My Supporters

Rebekah Tuch
Kevin Neary

What's Eastern MA gonna do when Dorfmania rides wild on you!!!

Katharine Altman

Ride it!!! Do it! Thank you for raising money for such an important cause!

Mike Mannix


Erin Wickens

Go Alex, Go!

Maeve Mackey


Go Alex Go!

Caren Gelormini

Good luck!

Tara Wilkinson
Aurora Wibberley

Thanks for riding and raising!

Erika Farris

Thank you for doing this!

Hannah Husain

Go get 'em! Thanks for doing the important work. We're proud of you.

Rachel Phair


Much love to your family members. Thank you for supporting this important cause.

Angie Eatevez
Pam Goodman

I am so proud of you. Good Luck

Mark & Barbara Horwitch
Richard Jones

Go get ‘em, Alex

Janet Dyste

Thanks for what you’re doing to bring more awareness about cancer research. Have a great ride Alex.

Marie Western

Have a great ride!

Heather O’Donnell

Go Alex!!! Thank you for doing this to help fight cancer and to honor so many loved people.

Chris Next Door

Gut it homie!!

Diana Skeem

Good Luck!

Jodi Sugerman-Brozan

Ride like the wind, Alex!

Chalene Calhoun

Go, Alex!

Todd Senturia

Enjoy the Biking!

Naomi Weber
Susan Shepherd

Alex ride strong - you inspire us all!

Gerald Dorfman

So proud of you and your dedication to such a worthwhile cause. Love, Mom and Dad

Jay Castaldi

Ride like the wind, Dorfman.

Rosie Milano

I think Dorf-mania could be a thing...

Karen Chellquist
Christine Benoit

Get 'em Dorfmania!!

Joan French
Christina Lally
seth cohen


Heather Chronister

Go Alex!!! Such an amazing opportunity, and charity!

Susan MacKenzie $30.00
Rosemary Tarleton
kenneth drier

Thanks so much. Just trained for the 5 Boro ride in NYC. Hope you get good weather. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year. Back on my bike now.

Jeanne Bond
Keriann Murphy
Deborah Farris $250.00
Robert Verrico $25.00
Marianne Tyler

Good luck Alex and thank you!

Judy Farris

Thanks, Alex, for your commitment to this important fund raiser. Judy

Emma Dubin

Go Alex gooo!

Andrew Jackmauh

Best of luck with this year's ride!

Rosie Dyste

Thanks Alex, enjoy the challenge!

Donna Kapala

Thank you for pedaling for the family??

Tara Anderson

So happy to support Dorf!!! Xoxo Tara, Adam, Isla, and ,Caden

Tiffany Rech

Alex - huge kudos for embarking on another PMC Challenge! May the sunshine be out and the wind at your back...

Maren Farris

We love you! Your commitment to the PMC and to cycling in general is so inspiring. Thank you for riding again this year!

Peter Silbermann

Alex, thank you for your efforts in support of this important cause. We have supported this worthy cause and other riders for many years and are glad to do the same for you. Have a safe ride.

Sarah Herritage

go get em, tiger.

Rich Coffman

You did it last year now a year older good luck Glad to see you are doing this

Nicole Bedi
Eric Shoenthal

Wishing you good luck and strong legs. Evie and Eric

Emily Holt
David and Adrienne Silbermann
Jason Swanson
Kristen Mansfield
Anna Wicks
Vanessa Gailius

ABB (always be biking)

Vanessa William
Teresa Cowherd
Meghan Bernard
Devon Gregor
Katelyn Tarpey
Allison Granger
Lisa Zager

Go get 'em, Alex!!!

Jessi England

Ride like the wind Alex!!

Kelley Chin

Good luck, Alex!

Magen Schaiberger

My History

2019 $6,730.48 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)
2018 $5,064.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)