Allynn Lodge's Ride



My Supporters

Will Boericke $50.00
Tracy Lacis
Erfan Mojaddam
Kerri Brosnan $50.00
Mike Landry
Joy Marie Polefrone
Dana Trantas


June Diane Lawrence
Christine Dennehy

Good Luck Allyn. Have a great Ride!

Anna Gavin $100.00
Marca Katz

Have a great ride Allynn!

Aliza Greenberg

Go Allynn!!!!! You are amazing!

Daniella Polar

Go, Ally!! XOXO, Danimal, Joni & Olli

Xiaomei Pierce

Wish you a big success! Stay cool, Xiaomei



James MacVarish

Good luck Allynn and Team Kermit!

Carson Smith
James King

Best wishes, Allynn... "May the wind be always at your back..."

Nellie Brennan Hall

Good luck, Allynn!

Anne Lally $50.00
Joanna Gilman

Go Allynn! Have a great ride for a great cause!

Zoey Washington

Get it, Ally!

Erin and Michael McGurn

Best of luck, Team Kermit!!

Anne Litz

Go Allynn and Team Kermit!!!

Ann Stewart

Woo hoo!!! Gooooo Misser!!! So proud of you!!

Dan Alosa

Go Allynn!!

Suzanne Clifford

Best of luck to you and Team Kermit!!

Skip Schneider $40.00
Jamison Smith $25.00
Deborah Higgins

good luck on your ride!



Congratulations, Allynn! Love, Katie!

Allynn Lodge

I pledged to donate $100 if a stranger gave to my page during my ride up from Baltimore to Boston on July 15. Thank you to my new favorite stranger, Denise Nolan!



To Allynn from Aunt Donna! You can do it!

Sara Moran

Yea Allyn! I will be looking for that surfing Kermit on the Cape.


Terry Aman
Jenna Palm
Amanda Martinage


Go get 'em!

Caroline Stewart

Bill and I are so proud to support your efforts! Love, Stuart

Beth Zall

Go Allynn, go!! Love you, curly girly!!

Dante Beretta

Good luck, Allynn! I know you can do it.

Natalie Young

Good luck Allynn!!

Nancy Doyle
Ame Wren $50.00
Marisa Antolino

You go girl! Sending you good vibes and fingers crossed for no flat tires. xo

Andrea Guillot

Derek and I wish you an amazing race! You are awesome!!! Love you!

Jordan Greene
Denise Nolan

Have a wonderful ride! Thank you for participating is such an amazing event.

Stephen Sirrico

Go Allynn! Have a great ride!

Katherine Rossmoore

Go Girl! In memory of my dear Amy Germain.

Heather Dowd

Have a great ride!


Jenny Gallagher

Go Allynn Go!!!!!!!!

Erica Day

Good luck and what a worthy cause! All my best to you and your team!

Avery Sefcik
Anne Ryan
Angel Phitayakorn

Have a great time and keep shining.

Sandy Honeyman
Danielle Doyle $15.00
Tisha Bremner
Susan Doucet

Good luck in year two! See you at the PMC!

Alex Encarnacion

Let's get it Allynn!

Ted and Karen Koskores
Marc Rando

Buena suerte, colega!


From the Lodge Family (Aunt Mar, Aunt Diane, Aunt Sue, and Mom)

My Rides

2017 $4,860.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2016 $4,605.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)