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Laila Niles

You are inspiring in so many ways!!!!!

Samantha Meehan


Dan Waldman


A dollar for every mile.

Holly LeBart

Julie! You are awesome!! Congratulations!!!

Brian Lawson

Super effort !!

MariaGonzalez Gonzalez-Griffith

You go girl!

Elise Murray
Candice Newmyer $25.00
Erin Marino

You my friend... are an inspiration!

Hallie Boldt

You go girl!

Stephen Riley $100.00
Betsy Hargreaves

What an amazing accomplishment, wishing you health and happiness.





Ilene and Michael Lieberman

Wow! So incredibly talented! Awesome job! Stay well, Ilene

Denis Riley $25.00
Patrick Riley

Go Julia! Thanks for including my mom’s name on your bike.

Madhu Govind
Ginger and Milton Brasher-Cunningham

We love you, Jules!

Dana & Greg Shiferman

Double chai!!! Julie, you rock!

Ellyn Schmidt
Sherry Kenin


Monda S Prior

Great job Julie!!

Allie S

Don’t let the hills get in your head. You’ve climbed much higher obstacles and we’re able to come sailing down the other side.

Julie Busa

For Julie and Ryan. And in memory of Leah, Amarildo, Paul and Jackie, all lost to cancer last year. ??

Blayne Lopes

Good luck! I know you will finish strong. You are truly an amazing human being

Tricia Lee
Angie Burns

Your journey has been an inspiration! I’m oberjoyed that you are healthy enough for this ride- thank you for your transparency, your heart and commitment! Ride Strong! Angie

Mary Buckingham
Brian Hart
Diane Borton

You just keep continuing to amaze and inspire me! The world needs more people like you! Go Julie, you got this! xo

Monica Yanosick

Look at you go. You inspire us all. Monica, Shaun & Cam

Mayu Kawata

Love you so much Julie!! You are truly amazing xoxo

Sandy Ropper

Julie, You are amazing! Xxoo, Sandy Ropper

Anna Allen

You are truly amazing, Julie! Wishing you a great ride.


A second donation for extra encouragement tomorrow.


"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible." -Francis of Assisi

Rachel Romeo

Congratulations Julie, and good luck this weekend! You're an inspiration to us all!

Margaret Kjelgaard

Go Julie! So happy for you and your amazing accomplishments. Love, M

Stephanie Wiley

You got this girl! You are the picture of strength and determination!

Lesley Maxwell

You have always been an inspiring force in the universe Julie! Go!

Charles Peterson

Go for it Julie!

Elsa Auerbach

Julie -- you are inspirational! I love seeing your beautiful smile.



You are amazing!


Julie -- we admire your strength and courage -- from the entire Oberman-Breindel family that rides in and supports the PMC

Kimberly Hassing Allan

Julie - I am a cousin of yours on the Wisnia side. I too was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer last year - Breast Cancer. I am still under treatment. Go Girl!

Philip Marcus

Go, Julie, go! So glad that you’re able to be part of this ride.

Elena Ketcios

You truly are amazing, Julie!!! So very proud of you!!

Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh

Cheering you on every step of the way, Julie! From Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh (great admirers of your parents)

Janet Fitzgerald

From your friends at teh Rotary Club of Burlington!

Susan Martignetti

Julie. Happy to support you in your ride. Your mom has been so generous and kind to our family so I’m glad to give back to you and your family.

Amaliya Silsby

You are an amazing woman. Thank you for riding for so many! Be well, Julie!

Laura Goldstein

Julie, Wishing you a safe and successful ride!

Jenn Rich

Have a great ride Julie. We (Jeff and Jenn Rich) are happy to be able to support Dana Farber in this way.

Christy Begien

Julie, you truly are an inspiration! Blessings to you! Christy and Mike Begien

Jody Regan

Julie, you are an inspiration

Julie Cotton
Dan McCarthy

You rock Julie! Hope this helps and have an awesome bike ride experience : )

Bruce Riley

Rock on, Jules! You're amazing!

George Fazio


Louisa Wilking

Go Julie! We at Early Intervention are very proud of you! Louisa

Spencer Hallman $25.00
Amy Lupo

Go Julie!

Marjorie Druker

I loved your video it was so authentic and inspiring. Thank you for making this a priority on top of taking care of yourself. Bravo!

Jillian Taylor

Go get em Julie!

Melissa Donahue

Go get em Mama!!!!

