My Supporters

Mary/Steve Gulrich

Dear Alice, we are so proud of you for the courage it took to not stay home with ‘the ‘wives’. A wise choice that has made all the difference and forever will. Your Dad is bursting w pride Love M/S?

Phyllis Reames

So happy to support you. You are awesome!

SangHee Kim
Angela Park

From the Spark Multisport Crew! Go Alice!

stephanie cooper

Congrats Alice!! Go get em out there, you are gonna rock the ride. Cant wait to see you in Montreal!

Cindy Castiglioni $25.00


Good luck Alice! Love, Bob & Kathy

Janet Shea

You Go Girl! My Wonder-Woman Daughter.

David Twomey $50.00
Waverly Deutsch

Go, Alice, go! So happy to support Team Five and Dime. Love you, sista!

Sam Rank


Cameron and I will be rooting for you!!

Meara Van Der Zee and family

Happy Riding!! Thank you for doing this.

Celeste LaBadie

Alice, for all you do and have done, here is a little something to support your ride from Sofia and me! What a journey!! Good luck!

Cheryl Rosenberg

We're proud of you, Alice!

Anwen Robinson

Good luck!


You go Girlfriend! With you all the way (from my Mom's couch in Caribou)

Amanda Rowley

Nice work!

Jane Bracy
Patricia Givens

Alice: Knowing you since you were a tiny child...I am proud to send this gift....proud of you and proud of what you are doing.

Patty Kahn

We miss you, John & Janet. Way to go, Alice & Mary!

margot kelley

Thank you ALICE!!!

Alice Gorman

In memory of John Shea

Jane Conrad
Betsy Johnson
Joanna&Bill Calderwood

You are just amazing to be doing this! We are so proud of you both!

Karen Jordan
Rosie Davis
Evy Blum


Good luck, Alice. You're doing an amazing thing. Thank you!

Rosemary Limmen

Best of luck. We're pulling for you and remembering friends in Tenants Harbor who have been helped in their fight against cancer by Dana-Farber.

Arline Slote-Davis

Thank you for your courage. Dana Farber is an amazing place. I will be rooting for you.

Brit Vitalius $100.00
Erica Swenson

Go kick some spandex ass!

Kathleen Watters

Great cause and great cousins!!!??

Joanne Gray

Safe Journey, Alice. My mother is saying the rosary for you.

Steve Rice

Go Alice--Ride-on! The fight against cancer is fortunate to have you as an engaged and active participant.

John Lemieux

Thanks for the effort to ride. Everything that is done to defeat cancer and support cancer patients and survivors helps us all.

Beth Degen

Good Luck and have fun!

Mary Beth Benson

Good Luck, Alice!!

Paul Shea

Good Luck!! You are awesome for doing this ??

Kathy Randall
ronald anderson

You go girl!!! ron

Cheri Drago

I will be cheering for you!

John Willis

Have a great ride! Brenda & John

Bob Wolf

We support you, Alice "Rough Rider" Shea! Love you! ~Bob and Mike

Kate Hassett

Go get ‘em, Alice! One of my cousins had this cancer when he was little. To face mortality at such a young age and to survive is a gift to family and friends—in presence and in lessons of facing fear!

Daniel Ungier

Go Alice!!!

Jennifer Jackson

May the wind be at your back!

Christel Driscoll

My father and mother have both benefited from Dana-Farber's care and research center. So awesome you are doing this. Have fun and don't eat too many bugs!

Harold Burnett $100.00
Mark Bromley
Julie Shepherd

This is awesome- let's do some training rides together!!

Joann Galli

Good for you Alice!! Best of Luck! JO

Christine Bowley

Good luck...:)

Bill Birchard

Thanks for riding, Alice!

David Santoro

If you do this, then you have to ride 200 miles with me this summer too :)

Roland Houghton

Best of Luck. So proud of you!

Jane Armstrong

An amazing cause and an amazing feat. We are cheering for you Alice! With support- Jane and Poppie

Steve Barnes

Thank you Alice for your efforts.

Suellyn Santiago

Way to go Alice and good luck!

Robyn Bailey

Ride like the wind my friend!!!

Carol Hager

Way to go, Alice!

Carlie Connair

Go Alice! Xoxo

Shannon Shanning

You've got this my friend!!

lee burnett

Ride on Alice!

Carole Martin

Go, Alice, go! For Addy and so many others! Love, Carole

Sheila Conlan
Victoria Palmer

Alice, you got this!

Antonia Small

Oh Alice! Rock on! Happy to support you, Addy, and the spirit of so many fighters in the ring.

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