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Karen Lovejoy

God bless you! I look forward to watching every year!

Michael and Dawn Kowalski

So proud of you! Way to go!!!

Michael Parsons

Joe, it was great to meet you yesterday as you were at mile 67 of your 80-mile ride. I'm sure that you finished your ride in style, and then got the ice cream you were dreaming of!

Jennifer Hay

Joe you are such an inspiration, a man of God and I’m honored to know you.

Maria Remillard

Dad, you are amazing. Enjoy your 80 at 80 ride!

Michael Fontaine

Good luck Joe!

Steve Sexton

Hi Joe - nice to meet you on the road Saturday morning. You are an inspiration to us all. Always good to see fellow PMCers on the road. Safe riding!!!

Christopher Turner Sr.

Go Joe Go!

Robert Davis

Go Joe Go! May the Lord bless you and be with you

Marilyn and Harvey Spencer

Dear Joe, So immensely proud of you !! Thank you for your heart and commitment!! Happy 80th dear friend !! Warmly, Marilyn and Harvey

David Cressman

Joe, you are amazing and inspiring! God bless you!

Greg Johnson

Hey Joe. Awesome to hear you are Riding again in the Pan-Mass Challenge. Very Inspirational! Know you will crush it! Ride On. Blessings, Greg

Gary Henderson

Thank you sir. It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and thank you for your service. Hope to see you in Hopkinton soon.

Massimo Lombardo $250.00
Michael Barberio


Riding 80 at 80 - You are quite the inspiration.

Mark Wheeler
Mary-Ellen Mcmahon

WOW!!! This is awesome, Joe! I know you'll do it!

Gary Chaffee

You go Joe!!!



Arthur Sgalia
Linda Usher

Good luck with your riding this summer Joe!

Jay Crippen

Victory is having done your best. If you've done your best, you've won.

Jay Sheehy

Good luck!

Gregory Sheldon
Alice Kinahan

You're a champ, Joe! Best wishes from Alice & Tom.

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