Our Supporters

Keith Harris $250.00
Deborah Andrews

Great job year after year!

Ted Garside $50.00
Saira Naseer

Tribute to my Mother my best friend!

Hanson Webster $200.00
Michael Jones

Great job this weekend!



Keep pedaling!!!

Laurie Whelan

I know you will be as fast at the wind!

Judith Canning

Good luck Kim and Mike

Kimberly Rock $2,500.00
Iron Tree Service

Good Luck!

John Maestranzi

Good Luck!

James Ellard

Kim and Mike. Enjoy the ride.

Caroline Meagher $120.00
Jessica Hajjar

Good luck!

John Nestor $100.00
Sarkis Kavlakian
Stephanie Manuel $50.00


Thank you again.

Tyler Dolan

GO MIMI! Love Jack & Griffin <3


Supportlng you both again this year, as always, in memory of both my Mother, and Mother-in Law. Thank you for what you do.

Melissa LeBel

You are both rock stars! Safe travels.

Scott Kirkpatrick


Jess Martineau
Jonathan Webber

Have a great ride for a great cause.

Judi Cocotas

Save travels and thank you!

Reasey Prom $100.00
Jennifer Soltys $50.00
Lori Rosstkowski $100.00
Lucia and Don Greenough

Like Gerry B said - carpe diem, baby!



Marianne Thurlow

Good Luck Kim and Mike !

Marcorelle’s package Community package

Good Luck!!

Drew Marc-Aurele

Good luck!! A cold beer will be waiting at the finish line!

Lisa and Kate Kelly

Dad was always your supporter! Go Mike and Kim!!

Ellen Nich

Good luck Mike and Kim!!!

Almiris Verga

Good luck!

Lisa Mead

Good luck!

Darlene Hartt

Good Luck Mike & Kim !

Susan Reynolds $30.00
Christine Allen

Mike and Kim, Save travels and enjoy!

Krystle Parkes

Have a great ride!


May the wind be at your back! Thank you!

Susan Ellis

Good luck Mike & Kim!!

Thomas Hopp

Have a great ride!

Nancy Taylor

Good Luck Mike and Kim! You both are awesome (and incredible) for doing this!

Becky Conary $120.00

Good Luck!

Lawrence Hunter

In memory of Rachel, Cindy and Nick



Thank you for doing this Kim and Mike!!

Cynthia Dixon

Thank you for your continued efforts for this very worthy cause , Ed & Cindi Dixon

Liz Silva

Go Mike and Kim!! Have a great ride!

Mark Zink
Kevin Gasiorowski

Good luck Mike and Kim!!

Ken Ehrlich

Nutter supports Mike Jones, Kim Rock and the Institute for Savings for their raising money and awareness for life-saving cancer research and treatment. Go team!

Susannah Landreth

Have fun!!!! :)

George Disario
Bernadette Butterfield

Best of luck with your 2021 Ride and Thank You Both for All Your Efforts in this campaign to end cancer! Groom Construction Co., Inc.


Good luck, Mike & Kim!

Wendy Upton
Kathleen Ferreira $100.00

Good Luck Mike and Kim!


Thanks for your efforts. Enjoy the ride!

Kerri Perry $200.00
Mary Larnard
Rick Silverman

Go get ‘em The Rick-ah

Karen MacCormack

Go Mike and Kim!

Stuart Johnson $1,000.00
Amy Smith

best of luck.

Stuart Winfrey

Congratulations to Mike and Kim on their continued support in the fight against cancer .

Rob LeGallo $250.00
Rebecca Collins

Good Luck!

Gene del Rio

Kim and Mike, Thanks for doing this again! Have a good ride! -Gene

Cheryl Conway

Have a great ride Mike and Kim! Thank you for doing this! Praying for a cancer free world someday soon!

Channa Alvarado

Best of luck and thank you for all you do!!

Paul Donohoe
karen delisle
Robert Bodwell

Best of luck with the ride. I have wonderful memories of the five years that I did the Pan-Mass. Bob Bodwell

Sandra Terry $100.00
Cathie Ketchopulos
Kristen Murrin
David Collins $100.00
Eileen Burnham


J Salerno

Go get 'em Kim and Mike. You two are amazing!

David Doucette
Mary Foote-Hill $50.00
Dawne Studzinski $120.00
Ronald Muller

Way to go Mike and Kim! Keep up the good work.

Tammy Roeger $250.00
Katy Phelan $50.00
Mary Anne Clancy

Here's to another great ride for a tremendous cause near and dear to many of our hearts. Thanks for what you do every day!

Christine Zampell

We wish you a great ride from all at Zampell


Edward and Dale Dick

Mike, Kim and Team IFS.....Enjoy the ride. Thank you for all you do for Dana Faber. What a great cause!

David Tibbetts

Go, Team IFS!

Donald Mitchell $250.00
Alease Hunt
Bruce Macdonald $50.00

Our History

2021 $51,825.00 PMC Rider
2020 $44,681.00 PMC Rider
2019 $40,165.00 PMC Rider
2018 $44,010.00 PMC Rider
2017 $29,115.00 PMC Rider
2016 $27,757.53 PMC Rider