100.00
Kristin Ansted

Good luck Ann!

Paul McCarron

Nice to hear you'll be doing the virtual ride but so sorry this year's reason is such a tough one. Bless you for honoring your sister.

Jodi and Paul Benning

Ann, Good luck to you and your fellow riders! Paul and I are grateful for your efforts in working towards a cure. Warmest Regards, The Benning Family

Denis and Sherie Foley

Have a great ride. See you out there.

Barbara Halleran


Noelle Ifshin
Melanie Ketelhohn

You're an inspiration, Ann! Wishing you good weather and a safe ride on Aug 1! : )

Cheryl Carner
Amy and John Kelly

We wish you a great ride this year!!!! Your commitment is truly inspiring!

Elizabeth Corcoran Brennan $250.00


Keep pedaling Ann! You are an inspiration to the rest of us! DW

Lisa Chau

Good luck!!!!!!

Joe and Shirley Ackerman

This year we are donating in honor of our son, Kenny, who died March 15, 2020 of a rare neurological disease and also in honor of Ryan Call and Rob Cleaver whose lives were cut very short by cancer.

Sue Lotz

Good luck, Ann! You are great to do this for your sister Giselle and your other family and friends. I'm so very sorry for your losses. Thank you too for riding for my mom, Alice Heidel. Love, Su

The Cotters c/o John Wortman
Leesa Suzman

Thanks for being so inspiring Ann. Thinking of you and your lovely family. xx

Alice & Georgie Kunkel

Sending love!!


Abigail Elmore $50.00
Alan Borneman $50.00
Amy Killeen & Tom Birmingham

In memory of Giselle and Gabby....thank you for your incredible dedication in the fight against cancer, Ann!

John Wortman

Have a great ride in 2020! You're an inspiration to Ainsley, Jack, and myself!

My History

2020 $9,481.07 Wellesley to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)
2019 $9,890.64 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)
2018 $8,267.15 Wellesley to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)
2017 $8,113.60 Wellesley to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)