My Supporters

Ashley Shaw

Hopefully this went well!

Mike Hanus
David Hallagan
Lauren Whited


Adam Coll
Judith Donovan
Kevin O'Connell

Get after it, Matthew! Ride safe and hydrate!

Will Herndon


Matthew, All the best to you and your friends/colleagues on the ride! We are with you in spirit! Stay strong! M & J ??

Bruce Watts
Joanne and Jack Lindy

Thanks for doing this Matthew! Hope you have smooth ride!

Joanne Lindy

Thanks for doing this Matthew! Hope you have smooth ride!

Bruce Ballentine

Go Matt!

Matthew Coll

Good luck Matthew!!!

Evelyn Alberding

Good luck, Matthew! Enjoy the ride. Peter and Lynn

Kevin Libby $120.00
Auggie Coll $30.00
Miranda Hersey

Go, Matthew! Rooting for you! xx Miranda

Mariah Freark

Have a great ride! We'll be cheering you on from Weymouth!

Mark Lidano

Good Luck

Frances Collier

Teenager Rebecca Lindy helped and encouraged future oncologist, 5 year old Emily Collier. Thanks Coll family.??

Jody Trinchet
Brian Leffler $100.00
Tatyana Myslovskaya

Go Matthew! Our very good friend is battling brain cancer and we are praying for his recovery every day! Thank you for being passionate and thoughtful. Have a great ride!

Ben Lindy $50.00
Alan Brody
Justin Moscardelli
Jim and Cindy Sia
Milind Gadekar

Wishing you all the endurance, supporting winds and lots of fun for an incredible cause. Good luck!!

Larry Jovino

What a great event ! Good luck Matthew!

Kim Hiday


Goo luck Matt

Kathy Krick
Paul Baldwin

Matthew. Good luck for your ride. Hope you enjoy it and hope you raise lots of $$$$$$$

Frank lindy

Mat, thank you for the good work. Fondly Frank and Chung

Joe Carrara

Enjoy the ride Matthew!

Maureen C Towne

Go, Matthew, Go! I think it's awesome that you do this. Very inspiring. Mo


My History

2022 $7,741.10 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)
2020 $4,900.00 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)
2019 $16,584.76 Sturbridge to Provincetown Monument (2-Day)