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Margaret Barrette
Jimmy & Eivy Tobey-Monroy

Strong legs, strong spirit, strong team, strong outcome...Go Riders!

Julie Kaberry $75.00
Amy Duhaime $200.00
James Boyd

Bravo Evan's crew riders! And, bravo to the Wood River gathering too!

Jamie Calouro
Susan Caswell
Caroline and Dana Sparhawk

Go Brochu family - so proud of you each and every year!

Judith Swift

Thanks and supportto Evan’s Crew Summer Cookout Wood River

Paul Zimmermann

Go Evan's crew! You're tireless efforts are an inspiration and a wonderful tribute to an incredible boy!

Cheryl Schmidt

Go Evan's Crew!!!!!!

Lisa Hutton

Go get em girl and have fun! You are an inspiration and your heart is big!

Carol Buress $50.00
Jonathan Seely

One for all and all for one

Robin Boyle

Go Evans Crew!!

Maggie Charron

Thank you for riding each year and giving us all hope for the future. With love, the Charrons XOXO

Carl Helmetag $20.00
Jack Healey $40.00
Teresa Hayden

Have a great ride!

Olive Buffery

Enjoy the ride!

Lauren Samek

So impressed with what you do each year!

Peter Early
nicole becker
Kathleen Ciulla

Good luck Jeff have a safe ride, Bruce and Kathy

Kerri Allard

Love you!

Stephanie Bruckmann
kathy catino

What an amazing team for an amazing boy!! He was such a delight to have in my class. God bless you all and especially his wonderful family.

June Risk

Jay, Andre & Alison Brochu, here’s to another great ride.

Susan Kerns
Sue Brochu

Have a great and safe ride everyone!!

Claire Staelen

Go Crew!

Linda Silveira $200.00
Bethany Cooke $25.00
Ray and Nancy Benoit $50.00
Diane Sheldon

Admire your courage

Carol Fone
Judith Swift

You stand for all kids. Even would be proud.

Tammy Andruszkewicz $100.00
Jeannine Rivet

Have a great ride!! For a wonderful cause. JMR

Diane Bean

Always riding with you all! ??

Sara Stevens Nerone

Good luck fundraising!

Irene Medeiros

Keep up the good work, Marie.

Linda Gershon

A wonderful cause. Keep up the very good work you are doing to find a cure.

Primal Wear $18.00
Primal Wear $171.00
Kay Warren

Kay and Phil Warren thank you for helping,



Good Luck Evan's Crew from your friends at The Vertex Companies, Inc.



Happy New Year to Evan's Crew!

Deb and Rol Bourassa

Hope you have a great ride this year. Go Evan’s Crew!!!

Kelly Moran $100.00

Our History

2018 $171,033.15 PMC Rider
2017 $140,921.87 PMC Rider
2016 $154,454.13 PMC Rider
2015 $119,416.22 PMC Rider
2014 $104,289.42 PMC Rider
2013 $80,206.84 PMC Rider