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David Roll

Great job Doug!

Patty Greene

Well Done Doug!!

Davida Dinerman

Thank you Doug for your great efforts year after year after year! Well done!

Alan Macdougall

Hope you had a greta ride

Constantin Basturea $100.00
Kenneth Halpern

Go Doug!

Suzanne Curtiss


Cheryl Kosmo

Thanks, Doug. See you at the EI Braves!

Chad Northrup

Have a great ride, Doug!

Kevin Whalen

Thanks for kicking cancer’s ass.

Devin Mathias

“Punk is about being an individual & going against the grain & standing up & saying 'This is who I am.’” - Joey Ramone “Punk is wearing bike shorts.” - Doug Haslam “Punk is Doug.” - Devin Mathias

David Svet
Helen Shik

Doug, have a great ride! Kudos to you for doing this over the years and for helping in the fight to cure cancer.

Matthew Kenslea

Get ‘em Dougie!

Donald Jennings

Good luck Doug! This time I think it's fine to say it! Although we both know you don't need it!

Kyle Flaherty

Go Doug, Go!

Doug Lees

I was riding my bike the other day with the kids and I remembered I forgot to remember your Pan Mass Ride Good Luck!!!

Lori and Jim Sylvia
Laura Ackerman
Ellen Rossano

Godspeed, my friend, and stay hydrated!

Rusty Williams

Good luck in this year's ride, Doug. Thanks for your continued efforts to raise funds for cancer research.

Tina Sparling
Jennifer Stauss Story

Keep it up, Doughboy! You are making a difference.

Shannon Curry Hartmann

Go Doug! We won't get to meet up with you at the end this year but send our best hopes for dry roads and soft bike seats. xo, Shannon

Tara Greco
Bennett Sawyer

Have fun and good luck! Another great year of riding for a great cause.

Kristina Ferrari

Good luck Doug!

Rob Haslam

Thanks for doing this Doug! Have another great ride. Wishing you perfect weather for it!

Bruce James

Good luck!

Shonali Burke

Thank you for doing this, Doug!


Zena Weist

Know this year will be your best yet! Hugs!

Robin Schultz

Go Doug Go! Very excited for you and thank you once again for raising money for this cause!

Jason Meserve
Rich Hilliard

Good luck this year Doug!!

Rebecca Manley

Go Doug!!

Rebecca Mcleod-Barnett
Jonathan Fabry
Dan Perkins

Kick ass, Doug!

Bryan Person
James Bradley
Andrea Kathmann

Go Doug!

Stephen and Leslie Fabry

Great job Doug!

Aaron Strout

You’re a good man Charlie Bown.

Jeffrey Esposito

Ride like the wind Douglas.

Bruce Gore


Thanks for riding again this year! Hope it’s a great ride!

Teresa Schreitmueller
Mike Pascucci

Go get'em Doug!

Deborah Kelley-Milburn

Thanks so much for doing this Doug! Happy to contribute. Hope you are all doing well. Debbie K-M

Jim Storer

Good luck. Fingers crossed for good weather.

David Close $50.00
Marian Brent

Best wishes, Doug!

Gus Desgroseilliers

Best of luck Doug!!!

Sharon Greenstein
Gary Lombardo

Ride like the wind!

Saori Tsolov
Andy Liu

Good luck Doug!



May the roads be kind and the wind at your back

Mel Webster $60.00
Josh Greenberg

Good luck on ride -- take good videos!

Bernadene M. Haslam $100.00




Cathryn Hrudicka

THANK YOU for riding each year, Doug! I lost my mother to Melanoma & close friends to different cancers. In addition to our family's annual donation to Melanoma.org/, yours is my next cancer donation.

Julie Coppenrath

Keep on rolling!

Mailin Van Hoosear

Read the emperor of maladies, Dana Farber was incredibly dedicated, your efforts to this cause, through the Pan-Mass, also very dedicated. ...and to Amy Schumer-free weekends!

Virginia Downes

Go Doug!

Megan Hale

Thanks for riding for such a great cause, Doug

Julia Elhauge
Gretchen Rice
Edward Goldfinger

Go Doug!!

Michael Ramah $120.00
Margaret Evans

What a champ, Doug!

Joyce Bethoney

Good luck Doug!

Joseph Cascio

Doug, Happy to donate again this year. -JC

Michael Wilkins $50.00
William Corrigan


May the road be smooth and the saddle soft. -Bob L.

Douglas Russell $30.00
Kamala Hess $60.00
Susan Koutalakis
Renee Griffin $100.00
Geralf Tutor

Thanks for your efforts!

Helen Flagg

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