My Supporters

Jill Walker

You rock!

Nicole Ward
Lesley Stewart

Way to go Ali!!

Karen Boyce

Thank you for riding for all of us.

Rebecca Gallup

Go Alison, go!

Joanne Lewis

Best of Luck!! Happy Pedaling!!

Bob Gilman


Bogie wishes you luck

Sumendra Shrestha $50.00
Michael Lis
Michele Quinlan

What an AMAZING tribute to your beautiful niece! Good luck to you and your entire team. Ride like the wind!

Christopher Mahaney

Have a great ride!

Sue and Fred Wisniewski

Have a safe and fun ride with your amazing team!!!

Larry Sime

Go Ali!

Terry Lorber

Thank you, Ali!

Leigh Kenney

Good luck with the race!!

Nicole Harting

Good luck! In memory of my sister ?? And everyone else who’s passed from cancer xo

Randall Barth
William Rosenfeld
Elizabeth Quersher
Rebecca Elsy


Devra Dutton

Goooooooooooo Ali!!!!!!

Matthew De Remer

Have a great ride!!!

Beth Smith
Emily Hersh

I hate cancer, but I love y’all. Ride on!

Julie Byers

We love you Ali! Kick some ass and we'll be cheering you on from NC!

Rich Berryman
Jonk Plonk
Naomi Karolinski
Carolyn Tusinski

Good luck!

Stephen Luebkert

Enjoy the ride!

Bethany Blaine

Ride on Ali! We will cheer you on from Barnstable. xo B, L's, T

Elizabeth Carlton-Gysan

Kick ass Ali!

Brian Bean $164.00
Lynne Garone

What a wonderful tribute to your niece!

Rosa Casado Portilla
Patricia T Gomez

Happy Pedaling!

Jeff Herd

Ride on Alison!!

Melissa Bruno

Good luck to you and your team! You continue to be an inspiration, year after year. - Brunos

Joanne Parrill

have a great ride...you are an awesome Aunt.

Jen Morin
Karen Bombino

Good luck, Ali! What a great fundraiser!

Audrey Miller

Go Ali!!! xoxo Audrey, Bob, Charlie, & Teddy

Carr Lane Quackenbush

Ali, this is from the Qs and from the Flagstads. We love you.

Thomas Hojnoski

Good luck

Michelle Farber
Kimberly Simonich

See you at MMA!!!

David Rydzewski
Adrienne Wildt

Ride on Ali!!!

Darcey Fahey

Ride like the wind bullseye! Hope to ride with you soon!

Jaclynne Benoit

Kick some butt Ali! GO Team Lick! You guys are awesome!!

Matthew Fishbein
Laura Peeke

May you feel connected to Charlotte with every turn of the pedal!

Elaine Bonfitto

Your strength is inspiring!

Nancy Hoover
Michael Coady $50.00
Marc Caruso

Hope you guys have great weather this year!

Jacquelyn Malishenko

So happy to contribute every year!

Jack Odell

Good luck out there, Ali!

Kristine Bonfitto
Caroline Conzelman

Wish I could ride with you! Love this memory of Charlotte that honors her each year and supports other families in need <3

Pamela Magistrado-Coxen
Marianne Flynn

Wishing you the best riding conditions - so proud of you for committing yourself to this ride every year. Great cause - best of luck!

Chris Coxen

Gurls, bikes, great causes...how could I not donate to this endeavor? Best of luck.

Maura Keenan

Ride on Allison!

Anna Skillings

Such a wonderful tribute to your Neice. Go Ali!!

Ryan Judd

Good luck Ali! We love that you continue to do this!!! Warmly, The Judds

Elaine Sammons

I love you so much, Al. Wish I could donate $30 million!!!

Scott Wells

Ride strong! Scott, Pat & Petey Wells

Patti Caira

Go get 'em, Ali !!

Richard Green

Good luck Ali...

Jessica Shursky $100.00
Jasmine Young

Much love to you all as you ride for Charlotte!

Simon Nip $250.00
Bill Larkin

Go Girl. You are a Champion, my friend.. and you'll keep on fighting till the end!

Natasha O'Rourke

Ride like the wind, Ali!

Jan Lopez

You can do it Ali.

Thomas Hamel
Jan Foley $25.00
Rutherford Platt
Eric Maxham
Christine Soderstrom

Go Ali!

Allan Peeke

In Memory if Marion Peeke and Joan Peeke


My History

2019 $7,258.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2018 $6,258.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2017 $8,205.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2016 $4,500.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2012 $6,155.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)