My Supporters

Facebook Fundraisers $380.00
Susan Altschuler $18.00
Tamara and Fred Ledley

We know you will do great Miriam!! You are amazing!!!

Leora Kling Perkins
Jordan Davis

Glad to support you and your efforts Miriam!

Svetlana and Herbert Wachtell Foundation $500.00


Johanna Ledley
Rachel Weiss $36.00


Go kick butt like you always do--always in your corner! Donating in honor of my mother, Valerie Oppenheim and YOUR ride.

Morgan Jamiel

Go get it girl!

Mimi McMurray

Thank you for helping spare kids what my dad went through four years ago. I appreciate you! -Mimi

Audrey McMurray

This effort is near and dear to my heart, Miriam. Good on ya for doing this!

Dean Mayer

Way to go, Miriam!


JAY Michlin $60.00
Carol Brush $18.00
Marley O'Neil
Lauren Elias

You go girl!

Stephen Gershman
Mary Wesalowski