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You guys are amazing! Keep it up Love The Donnelly Family

Amy Duhaime
Ken Allard

You guys are doing great work.

Teresa Crean

Go Team Evan’s Crew!!!

Carol A Ayala $100.00
Margaret A. Pilaro

Different ride this year, but same incredible boy and same insane level of dedication. Love to all the riders! You are an inspiration to many. Stay safe and thank you for honoring ETM!

Linda Gagnon $50.00
Michelle Carr $20.00
Roberta Gosselin

Happy to help!

Kathleen Mcdonald

Thinking of you Andree

Tamara Andruszkewicz

Sending our love! ??

Primal Wear-Shawna Edwards $206.25
Nancy Weightman
Nancy Dowding $50.00
Patrick Dillon
Kathleen Conway

You guys are amazing, here’s to $1,000,000 towards the cure!!

Jen Ison

Best of luck, Team Evan's Crew!!

Donald Cunningham $100.00


?? I never had the chance to meet Evan, but from what my friends have told me he seemed like a wonderful soul


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