My Supporters

Keriann Murphy




Steve Tounsand

Kiss My Grits!

Clifford Allen

Allez Alex! What an inspiration!

Brian Davis

Shift them gears baby you got this! Thank you for your hard work.

Shelly Atwood

Good luck on your ride this year! Definitely worst year ever and continuing your pmc ride is uplifting and inspirational. Miss you all and Erika forever and always ??????

Erin Wickens
Andrea Gendron


Kevin Neary

A great ride and a great purpose. PMC, get ready for that multi-generational Dorfmania!

Judy Farris
Peter Silbermann

Thank you for your efforts to support this very worthy cause.

Caren Gelormini

Woohoo - ride Alex ride!

Rich Coffman

So happy you are doing this again for such a worthy cause

Holly Dellacanonica

Good luck Alex!

Kris Holmes

Go Alex!!!!


Susan MacKenzie $60.00
Eric Shoenthal $250.00
Kelley Chin

Love that there are three generation of riders here! Congrats and good luck to you all!

Gerald Dorfman

This should help you to the donation finish line for 2021 I'm proud to be the father of such a caring & moral son. I love you Alex

Rosie Dyste
Heather O’Donnell

Thank you for your efforts each year to raise money for this very important cause, near and dear to our hearts.

scott ansill
Pam Goodman

Great job!! I am proud of you. Stay safe??

Deborah Farris

It’s been a terrible year for all of us, never dreaming Erika would not be with us, so thank you for riding in her memory. Beautiful tribute??

seth cohen


Joanie Lindstrom

Ride and rock on.

Sara Harper
Emma Dubin
kenneth drier

My brother lost his wife before Thanksgiving and now he has 3 types of cancer himself. I have had prostate cancer and have done the Peddle to Cure Prostate Cancer Ride myself. Thank you & good luck.

Robert Verrico $60.00
Diana Strocen

Good Luck Dorf!

Janet Dyste

Thank you so much Alex for your dedication to this cause. Best of luck during the ride. Aunt Janet

Rich Haupt

Thanks for your efforts Alex

Donna Kapala

Thank you for riding in tribute to Erika, and on behalf of all us who hope for a cancer free future.

Chris Berry $50.00
Christine Benoit

Cake time!

Pete Smith

? Mystic Rider ?

Vanessa Gailius

Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, no doubt, no doubt

Nicole Bedi

get it!

Scarlet Perez

So proud of you Alex!!! You got this!

Andrew Jackmauh

Thanks for all you—and the rest of your family—do for this important cause. Best of luck with this year's ride.

Hannah Bradley

Thanks for fighting the good fight!!

Paul Campagna

Remembering Erika



Emily Holt

Wishing you a safe ride and great weather! Thank you!

Susan Shepherd

Thanks for Riding for this important cause Alex!!!!


Teresa Cowherd

Good luck Alex!

Hilary Gaumer
Corey Alexander

Go Go AlexDo Go Go

Tara Wilkinson

Alex, thank you for your commitment to the fight against cancer. I am sorry for your loss last year. Good luck in this year's PMC!

Meg Bernard

You rock Alex!


Go, Alex and all the Dorfmans!

Maeve Mackey
Christina Lally
Anna Wicks
Hande Altun Oncul

Go Alex!!!


You're making a difference. thank you!

Lisa Zager

Alex - you are a star! Have a great ride!

Michael Sweeney

Go Alex Go!

Joanne Pease

Alex good luck in your ride and thank you!

Calvin Landrum

Ride baby ride!

Mackenzie Lemmer

Good luck Alex!

Jessi England


Naomi Weber

Have an awesome ride, Alex!

Devon Gregor

Go crush it, Alex!!!

Allison Granger

Good luck Alex!!

Tyler Banh

Have a great ride, Alex!

Katie Tarpey

Good luck Alex!! You've got this!!

My History

2021 $7,358.04 Wellesley Century
2020 $5,518.04 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2019 $6,730.48 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)
2018 $5,064.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)