My Supporters

Gregg Katz

Go Ari!! —Gregg, Jess, Evan, Tyler, Connor (and Howie)

Marilyn Cowan

I am in SUCH admiration of your riding this incredible challenge! Power to you and enjoy your family time in Wellfleet.

Joy & Steve Whitkin

Have a great ride.

Daniel Rapoport

Have Fun!

Robin Tsrlow

You go, Ariel! Safe and joyous journey!

Lucas Trainer $30.00
Jessica Garnitz

Have a great ride!

Avi Friedman
Michael O'Connell

You go, girl! We’re with you all of the way!!!

Richard and Holly Goldman

You go girl ?????

Justin Rodriguez $20.00
Katie Lowe

Good luck Ari! You’re amazing!

Danielle Bloch
James and Veda Quinn

We love that you do this every year. Keep up the good work.

Katie Greenwood

You're amazing Ari!

Brian Zhou

Good luck!



Venmo and Cash donations - thank you Kyle, Jackie, Kendra, Marianne, and Dave!

Hilary Smiley


Meghan Duffy
Arielle Swartz

PMC'S MVPs!!! Go Ari & Linus!!!

Morgan Shikar

Thanks for all of your dedication to this cause! Good luck Ari!!

Megan Arias
Marc Duran

You know what they say, 4th time's a charm. Go get that great hamstring and quad workout!

The Spencers

YOU REACHED YOUR GOAL! Wahoo!!! Legs and lungs baby! We love you! Xoxo

William Dawson

Some extra motivation for your ride. In honor of my aunt.

William Dawson

Go Ari! Keep on riding,

Nidah Nafees

Good luck Ari! Have a safe ride!!

Natalie Wilgoren

Hope the ride is an easy one Love Cousin Natalie

Robyn Schwartzman

So proud of you for continuing to do this! Good luck!

Shannon Nitroy $60.00
Thomas Levenson
John Carroll

Good luck on your ride!

Margo Smith

Good luck Ari!!! You are amazing! Love, Margo and Matt



Ariel- have a great ride. Love, Grandma

Caitlin McGann

Good luck Ari! Ride like the wind!

Claudette Cigol
Beth Oconnor

Best of luck, Ariel!! We admire you for doing this year after year for such a great cause! Love, Beth and Chuck

Bill Skerry

Good Luck Ariel!



Hope you and Linus have a great ride! Can't wait to see you breeze through Wellfleet and cross the finish in P-town! -Josh and Nadine

Danielle Zambardino

Ride, Ari, ride!

Arielle Fischer

Go Ari! You are amazing.

Jeryl Baker

Ariel, you are an inspiration!

Billy's Bakery

Good luck, Ariel!

Dan Chan

Good luck! Bike bike bike!

Ron Galonsky

You go girl! Be safe and enjoy!

Doris Epstein

Good luck!!

Anne Rohlfing

Go Ari!! So proud of you and everything you do for this amazing cause. Love you!

Aaron Pearl
Paul Schwartzman $50.00
Adelyn Allchin

Good luck on your ride Ariel!! Thank you for all you do!

Ashley Turick

Go Ari!

Diego medrano

Keep up the good work :-)

Karen Leichter

Thank you so much Ariel. Warren unfortunately didn’t live to see a cure but hopefully in my lifetime, there will be one. ??

Philip Katz

Can't wait to ride together!

Jane and Marc Spigel

Ariel- we love you, thank you, and wish you a safe ride. Love, Mom and Dad

Gerry and Irene Moss

Have a great ride. Be safe and say hi to your mom and dad, as well as your Uncle. All the best. Strong work.

Tucker Howard

Go Spigel, go!

Paul Spigel

Thanks for riding - Love Uncle Paul

Alex Galonsky

So proud of you for doing this every year!

My History

2019 $6,280.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2018 $6,298.00 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2017 $0.00 PMC
2016 $5,191.12 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2015 $5,145.91 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)