Bob and Betty Cooperstein

Good luck, Julie!!!! Bob & Betty (Lauren's mom & dad)

Saul Wisnia

Saul, Michelle, Jason, Rachel, and Chris Sale say GO JULIE!

Suzanne Samberg

The "I just have a feeling" part of your story is so crucial. I am so glad you listened to your inner voice and that your medical providers listened to you. Love to you and your amazing wife!

David Stambaugh

go get 'em!

George Scarlett
Martha Pott

Julie! I had absolutely no idea you were going through all this this year at E-P. I see you've been disguised as a dedicated, cheerful, upbeat, and hardworking PhD student. Martha Pott


We're behind you all the way, Julie! All our love, Charlie, Kleo and boys

Jay Blackwell

Way to keep crushing it! Proud to call you and Grace family.

Evi Ashenbrucker

Grace's post was wonderful <3 Wishing you great health Julie! My partner's family rides as well so maybe I will see you guys in August :)

Mollie Stolzer

You are AMAZING!

Christine McWayne

Julie, You're so inspiring!! My thoughts will be with you during the ride.

Steve and Debbie Syat

You go gal!

Lok-Wah Li

Julie, I admire your strength and will be spiritually cheering for you and your team!!! -Lok

Sunah Hyun

We will be cheering and praying for you! Good luck! We are very lucky to have you in our lives. With love, Jae, Sunah, and Mochi


We pray you will reach all your goals; physical, material and spiritual. Be careful on your ride. Remember how you and Jason crashed your bikes many yrs. ago on Red Coach. ; ) June & Bob Suslavic


God Bless and protect you on your journey. We pray for your recovery every night. Bob and June Suslavich

Kevin Manning
Karl and Ruth Lieberherr

Good luck Julie! From Ruth and Karl

McLeavey Sisters

Go Julie! We’re rooting for you.

Michelle and Bill Gallitto

You’re unbelievable! So happy to see you on this side of things. (So long, chemo!) Lots of love!!


Marie Cacciola
Barbra Kasman

You go Julie!

Lauren Lineback $200.00
Gail Spatz
Joanne Ronkin
Cara Brophy

May every drop of sweat earn you a shot of tequila ;0)

Frank Vozzella


From the hot dog ladies at Whole Foods.



From Bruce Riley!

Laura Simpson


Tess Ross-Callahan

Go Julie!! May your uphills make you feel powerful and the downhills make you feel free.

Caitlin Garvin

Get it girl ??

Pete Bluett $50.00
Sandy Ropper

My beloved sister Karen bravely fought stage 4 ovarian cancer for 7 1/2 years. You ride in her honor and memory.

Priscilla Wilcox

Here’s to one strong brave woman!! Go Julie!!

Lisa Lopes

Julie,Thank you for sharing your story. You are amazing and your strength is inspiring !! Godspeed



Julie, your story is amazing, as well as your spirit to help others beat this horrible disease that envades people's lives. Pleasure meeting you . Elena

Mary Ellen Santangelo

Julie, you are amazing and your story is even more amazing. Godspeed. Mary Ellen

Chris Mauro

I’ve enjoyed an (almost) 15yr friendship w/ Julie and if I know anything about her it’s that she’s always moving forward - in her work, schooling, battling her illness - with pure drive and humor!

Debbie McGreevey

Incredible journey ~ incredible woman! You are ready for anything <3

Justina Clayton

I remember when I first met you here at Tufts' Interview Day. I was drawn to your amazing spirit! You got this!

Jay Levin

Dear cousin Julie, We're honored to help and very proud of our you. With love, Jay and Judy Levin

Tricia Lee

Julie, you are an amazing human!

Suzanne Schiavone $25.00
Mariah Contreras

Go, Julie, go!

Nicole Leger

You inspire me! I hope you can inspire me up the hills?? Nickey

Ominous Rumbling-Again

Oops, I meant $5,000. So now it's more!

Ominous Rumbling

This should get you to $4,000

Virginia Diez

Julie, Thanks for sharing your story. Your courage and strength are inspiring.

Cynthia Parker

Julie - I admire your strength!

Jan Rose

I’m with you, Julie! Let’s kick cancer’s butt! Love you little cuz!

Ann Easterbrooks

Resilience in action, Julie!

Rebecca Inzana

I admire your commitment, resilience, and grit, Julie. I’m rooting for you across all facets of your life!!

KaRynn Sheranian

Julie--you are an inspiration. KILL that bike ride like you're killin' that cancer.

Elizabeth Fahey

You are an inspiration. I’m glad your brother Adam shared this on FB.

Shereen Elgallal

You are an inspiration to everyone! I love you! Go Julie go Julie go!!!!! #WARRIOR

Lauren Stargel

You are an inspiration and a rockstar! Get it, girl!

Monda S Prior

Go for it Julie!??

Rachel Hodge $100.00
Adam Wisnia

Keep on pushing..love you!

Rachel Katz

You are incredible and I am so lucky to have met you this year! You are going to be amazing!

Myron Cohen $100.00
Mary Darby

Brave and beautiful, that’s you! Big love from your friends in Humboldt

Meaghan Dwyer

Sending you strength and support! You’ve got this!!!


Go, Julie, Go! - The Other Saul

Avi Wisnia

rooting for you, wishing you health and much continued success, from your long-lost Philadelphia cousins

Robb Corduck

Julie, Lauren and I are so glad to have met you, not the least of which because of the weird twist of fate that may have saved you. Godspeed on your ride! We hope to see you in P-Town!

James McDaniel

Be bold, Wisnia!

Tom & Mary Riley

We're cheering you on from California! Go get it! You're strength gives us hope!


Great story and what a great thing you are doing!

Natalie Ross

Get it gurl!

Maryanne Riley

I'm proud to call you my daughter-in-law. Love you.

Scott Henrickson

No doubt that you’ll great at the PMC and beyond. Look forward to seeing you guys soon.

Emily Blumberg

You are truly an inspiration!

Carolyn Benham

So proud of you! I'm being very strong also. You are my idol! Love Aunt Caroly

Cheryl Kelesoglu
Jennifer Mackey

Go Julie!!! So proud of you!!! You have a soul of gold.

Sean Walsh $50.00
Alexandra Klemmer

Julie....you go girl!!! Hang in there my friend. Hope to see you training at CycleBar!!!

Gillian Canavan

In awe of you! We know you will have an amazing ride. Love, Gillian and Mark

diane kiszka
Christine DiSarcina
Stephanie Nigro
Terri Morgan

Julie, your middle name is "Determination"!!

Dana & Greg Shiferman

Go Julie Go! We are so proud of you and proud to call you our friend!

Leila Denna

Ju-lie! Ju-lie! Juuu-lieee!!!

Tess Clark

You are an inspiration!!!!! ??

Rebecca Bregman

Stay strong! You are amazing!!

Kevin Maloney

Keep on truckin, Julie! So proud of your determination.

Toby & Tom Schwartzman

May the wind be at your back!

Sherry Kenin

I know no one more courageous or determined than you!! Kick *SS!!!!

Linda Haas
Deborah Cohen

So glad you're doing this, Julie. We are inspired. Love, Deb, Dan and Lillian

Jeffry Wisnia

Stay strong and have a great ride. Mom & Dad

Sally and Harold Lake $25.00
Ginger and Milton Brasher-Cunningham

We love you, Jules!

William Sims

Ride on and rock out! Proud of you and all your doing! Best of luck!

Leana Mason


Jennifer Hawkes

Kick some ass!

Liza Maugham
Elise & Steven Danby Burke

You are a true inspiration Wizz we love you! Go get em!!


You have overcome so much and we are so happy for you! Best of Luck in the PMC! -Ben&Kristen

Susan Tomlinson

Julie, you are magical! I'm so proud to know you.

Karina Herrera

Your such an inspiration Julie!

Anita Etmanski

So proud of your will and determination Julie! You are one amazing human being!! ????

madelyn bell $100.00
Laura Frongillo $25.00
Jason and Jeanine Tholander

Go team Julie! We are so proud of your ongoing strength and determination for this worthy cause. Sending lots of love and good luck your way!

Dona & Kristin Kennefick

Jewels ?? Kristin and I both know u got this we will be with u every pedal of the way we love you Jewels ?? all you, all you, all you ... xo xo

Felicity Harris

You’re an absolute example of determination. You inspire me. Sending huge squeezes to you & Grace. Flick xxx

Elisabeth Reickert

Go Julie, Go! Lots of love and admiration from Brian and I.

Chuck and Sandee Peterson1

We are with you all the way, Julie!!

Saul Wisnia

Sending pedal power and love from the Alpert-Wisnias! KICK BUTT JULIE!

Erin Northrop

Julie, you are amazing! It’s an honor to support your PMC ride. Look forward to seeing you again soon. xoxo

Declan Bielecki

Way to go, Julie!! Good luck!!

Grace Riley

I'm so proud of you. I can't wait to meet you at the finish line! Xo G


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